Prepaid and ready to go: Supermarket phone plans compared

Not content with just selling you groceries, Australia’s major supermarkets and retailers are increasingly making their presence felt in the mobile phone market. Woolworths has Woolworths Mobile, Coles has Coles Mobile, and ALDI has ALDI Mobile. Then there’s online retailer Kogan Mobile – not strictly a supermarket in the traditional sense, but let’s include them anyway. Let’s find out who offers the best value for money and gets your shopping trolley further?

Compare mobile phone plans

Woolworths Mobile

You can get going with Woolworths Mobile at Woolworths, Big W or Woolworths Caltex petrol sites, with users able to purchase a $2 Prepaid SIM Pack or $30 Prepaid Starter Pack, preloaded with credit. Woolworths Mobile uses the Telstra 4G network.

After that’s out of the way, you can then choose from three plans, with credit lasting 30 days. However, most of the plans offer data rollover, which is a great feature.

Price Per Month

 Plan Inclusions

$15 Unlimited texts, $250 calls, 250MB data
$30 Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data, $100 international calls, data rollover up to 15GB
$45 Unlimited calls and texts, 6GB data, $200 international calls, data rollover up to 15GB

Source: Woolworths Mobile

Coles Mobile

Coles come into battle using the Optus 4G network, with its mobile plans available for purchase at all Coles supermarkets and Coles Express sites across Australia. Coles Mobile offers three different prepaid plans, generally towards the lower-mid end of the market. Keep an eye out for recharge periods – Coles offers 10 day periods and 28 day periods. Let’s have a look at what they offer here:


Plan Inclusions

$10 (10 day recharge) Unlimited calls and texts, 1GB data
$20 (28 day recharge) Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data
$40 (28 day recharge) Unlimited calls and texts, 7GB data, 250 international minutes to selected countries

Source: Coles Mobile

ALDI Mobile

Of the three supermarket chains, ALDI offers the widest range of options via its ALDI Mobile service, offering seven plans in total, using the Telstra 4G network – just like Woolies. The plans are broken up into two categories – Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans and Value Packs. It’s important to note that the PAYG plans have a 365 day expiry, which offers great flexibility for customers not needing much use out of their device. The value packs have a 30 day expiry. With PAYG, calls are 12c a minute, texts 12c each, data at 5c/MB and international calls from 10c minute. Let’s take a look at all seven plans here:

Plan and Price

Plan Inclusions

$15 PAYG $15 included value
$30 PAYG $30 included value
S Value Pack – $15 per month $25 value, 500MB data
M Value Pack – $20 per month $75 value, 1.5GB data
L Value Pack – $25 per month Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data plus rollover
XL Value Pack – $35 per month Unlimited calls and texts, 6GB data plus rollover, 200 minutes to international numbers
XXL Value Pack – $45 per month Unlimited calls and texts, 8GB data plus rollover, 300 minutes to international numbers

Source: ALDI Mobile

Kogan Mobile

Online retail giant Kogan is having a crack at mobile phone plans again after a two-year hiatus. This time Kogan Mobile operates on the Vodafone 4G network. So, between the four supermarket companies, all three major mobile networks in Australia are being utilised.

At first glance, Kogan’s suite of plans can be overwhelming. There are 12 mobile plans in total, but with different billing periods designed to get the consumer to commit to a longer period and ultimately save money. There are four tiers to the Kogan mobile range – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Each tier has three different recharges available – 30 days, 90 days and 365 days. All 12 plans offer unlimited calls and texts. Let’s have a look:

Plan Name and Price

(Per 30 days)

Data Included

Small – $16.90 1GB
Medium – $29.90 3GB
Large – $36.90 8GB
Extra Large – $49.90 12GB

Source: Kogan Mobile

If you’re willing to commit to a longer period than 30 days, then you could be up for some savings. See the breakdown below:

90 Day Discounts:

  • Small: $46.90 plan. $15.64 over 30 days – saving of $3.78 over 90 days.
  • Medium: $79.90 plan. $26.64 over 30 days – saving of $9.78 over 90 days.
  • Large: $99.90 plan. $33.30 over 30 days – saving of $10.80 over 90 days.
  • Extra Large: $129.90 plan. $43.30 over 30 days – saving of $19.80 over 90 days.

365 Day Discounts:

  • Small: $179.90 plan. $14.79 over 30 days – saving of $25.71 over 365 days.
  • Medium: $299.90 plan. $24.65 over 30 days – saving of $63.88 over 365 days.
  • Large: $399.90 plan. $32.87 over 30 days – saving of $49.05 over 365 days.
  • Extra Large: $539.90 plan. $44.38 over 30 days – saving of $67.22 over 365 days.

Once you break down Kogan’s tremendous list of offerings, you’ll realise they are in fact pretty simple. To get the best discounts, you’ll need to commit to a whole year with Kogan Mobile, but this way you can effectively get over a month’s worth of phone plan for free in a lot of cases. Can you commit? You could save money if you do, but you also lose the flexibility that comes with prepaid phone plans.

Supermarket phone plans compared

You may have your preferred place to shop for groceries and everyday items, but another brand might have what you’re after in the prepaid mobile stakes. Brand loyalty likely does not matter as much here – it’s what the plan offers that counts. Let’s see what the four retail giants offer below.

Plans under $20 per month

For less than a basket of groceries, there are a few contenders in this bracket. Woolworths Mobile fails to make the cut, but Coles, ALDI and Kogan do. Overall, it’s Kogan Mobile here that offers the best bang for your buck. However, Coles offers the same for cheaper, but only over a 10 day expiry. If it’s a long recharge you want, then ALDI might also be the go here.

Plans under $30 per month

In this bracket, Woolworths shows its face, while other providers ramp up their inclusions. ALDI Mobile dominates with the most offerings, however it’s Kogan again that seems to offer the most data and for a very reasonable price. Woolworths enters the scene with a strong offering similar to Kogan’s, but overall it’s beaten by the online retailer’s package.

Plans under $40 per month

As we move into the midrange of the market, the grocery chains deliver more heat to the kitchen with increased data and more inclusions. Kogan takes the cake again with a massive 8GB, but all providers are in hot contention, though fall behind in the data department.

Plans under $50 per month

Moving into the big end of town, and the data inclusions offered are phenomenal. The plan with the most data is the Kogan XL, though it’s also the most expensive. The Coles plan offers a good compromise at nearly $10 less, but is let down by its 28-day recharge, which means you’re effectively paying for an extra billing period every year.

Which supermarket telco offers the biggest basket?

It’s a hotly contested basket of brands, both on the shelves and in the mobile world. Out of the four, it seems Kogan Mobile took the top spot with the most value included for each of their prices. This was only made better by their 90 and 365 day plans. However, as they all operate on different networks, it might be worth picking the one you prefer. Further, is Kogan really a supermarket? You could argue no, and you’d probably be right. However, it’s fun comparing the online retail giant against its supermarket counterparts.

The biggest take-home story from this piece is that not choosing a plan based on your preference for a particular grocery store could save you some money. Comparing supermarket prepaid mobile plans with the whole range of plans out there could save you even more money. Overall it’s worth comparing every different plan you can before switching providers. Happy shopping!

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