Buying Selling Car Online

Where to buy, trade-in and sell your car online in Australia

Posted by April 20th 2022

Navigating the car market is tricky business, particularly if you aren’t sure what you’re after, or you just don’t like negotiating. But when it comes to securing a new set of wheels, or getting rid …

Buying SUV

What’s the best mid-size SUV in Australia?

Posted by April 20th 2022

Considering how popular SUVs have become in recent years, it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of varieties on offer for motorists looking to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle. But when it comes …

Average car price in Australia

How much do Australians spend on new cars?

Posted by April 20th 2022

Looking to drive a hard bargain on a new set of wheels? Of course you are! But first, it’s important to know how much a new car really costs – and how much others before …

Row of SUVs

What’s the best small SUV in Australia?

Posted by April 20th 2022

SUVs are a popular option for Aussie motorists, with almost 50% of new car sales over the past year falling within the SUV category, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI). While a …

EOFY Vehicle Sales

Full speed ahead with end of financial year car sales

Posted by April 14th 2022

A new car is a hefty purchase to make, but when the end of financial year sales roll around, vehicle manufacturers are looking to offload old models to make way for new stock, meaning motorists can drive …

Filling up car at petrol station

Independent petrol chains cheaper for motorists according to ACCC

Posted by June 8th 2021

A new report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has found that independent retailers offered the cheapest petrol across Australia’s eight capital cities in 2020. The independent chains – including Speedway, Metro Petroleum, United, …

ebike riders

E-Bike Brands in Australia

Posted by April 21st 2022

Say it with us now: Owning an e-bike doesn’t make you lazy. In fact, some may say they’re there to motivate you to hop on your bicycle even more often. It’s better than driving, no? …

Man Riding Electric Mountain Bike In Alps

Electric Bikes in Australia

Posted by April 21st 2022

It’s 8:30am, you’ve slept through four alarms and are now running late to work. Commuter traffic means a normally 20-minute bus ride will take double that, so your options are either be late or blitz …

Kia Sportage

Kia issues recall for 60,000 engines over fire concerns

Posted by May 17th 2021

Kia has issued a recall for almost 60,000 engines in Australia, over fears of an electrical short circuit may cause an engine fire while the vehicle is turned off. Affected vehicles include Kia Stingers sold between …