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greenest companies

Australia's 'Greenest' Energy Providers

Many electricity providers would like to be seen as 'green', despite using non-renewable energy. We review Australia's greenest energy providers.

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The big energy companies ‘going green’

How much thought do you give to the energy powering your kettle and toaster in the morning? Do you care where or how that energy is generated? Australia’s big energy companies certainly seem to think …

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device home energy usage

The new device to track home energy usage

If you’re suffering from bill shock, it helps to look at what’s eating up all that electricity in your home. The Numen could leave you feeling like a new man… or woman.

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Electricity review

Government orders review into electricity pricing

The ACCC will investigate electricity retailer prices and behaviour in an effort against rising electricity prices. Read more at Canstar Blue.

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Vic FiT article

Victoria solar feed-in tariffs to more than double

Victorian solar feed-in tariffs will increase dramatically come July 1. Canstar Blue has everything you need to know about this change.

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