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Hisense Refrigerators Review

It can be easy to overlook the humble fridge humming away in the corner of your kitchen. Often it’s the unsung hero in your home, keeping your food fresh, while not even demanding a hug. Seeing as fridges are such an integral part of the home nowadays, there are a range of manufacturers out there. Together they are making fridges that are both increasingly energy-efficient and cost effective. One such company to do so is Hisense.

Electronics giant Hisense does well in our customer satisfaction rankings for new fridges. This lends great credence to their large range of fridges; however what fridges does Hisense actually produce? Read on to get a sense of what Hisense make in the fridge department.

What fridges does Hisense offer?

Hisense offers a large range of fridges, ranging from the petite 200L varieties that are cost-effective, as well as the large French door fridges that cost around $2,000 but pack a lot of features in. There are four types of fridges that Hisense tends to offer:

  • Top mount fridges; the most popular type and generally the most cost effective
  • Bottom mount fridges; generally fairly energy-efficient and cost effective
  • Side-by-side fridges; are generally the most convenient and large in capacity
  • French door fridges; usually the priciest, yet most feature-packed types

These fridges will not only be assessed on their features but also on their energy-efficiency. Using the electricity price of 33c/kWh, the fridges will also be broken down by how much they’ll cost to run. Keep in mind that your electricity provider may charge for electricity at different rates.

Top Mount Fridges

top mount fridge

Top mount fridges are loved Australia-wide for their simple nature and cost effectiveness. Take for example the 350L unit (HR6TFF350) pictured, with its modest size and very modest price of about just $750. It packs in 256L for the fridge compartment and 94L for the freezer. It features:

  • Easy access crisper drawers
  • Flexible shelving
  • Super freezing and super-fast cooling functions
  • Multi-Air flow system

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s an energy drainer. It’s rated three stars for energy-efficiency, and it consumes 380kWh. This subsequently could result in electricity costs of about $125 for the year. For a cheap, no-frills fridge that isn’t too bad in the energy consumption stakes, you can’t really go wrong with this model.

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Bottom Mount Fridges

Bottom mount fridges are a great alternative to a top mount unit, but the compartments are obviously flipped. Take for example the 435L unit from Hisense (HR6BMFF435D). With 435L on board, it’s suitable for a midsized household. Its freezer compartment is 137L, while the fridge is 298L. Its key features are:

  • Multi-function touch control panel for easy control over temperatures
  • Super freezing and super-fast cooling capabilities
  • Adjustable shelves and drawers for flexibility
  • Wine caddy

For about $950, it’s a great step up in terms of capacity over the top mount fridge featured above, but for a marginal increase in price. It is rated 2.5 stars for energy-efficiency and it’ll consume 488kWh. This could cost about $161 in electricity for the year. Please note, this fridge is currently not available to be purchased.

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Side-by-Side Fridges

side by side fridge

Hisense also comes to the game to offer utmost convenience with its side-by-side fridges. Most notable is the 610L variety (HR6SBSFF610SW) pictured. It’s a feature-packed fridge, containing:

  • Water dispenser
  • Super cool and super freeze functions
  • 240L:370L freezer to fridge split for bulk freezing convenience
  • Side-by-side design provides easy access to the freezer

With its large capacity, it’s suitable for the whole family and its wide variety of flexible shelving means you can adjust it to suit your lifestyle. With a fridge this size, it is also not too bad in the energy ratings. It’s rated 2.5 stars, and consumes 603kWh. This fridge could cost around $199 a year in electricity. The unit price is around $1300, making it a cost-effective large fridge. For the ultimate family-friendly fridge, you can’t really go wrong here. Please note, this unit is currently not available to be purchased.

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French Door Fridges

So far you’ve probably sensed that Hisense has its range of fridges priced a little lower than the competition, and you’d be correct. Its French door fridges are no exception. While other companies charge upwards of $3,000 for a French door unit, Hisense generally charges less than $2,000, and for no apparent compromise. Take for example the 630L unit (HR6FDFF630S), priced at around $1,900. It really packs a punch, featuring:

  • 436L fridge capacity, 194L freezer capacity
  • Adjustable spill-proof glass shelves
  • Handy freezer drawer
  • Water dispenser and ice maker
  • ‘Super freeze’ function

With this range of features, you’d expect to pay a fair bit more upfront. So, where’s the compromise? Well, it’s not a gold medal winner for energy-efficiency. Rated at 2.5 stars, it consumes 600kWh, but that’s forgivable for a fridge this size. It’ll cost about $198 in electricity for the year, which really isn’t too bad for a cheaper French door fridge suitable for a large family. Please note, this fridge is currently not available to be purchased.

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Is a Hisense fridge worth the money?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips – and if our research is anything to go by then yes – yes, a Hisense fridge is worth the money. The brand Hisense seems like an outstanding performer, but every beauty has his/her flaws. One of the flaws with Hisense refrigerators is that they are generally not particular energy-efficient. You won’t find any ‘super green’ fridges in its line-up, and instead they focus on ‘bang for buck’ features and refrigeration. So if you’re looking for:

  • Cheaper upfront costs at the expense of higher electricity bills
  • Great features at a very reasonable price

Hisense is the sensible option. For fridges from the small, one-person household kind, to the mammoth French door kinds for the whole family, you can’t go wrong with Hisense. And with five-stars overall in our Customer Satisfaction Ratings, it seems a lot of Aussies agree with this statement too.

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What do customers think about Hisense Refrigerators?

In 2019, Australian customers gave Hisense 4 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction for refrigerators.

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