Toyota RAV4

The Top-Selling Cars in Australia

Posted by September 23rd 2020

Buying a new car can be an exciting time, but with plenty of options on the market, it can quickly become a bit overwhelming. To help narrow down the search, the Federal Chamber of Automotive …

National Flags

What country does my car come from?

Posted by July 15th 2020

There’s plenty to consider when you’re looking at buying a new set of wheels. There’s the size, safety features, towing capacity, electronics, petrol mileage and enough extras to make your wheels spin. But one area …

Which petrol should you use?

Posted by August 24th 2020

Petrol comes in E10, E85, 91, 95 and 98 Octane blends. Most cars can get by with E10 or 91, but some cars need higher. Find out which fuel your car needs at Canstar Blue.

GPS Navigators Buying Guide

GPS Navigators Review & Buying Guide

Posted by August 24th 2020

Find out what GPS units are available from Garmin, Navman, TomTom and HUDWAY, as well as whether or not you need one.

EOFY Vehicle Sales

Full speed ahead with end of financial year car sales

Posted by June 10th 2020

A new car is a hefty purchase to make, but when the end of financial year sales roll around, vehicle manufacturers are looking to offload old models to make way for new stock, meaning motorists …

Car Maintenance

7 car maintenance tips for driving in winter

Posted by May 27th 2020

Getting the day started isn’t just tough for you, as your car may also feel the winter chill during those early morning starts. But while we can just chuck on our favourite trackies and warm …

solar car in desert

World Solar Challenge Explained

Posted by June 10th 2020

Every two years, the greatest minds from around the world are lured to the Australian outback to compete in what’s known as the ‘World Solar Challenge’. Think Dakar Rally with a greener twist. Throw in …

VW Amarok

VW drives down new car prices with Click Frenzy online sale

Posted by May 19th 2020

With car sales in Australia dropping by nearly 50% in April, many are wary about purchasing a new vehicle right now. However, the decision may be made a bit easier with German manufacturer Volkswagen offering discounts …

Car dealer

Australia’s new car sales decline by half in April

Posted by May 7th 2020

New car sales across Australia slumped almost 50% in April in the wake of COVID-19, according to the latest figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI). The drop has been the sharpest decline in …