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Queensland Personalised Plates: The important info

They’re personal, they’re colourful, sometimes funny, and they can be yours. Some of us have personalised plates, while some of us just envy those who do. If you’re after a set to really make your car unique, here is what you’ll need to know. Please note that this article is written for drivers based in Queensland. The routine will be much the same in each state though.

How much do personalised plates cost?

Depending on the type and style of plate that you want to buy, personalised plates can cost anywhere between $165 and $6000.The price is determined by not only the design of the plate (coloured, themed, classic, monochrome, euro, etc.) and the letters and numbers on the plate.

If you simply want to get a more personalised version of the plates you already have from the state, you will be paying the minimum price of $165. The next step up are coloured plates at $465, and then themed plates at $495. For a full list of pricings and varieties, see www.ppq.com.au

Can I get them for my motorbike?

Indeed you can, and they are available in two different styles to suit your bike and/or price range. Custom plates for motorbikes are a bit more expensive, priced between $455 and $2395.

If I sell my car, can I keep the plates?

Yes. Once you’ve bought the plates, they are yours for life (or at least until you re-sell them through PPQ). If you do change cars, there is a form you need to fill out, and all of that relevant info can be found at https://www.ppq.com.au

Do personalised plates make my rego more expensive?

While it may have bumped up your rego in the past, personalised plates don’t increase your registration costs in Queensland, meaning you’ll just have to pay for the plates themselves and then you’re good to hit the road.

Are there any rules about what you can have?

There are guidelines that go along with your plate, but they are pretty basic. Essentially you can’t have anything that is deemed to be obscene or indecent.

Plates that promote unsafe or harmful behaviour are not allowed, and neither are plates that could be offensive to any particular race, religion, culture, nation, government, or minority.

Further, if you do order an offensive or inappropriate plate, PPQ will charge and order cancellation fee of $100, so get a nice plate.

If you have any questions regarding the ‘appropriateness’ of a plate you’d like, call PPQ on 136 356.

As well as paying for your plates to be made, part of the money from your custom plate purchase goes towards road safety initiatives in Queensland. So good on you for helping to make the roads a safer place!

Original Author: Jorja McDonnell

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