300,000 Aussies affected in Facebook data breach

Posted by April 6th 2018

Social media giant Facebook has revealed that the number of users affected by the Cambridge Analytica data scandal is significantly greater than first thought, with around 300,000 Australians believed to have had their personal information accessed. Facebook …

Deleting Facebook decreases stress levels

Posted by April 4th 2018

A new study has revealed that quitting Facebook is beneficial not just to protect your private data, but your well-being too.

Telstra opens 5G Wi-Fi centre on Gold Coast

Posted by March 29th 2018

Telstra customers on the Gold Coast will be the first in Australia to test the telco’s new 5G capabilities. Australia’s biggest telco says its 5G-enabled Wi-Fi hotpots are a world first, launched just in time for …

Scalping websites could be a costly mistake for concert-goers

Posted by March 29th 2018

Concert-goers are being left out of pocket by scalping websites, prompting a major national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of buying tickets through certain platforms. With the rise of fake and overpriced tickets being …

The tooth sensor that tracks what you eat

Posted by December 21st 2018

Scientists have developed a miniaturised sensor that can be fitted to a tooth to monitor your alcohol, sugar and salt intake. The 2mm-by-2mm device, devised by researchers at the Tufts University School of Engineering in the …

Optus briefly offers unlimited data mobile plans

Posted by March 13th 2018

Optus briefly offered some of Australia’s first unlimited data phone plans, before abruptly withdrawing the offer after just one day. Australia’s second largest mobile provider rolled out unlimited plans to a select few customers on Monday …

Harvey Norman tops NSW complaints register

Posted by March 7th 2018

Electronics retailer Harvey Norman has topped NSW Fair Trading’s list of the most complained about companies in the state for January, as the number of overall complaints increased sharply. Data from the first Complaints Register of …

Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Plans & Prices

Posted by January 30th 2020

No longer the newest Samsung Galaxy phone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is now a couple years old, and like the the iPhone 8 and iPhone X phones, you might find it increasingly difficult to …