ebike riders

E-Bike Brands in Australia

Posted by February 22nd 2021

Say it with us now: Owning an e-bike doesn’t make you lazy. In fact, some may say they’re there to motivate you to hop on your bicycle even more often. It’s better than driving, no? …

Average car price in Australia

How much do Australians spend on new cars?

Posted by January 7th 2021

Looking to drive a hard bargain on a new set of wheels? Of course you are! But first, it’s important to know how much a new car really costs – and how much others before …

New Car Keys

Approved Used Cars: What you need to know

Posted by January 7th 2021

Buying a car can be an exciting time, but we’ve all had that thought in the back of our mind as to whether we’re actually getting a good car or a lemon in disguise. And …

fuel discount programs Compared

What are the best fuel discount programs?

Posted by January 7th 2021

Petrol isn’t exactly cheap, so a loyalty program from a fuel station may be able to save you a few bucks. Compare them with Canstar Blue.

Buying Selling Car Online

Where to buy, trade-in and sell your car online in Australia

Posted by January 7th 2021

Navigating the car market is tricky business, particularly if you aren’t sure what you’re after, or you just don’t like negotiating. But when it comes to securing a new set of wheels, or getting rid …

Pouring Oil into Engine

Motor Oil Guide: What’s best for your engine?

Posted by February 2nd 2021

For some, under the car hood is unknown territory, a place where you only go if you really need to. But regardless of how much you know about your car, what oil your car takes …

Electric Vehicle Servicing Guide

Electric Car Servicing Explained

Posted by January 7th 2021

Are electric cars expensive to service? Canstar Blue lists the maintenance costs of owning an EV to see if electric really is cheaper.

National Flags

What country does my car come from?

Posted by April 12th 2021

There’s plenty to consider when you’re looking at buying a new set of wheels. There’s the size, safety features, towing capacity, electronics, petrol mileage and enough extras to make your wheels spin. But one area …

Which petrol should you use?

Posted by January 7th 2021

Petrol comes in E10, E85, 91, 95 and 98 Octane blends. Most cars can get by with E10 or 91, but some cars need higher. Find out which fuel your car needs at Canstar Blue.