Origin Energy Review and Rates

Origin Energy is an integrated energy company, generating and selling electricity and natural gas to households across Australia. With more than four million customers, Origin is one of the largest electricity retailers in the country, drawing on its size and experience to offer customers a wide range of products.

In this review, Canstar Blue looks at what Origin Energy offers residential electricity customers, and how much you can expect to pay, whether you live in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia or Queensland. We closely examine Origin’s services and assess whether this retailer is the best choice for you. While you may pay more for electricity with Origin than with some other energy companies, Origin boasts comprehensive customer service and online self-service facilities that may make the extra cost worthwhile.

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Origin Energy Plans

Origin Energy has a number of different electricity offers across the country, including one of only two fixed cost products in Australia. Many of Origin’s offers include conditional discounts for paying bills on time or by direct debit, with energy fixed rate plans also available over two years. Origin is also one of Australia’s leading solar providers, with competitive feed-in tariffs and discounts available. Let’s get an overview of Origin’s key energy plans:

Origin Maximiser

The Origin Maximiser includes Origin Energy’s largest discount, between 10% and 30% on electricity usage charges, depending on the state you live in. This discount only applies for the first year after you sign up and customers must pay their bills via direct debit in order to receive it. Customers in NSW, Vic and Qld receive a small bonus discount when they sign up to the Maximiser online, though this bonus is not always available.

Discount 14% 16% 16% 30% 16%

Origin Saver

The Origin Saver is another variable rate plan that offers competitive value through large discounts. Once again this discount only applies for the first year after you sign up. In order to receive it, you need to pay your bills on time and in full.

Discount 10% 13% 14% 26% 12%

Origin BillSaver

For customers who tend to fall behind on their power bills and aren’t comfortable with direct debiting, there is the Origin BillSaver. This is a variable rate contract with a small guaranteed discount on usage and supply rates for 12 or 24 months.

Discount 5% 10% 10% 8%

One Low Rate

Customers on this deal receive a lower rate on electricity usage compared to Origin’s other market offers. This low usage rate – along with your supply charge – is ‘locked in’ for the next 12 months which means Origin won’t change what you pay for electricity. This product has no conditional discount however and customers must agree to receive their bills via email and pay using direct debit. It is currently only available to Victorian customers.

Origin Supply

Origin Energy describes this plan as its most basic offer. It’s about as straightforward as energy can be, with no conditional discount, contract period or early exit fees. Origin Supply is offered in every state where Origin retails electricity.

Origin Predictable Plan

The Origin Predictable Plan allows customers to pay exactly the same price for power every billing period, regardless of how much electricity or gas they actually use. In a nutshell, Origin calculates how much electricity it expects you to use, factoring in usage history, current usage habits and seasonality, to name a few factors. It then charges you the same amount for electricity each month for 12 months. If your usage was higher than expected, this will be reflected in increased bills the following year. Similarly, your bills next year will be smaller if your usage was less than expected. However, there is no lock-in contract and customers are free to exit the plan at any time.

Origin Solar Boost

This plan is designed for customers with solar panels. It includes a boosted feed-in tariff of 9.9c/kWh to 18c/kWh, depending on your location. On top of this, the Solar Boost plan also includes a relatively generous guaranteed discount. This contract is for a benefit period of one year and fees may apply for early exit. The Origin Energy website does not list this offer for Victorian customers.

Discount 10% 10% 5% 10% 20%

Origin Solar Boost Plus

The Solar Boost Plus is similar to the standard Solar Boost deal just discussed. This deal ups the value a bit however, with the feed-in tariff increased to 8-20c/kWh, again depending on your location. It also includes slightly higher guaranteed discounts. The catch is that this plan is for two years rather than just one, and fees may apply for leaving early. Essentially, you’re trading flexibility for value.

Discount 12% 12% 12% 12% 22%

While customers across most states receive an additional 2% discount with the Solar Boost Plus plan compared to the standard Solar Boost deal, the discount for solar customers in Queensland more than doubles.

Origin Electricity Rates

As an integrated electricity company and one of the largest retailers of electricity in Australia, Origin Energy uses its market power to offer customers competitive products, prices and services.

Origin Energy discounts might not be the largest you’ve seen on the market, however bigger isn’t always better. Some electricity deals hide higher rates behind massive headline discounts – but not Origin. It keeps rates reasonable, and is pretty transparent about what customers are getting into. Its highest discounted plans will always be its cheapest.

To see how Origin Energy stacks up on price, Canstar Blue has calculated the annual electricity cost of households on each Origin Energy market offer. The following pricing information is based on households with a single rate electricity tariff and average energy usage habits for a three person household living at a selected postcode in each state. Use our energy comparison tool above for a specific quote for your suburb. Be aware that Origin often offers some plans with bigger discounts if customers sign up online. Here we list standard plans.

Origin Electricity Prices NSW

Electricity Plan Discount Annual cost
Maximiser 16% $1,651.71
Saver 13% $1,698.71
Bill Saver 10% $1,712.14
Supply N/A $1,902.38
Standing Offer N/A $1,902.38
Costs based on annual usage calculations based on statistics from AER for a three person household on the Ausgrid network, August 2018.

These price calculations are based on an average NSW household living on the Ausgrid electricity network. Prices may vary for customers connected to the Endeavour Energy or Essential Energy networks. See how Origin prices compare to other retailers in our New South Wales price comparison report.

Origin Electricity Prices VIC

Electricity Plan Discount Annual cost
One Low Rate 0% $1,258.95
Maximiser 30% $1,281.87
Saver 26% $1,328.07
Bill Saver 10% $1,465.56
Supply N/A $1,628.40
Standing Offer N/A $1,628.40
Costs based on annual usage calculations based on statistics from AER for a three person household on the Citipower network, August 2018.

The rates used to calculate these prices are based on the Citipower network around the central Melbourne area. Different rates will apply for customers situated on other networks in Victoria. See how Origin compares to other retailers in our Victorian price comparison report.

Origin Electricity Prices QLD

Electricity Plan Discount Annual cost
Maximiser 16% $1,576.23
Bill Saver 12% $1,584.83
Saver 14% $1,602.96
Supply N/A $1,790.02
Standing Offer N/A $1,790.02
Costs based on annual usage calculations based on statistics from AER for a three person household on the Energex network, August 2018.

These prices are based off rates from the Energex network. Those living outside South-East Queensland will be on the Ergon network and will be charged different rates on electricity. See how Origin compares on price to other retailers with our price comparison report for Queensland.

Origin Electricity Prices SA

Electricity Plan Discount Annual cost
Maximiser 16% $2,083.76
Saver 12% $2,161.24
Bill Saver 8% $2,224.28
Supply N/A $2,417.69
Standing N/A $2,417.69
Costs based on annual usage calculations based on statistics from AER for a three person household on the SA Power network, August 2018.

Canstar Blue calculated Origin to be one of the most affordable electricity retailers in SA. See how other retailers compared in our SA price comparison report.

Solar Power with Origin Energy

Origin Energy offers a standard feed-in tariff between 7c/kWh and 10c/kWh to customers who export their solar power to the energy grid. As we’ve discussed, customers can get even more for their solar power by signing up to Origin’s Solar Boost or Solar Boost Plus deals, which include much higher FiTs

Origin Energy Feed-in Tariffs

State Standard Feed-in Tariff Maximum Feed-in Tariff
NSW 8c/kWh 15c/kWh
ACT 8c/kWh 17c/kWh
SA 10c/kWh 20c/kWh
VIC 9.9c/kWh 16c/kWh
QLD 7c/kWh 16c/kWh

Origin also offers a full range of solar products. It has partnered up with leading manufacturers including Fronius, Trina and Tesla to provide customers with a wide range of solar panels and inverters, with the option to add a Tesla Powerwall to complete your solar system.

Origin Energy Natural Gas

Origin Energy is one of Australia’s largest gas companies. It retails natural gas to homes and businesses to most of Australia, excluding the Northern Territory and Tasmania. Origin Energy have five gas products on offer which largely mirror its electricity deals. They are:

  • Origin Maximiser
  • Origin Saver
  • Origin DailySaver
  • Origin BillSaver
  • Origin Supply

Origin Maximiser (natural gas)

The Origin Maximiser comes with Origins largest publicly-available discount, ranging from 6% to 35%. There are no exit fees or lock in contracts, however the catch is that the discount only applies for a benefit period of one year. To be on this plan, customers must agree to pay their bill using direct debit and must receive all billing and correspondence through email.

Discount 14% 13% 6% 15% 13% 35%

Origin Saver (natural gas)

The Origin Saver provides a moderate-sized discount to customers when they pay their bill on time. There are no exit fees or lock in contracts and customers have some flexibility over how they receive and pay their bill. Like most Origin products, the Origin Saver is for a one year benefit period.

Discount 10% 8% 4% 13% 11% 33%

Origin DailySaver

The Origin DailySaver guarantees its customers a small discount, regardless of when or how they pay their bill. It is a variable rate contract and is only available in ACT, NSW, QLD and SA for a 12 month benefit period.

Discount 5% 5% 2% 5%

Origin BillSaver (natural gas)

Origin’s BillSaver also offers customers a small guaranteed discount, however this time it applies to the entire bill and not just the usage charge component. The BillSaver is a flexible rate contract and comes with a benefit period of 12 or 24 months. It is available in all states Origin operates in, except Queensland.

Discount 5% 10% 5% 8% 22%

Origin Supply (natural gas)

Supply is Origin’s basic natural gas plan with no discounts or gimmicks attached. There is no benefit period, meaning the contract continues until you or Origin end it. Additionally there are no exit fees or lock-in contracts, so you’re free to switch providers at any time.

Other Origin services

Origin Energy has its hand in almost everything energy related, so it’s not surprising that the company has broadened its services to include LPG, air conditioning and hot water services.

Heating & Cooling

Origin retails three split system reverse cycle air conditioners from Carrier, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. Prices start at around $2,000 for the 2.5kW(C)/2.7kW(H) Carrier model, with the option to repay in monthly instalments over 12 months with no deposit.


Origin has a comprehensive range of LPG services available across most of Australia. Its services include gas fitting, delivery, exchange and refills. Customers can order at a whim, or organise for Origin to periodically deliver gas so you never run out. Origin promises that if customers can find lower comparable LPG price, it will beat it by 5% for 12 months.

Hot water services

Origin installs and repairs hot water systems across NSW, Victoria, SA and the Brisbane Metro area. In addition, Origin hot water customers receive access to a 24/7 help hotline. Origin also offers flexible payment arrangements and same-day system replacements for orders made before 10am.

My Account

‘My Account’ lets Origin Energy customers manage all their energy accounts and queries in the one spot. Among many of its features, customers can:

  • View and pay bills
  • Change payment options
  • Renew or change plan
  • Change property
  • Update contact details
  • Request usage data
  • Receive energy efficiency tips

Is Origin Energy right for me?

Origin Energy is a well-rounded retailer, offering solid value across most of its energy plans. While our calculations suggest it isn’t always the cheapest electricity retailer, the level of service it provides is almost unparalleled. It is one of few energy retailers to offer over the phone customer support on weekends, for example. Also be aware that Origin’s cheapest deals are typically only available because of large conditional discounts with 12 month benefit periods. If you want to remain with Origin long-term, you may need to make the occasional phone call to ensure you’re still getting its cheapest offer.

At the end of the day, whether Origin is right for you is a matter of preference. If you’re after a reputable retailer with strong service, Origin is worth checking out. If you just want the best price, then you will need to compare and shop around.

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What do customers think about Origin Energy?

In 2017, energy customers from New South Wales gave Origin Energy 3 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction in our electricity provider ratings.

Origin Electricity New South Wales

Canstar Blue
Award: Overall Satisfaction