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What does 5G mean for your mobile speeds?

Australian mobile phone users can be a fussy bunch. When you think that only a few short years ago we were suffering through awfully slow and inadequate 2G data speeds, our demands for data and …

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Google reveals new Pixel smartphone

Google has spent the past few years diversifying from its core business as the world’s biggest search engine. From services such as YouTube and Gmail to the Android operating system, Google’s software products have been …

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Unleash your inner bookworm with an e-book reader

‘E-reader’, ‘E-book reader’ or ‘Thingy-mabob’ – whatever you call them, electronic book readers are undoubtedly one of the more handy inventions to come about in the last decade or so. If you’re a serious bookworm, …

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Powerbank charging phone2

A guide to portable phone chargers

Whether you’ve been playing too much Candy Crush, or you’ve had to make a lot of business calls on a trip, sometimes your phone’s battery just isn’t good enough. Finding somewhere to plug in and …

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10 tips for extending your device’s battery life

Battery life is one of the biggest concerns when buying a mobile device or tablet. More often than not with modern devices, usage time is sacrificed in favour of cramming in more features that suck …

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