The 10 best shows on Amazon Prime Video

Posted by April 14th 2022

Unbeknownst to some, Amazon boasts a whole lot more than just ridiculously fast shipping. In fact, when it comes to streaming, Amazon Prime Video delivers one of the best libraries of critically acclaimed scripted television shows out …

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The best shows to ‘binge’ on BINGE

Posted by May 13th 2022

Looking for a binge? Look no further than one of the newest additions to the Aussie streaming market, BINGE. The brainchild of Foxtel with the affordability of Netflix and Stan, BINGE's tagline is content so …

What streaming services are there in Australia?

Posted by May 10th 2022

Streaming services have become a must-have for those keen on staying up to date with their favourite TV shows, the latest movie releases, or re-watching classics from their childhood, with each service packed with extensive …

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Best TV shows on Paramount+

Posted by February 25th 2022

TV shows can put us through a lot. They can make us laugh, cry, fall in love with characters, or make us loathe them completely and utterly, until a twist and a well-written character arc …

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Best movies on Amazon Prime Video Australia

Posted by February 18th 2022

We’ve always known Amazon Prime Video was a bit of an underdog when it came to television streaming content. But with a host of big names making the switch to the platform, and the Australian streaming …

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Stand out with Huawei’s new lipstick-inspired earphones

Posted by February 8th 2022

In a market saturated with very same-same looking earbuds, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Apple chooses to keep its iconic white headphone design with its AirPods, while Samsung has introduced colour-coordinated cases …