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Review of C Mobile phone plans

C Mobile is an Australian mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which provides calls, SMS and data services to customers around the country. The telco has partnered with both Telstra and Vodafone to utilise their respective mobile networks, in order to provide customers with quality coverage in their area – be it metro or regional.

C Mobile offers a comprehensive range of phone and data plans, all of which are SIM-only and available on a monthly contract basis. C Mobile also provides a range of mobile phones for you to choose from, should you decide not to bring your own handset. We’ve covered all of C Mobile’s phone plans in this review. With an expansive 14 plans in total, let’s see which offer the best value and how they compare to deals from other service providers.

What phone plans does C Mobile offer?

C Mobile phone plans come in two different categories: Red plans use Vodafone’s 3G network and are slightly cheaper in general, including a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) option with no upfront payments, whilst C Mobile’s Blue plans use the Telstra 3G network which boasts improved coverage and reliability. The Blue plans are considered the best bet for customers who live in remote areas of Australia, as in many cases Telstra’s network will be your only option, although this could be about to change. If you’re confused about the difference between what plan uses what network, just think about Vodafone and Telstra’s primary colour schemes – red and blue respectively.

C Mobile Red plans

The C Mobile Red plans – on the Vodafone network – come in six different varieties. The first is a very simple PAYG deal with cheap rates of 10c/min calls, 10c texts and 2c per MB of data – ideal for a spare phone or for people who rarely use their phones. But let’s jump into their more substantive plans:

$9.90 Red Plan

A smidgen above ‘PAYG’, this plan offers $15 of included credit and 150MB of data each month. Calls and texts are billed at 15c for a call and 15c for a text. This turns out to be quite good value, so do the maths and see if this plan can fulfill your needs.

$16.90 Red Plan

This plan bumps up the value with $45 included and 750MB of data. $45 included gets you up to 300 minutes of calls. For less than a red $20 note, you can jump into a C Mobile red plan that offers decent value.

$24.90 Red Plan

As we enter the mid-range plans, C Mobile has packed quite a lot into this one. With unlimited calls and texts, plus 1.5GB of data, this plan represents a good value mid-end offering.

$34.90 Red Plan

As C Mobile trundles along the path of plans, this one finds its breadcrumbs and offers substantial value for the cost. With unlimited calls and texts, as well as 3GB of data, C Mobile have packed a lot in for less than two red notes.

$44.90 Red Plan

As C Mobile arrives at the mid-to-high end station, this $44.90 plan disembarks and offers you a great proposition – unlimited calls and texts, and 5GB of data. Do you take it? All you need is a pineapple note and they’ll give you $5.10 in change – easy. This plan is a great one that’s sure to see you through your daily commute for the month.

$59.90 Red Plan

For an extra $15 a month, you’re essentially getting an extra 3GB with this plan. For less than three red notes, you can get a massive plan that offers great value. For the smartphone addict, we think this plan could tickle your fancy.

$69.90 Red Plan

An extra tenner will see C Mobile raise the stakes for you once more. If 8GB wasn’t scintillating enough, then 10GB surely must be! With this plan you are essentially getting an extra 2GB for $10. When you consider that most service providers charge $10 or more for every GB used over your plan’s limit, you realise this is good value. For less than $70 per month you can land yourself a nice-value alternative to the giant telcos.

C Mobile Blue plans

On the other side of the coin are C Mobile’s modest Blue plans, on the Telstra network. The base plan at $14.90 per month provides 100 calls or texts and 150MB, before the $19.90 plan offers 150 calls or texts and an improved 500MB. These Blue plans then increase in $10 increments and top out with the $59.90 deal, providing $90 of credit (600 minutes or texts) and 3GB of mobile data. Overall, texts are billed at 15c, and so are calls per minute.

If your data allowance isn’t cutting it, you can simply add on one of two data packs to your plan. Those on a Red plan can get 2GB for $18 per month or 4GB for $26, whilst Blue subscribers can buy 1.5GB for $19 or 3GB for $30.

C Mobile Blue Plans

Price Per Month Features
$14.90 $15 included value, 150MB data
$19.90 $22.50 included value, 500MB data
$29.90 $37.50 included value, 800MB data
$39.90 $52.50 included value, 1.5GB data
$49.90 $75 included value, 1.5GB data
$59.90 $90 included value, 3GB data

Source: C Mobile website.

Overall, while Blue users are likely to get more reception out in rural areas, it’s the Red users that are getting more value from their plans. So, will you take the red pill, or the blue pill?

How does C Mobile compare to other providers?

C Mobile’s plans are unusual in offering two different networks to choose from, meaning comparisons based on value will always be skewed towards the cheaper Red plans on the Vodafone network. Let’s compare them here:

Low End: $9.90 and $16.90 Red Plans

At the lowest price comes the $9.90 plan. For less than $10, it’s one of the cheapest plans out there before you go on PAYG rates. This plan competes with Think Mobile, SpinTel and Jeenee. Though, it’s hard to compare them directly as they are more expensive. While C Mobile stacks up well in the data department, the other three carriers have similar inclusions but in an overall more expensive package.

At the lower-cost end of the spectrum, the $16.90 C Red plan delivers solid value for money compared to competitor SpinTel, but is pipped by the likes of Vaya and Dodo, who offer substantially more data for a comparable price. Overall, at these prices, telcos are limited as to what they can include, and C Mobile sits nicely, but is beaten by a couple of telcos in the data stakes.

Mid-Range: $24.90, $34.90 and $44.90 Red Plans

Coming into the mid-range, C Mobile’s value starts to be more competitive against the likes of Vaya, Jeenee and Amaysim. Though, once again, C Mobile is let down by a lack of data allowance, as Jeenee offers 2.5GB of data. As telcos look to become more competitive, the bargaining chip they’ll continually use is probably going to be data.

The $34.90 and $44.90 plans are a similar story. C Mobile remains competitive on price, but a lot of the time they are slightly edged by the likes of Jeenee, Think Mobile and TeleChoice who can all offer either more data or a cheaper price – sometimes both! In the mid-range offerings, C Mobile tends to sit smack bang in the middle of the cheapest offerings. They are good value, but are beaten by a few other names.

High-End: $59.90 and $69.90 Red Plans

Towards the top of the heap, however, C Mobile’s value equation really starts to shine through, with its $59.90 plan proving good value. Giant providers Vodafone, Virgin and Optus are all starting to come into the picture here, offering comparable data inclusions and prices as C Mobile. It’s impressive that a small telco can hold its own against the big guys.

At the $70 mark, Amaysim comes back into the picture – this time with a data pack on top of their top plan. Surprisingly, it’s Virgin that wins out in this category, offering unlimited calls and texts plus 13GB of data for $60 a month.

Overall, C Mobile remains competitive among a suite of different providers throughout all of their price ranges. If nothing spectacular, their plans offer good value and reliability in a sea full of competition.

Is C Mobile right for me?

C Mobile is a great-value low-cost MVNO. Their huge range of plans offer something for everyone, and their use of two networks is innovative. Their use of Telstra with people living rurally is sure to please a large demographic who are wanting more from their plans but don’t want to suffer through blackspots in the country.

While C Mobile’s blue plans offer great value out in the sticks, in urban regions, the red plans offer the best value out of the two, and compare well to a range of competition. If you’re living in a rural region with little reception, then considering C Mobile’s Blue plans is a wise choice, and if you’re in an urban region then the Red plans could offer you great value for money.

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