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Where to buy cheap exercise bikes

Cheap exercise bikes and where to buy them

Posted by October 12th 2023

If you’re looking to ride your way to fitness without stepping outside, an exercise bike can be a great option to burn calories from the comfort of your home. It’s a versatile piece of workout …

Rowing machines

Cheap rowing machines and where to buy them

Posted by October 12th 2023

Rowing machines are arguably one of the best pieces of exercise equipment, giving you a grueling cardio workout as well as explosive power and muscle endurance. But while there are plenty of benefits to using …

Rowing machine

Rowing Machine Buying Guide

Posted by August 15th 2022

The rowing machine, or ergometer as it's also known, is a gym favourite and becoming increasingly popular for home gym setups due to how many muscle groups are used during a rowing session. But while …

Home scanner

Home Scanner Buying Guide

Posted by June 22nd 2023

With Australian homes becoming work stations, many of us have had to take a closer look at our home office setup (and likely make some changes) to ensure that we keep on top of the …

Macca’s offering drive through bread and milk with your Big Mac

Posted by February 24th 2023

McDonald’s is now offering customers essential grocery items like bread and milk at the drive through during the coronavirus outbreak. The fast food giant said the new initiative was aimed at supporting local communities during the …


Webcam Buying Guide

Posted by August 9th 2022

With many of us now working from home, conference calls and online meetings are the order of the day when it comes to keeping in touch. But while most laptops and desktops come equipped with …

Desk chair

Desk Chair Buying Guide

Posted by August 11th 2022

With recent events forcing millions of Australians to work from home, everyone is looking to build a home office or upgrade their existing one. The humble desk chair is arguably the most important part of …

Empty Gym

What does coronavirus mean for your gym membership?

Posted by October 12th 2023

Gyms across Australia are temporarily shutting their doors on the advice of various government and health officials, affecting the daily routines of many fitness buffs around the country. And since it’ll be a while before …

Where to buy hand sanitiser in stores and online Australia

Where to buy hand sanitiser in stores and online

Posted by October 21st 2022

Hand sanitiser has become somewhat of a liquid gold. The coronavirus outbreak has caused a national shortage of the antibacterial gel, with most supermarkets and stores sold out across the country. The pandemic panic buying has …

Protein Bars

Protein Snacks Compared

Posted by October 12th 2023

When it comes to getting your protein intake, there’s no shortage of options when you walk into your local pharmacy or supermarket. In addition to shakes and powders, you’ll be met with a wide range …

How do you delete apps on Samsung phones?

Posted by January 24th 2024

Low on phone storage capacity and don’t want to delete anymore photos? Make room by erasing any unwanted, or barely used, apps taking up space. Keep in mind that Samsung smartphones come with default apps …

Protein Powders Compared

Posted by October 12th 2023

When you think of eating healthy and going to the gym, chances are you’re imagining chugging down a protein shake, too. While for some, protein supplements and powders are in the realm of athletes and …

Protein Bars Compared Guide

Protein Bars Compared

Posted by October 12th 2023

Protein bars can be good for you, but it’s important to know exactly what you’re eating. So read this guide before eating your snack.

Woman eating food while on phone

10 best food & drink discount apps you should download

Posted by September 20th 2022

Hungry for a juicy discount? We are too. That’s why we’ve listed a few food and drink discount apps to whet the appetite of your inner bargain hunter and help you score a five-finger discount …

Cross Training Product Guide

Cross Trainers Review & Buying Guide

Posted by October 12th 2023

Looking to get in shape but don’t know much about cross trainers? Find out all you need to know in this Canstar Blue buying guide.

Treadmill Buying Guide

Treadmills Review & Buying Guide

Posted by August 17th 2022

Looking to get into shape but don’t want to leave the house? Find out what treadmills are on offer – and what they’ll cost you.

Hair Straightener auto off

Hair straighteners that turn off automatically

Posted by July 28th 2023

Every woman has, at some point in her life, fallen prey to the power of the hair straightener. Whether you were eight-years-old, watching in fascination as your older cousins straighten your ponytail, or 12, begging …

Water Resistant Sunscreen Guide

Posted by August 29th 2023

Slip, slop and slap your way to beautiful skin this summer with Canstar Blue’s pick of water resistant sunscreens.

A guide to zinc sunscreen

Posted by August 29th 2023

Zinc oxide is a physical filter that reflects UV rays. Read Canstar Blue’s guide for a list of brands that offer zinc-based formulas.