New Car Keys

Approved Used Cars: What you need to know

Posted by January 9th 2023

Buying a car can be an exciting time, but we’ve all had that thought in the back of our mind as to whether we’re actually getting a good car or a lemon in disguise. And …

fuel discount programs Compared

What are the best fuel discount programs?

Posted by January 20th 2023

Petrol isn’t exactly cheap, so a loyalty program from a fuel station may be able to save you a few bucks. Compare them with Canstar Blue.

Electric Vehicle Servicing Guide

Electric Car Servicing Explained

Posted by November 2nd 2023

Are electric cars expensive to service? Canstar Blue lists the maintenance costs of owning an EV to see if electric really is cheaper.

GPS Navigators Buying Guide

GPS Navigators Review & Buying Guide

Posted by January 9th 2023

Find out what GPS units are available from Garmin, Navman, TomTom and HUDWAY, as well as whether or not you need one.

Holden closes Australia

GM to scrap Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand

Posted by January 7th 2021

The iconic Holden brand will be axed within Australia and New Zealand in the next year, according to parent company General Motors. After ceasing manufacturing operations in Australia back in 2017, the Australian brand had kept …

girl holding keys in car

Hire Car Age Limits & Costs in Australia

Posted by November 4th 2021

Hiring a car can make you feel like an adult, but how much of an adult do you really have to be to hire a car without paying any extra fees? When it comes to …

Electric Cars in Australia

A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Cars

Posted by November 2nd 2023

Are electric cars the future of motoring? Learn about model types, batteries, charging stations, technology & more with Canstar Blue’s guide.

Electric Car Charge Distance

Electric cars with the best range

Posted by November 2nd 2023

How far can electric cars travel off a single charge? Find out which makes and models have the longest driving range at Canstar Blue.

Car Hire Melbourne

Car Hire Melbourne: Rental Companies & Locations

Posted by November 4th 2021

When visiting a new city, a hire car can be a handy way to catch all the sights, as well as make sure you get back to the airport in time. But with so many …


Electric Scooters Buying Guide

Posted by March 30th 2021

Wheeling onto the scene almost overnight, electric scooters (also known as e-scooters) have become a popular transportation option for many Australians, whether you’re looking to cut down on spending on public transport, work is just …

How to clean your car headlights

Posted by January 9th 2023

Find out how to give your car headlights the love and attention they need to keep the road ahead shining bright.

2019 Electric Vehicles Australia

Electric cars available in Australia

Posted by November 2nd 2023

With electric cars set to have their big moment in 2019, it’s time to figure out which EV is dishing the best value to Aussie drivers. Find prices and specs at Canstar Blue.