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Expert guide: Aussie Broadband mobile phone plans

Touted as the telco that cares, Aussie Broadband is a relative latecomer to the mobile and internet game. Canstar Blue is here to walk through the services Aussie Broadband offers, as well as how it ranks compared to other telcos.

Aussie Broadband began in 2008 and is headquartered in Victoria. The telco’s original mission was to provide internet connection to regional areas such Gippsland, Northern Territory and South Australia. The company went public in late 2020, under the share name of ABB. 

Aussie Broadband is best known as an NBN and home internet provider, and is a two-time winner of Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers award for NBN providers.

But how does Aussie Broadband stack up against the heavyweights of the mobile world? How does its deals and services compare to its prices? Read on to see how Aussie Broadband’s phone plans compare.

Aussie Broadband expert guide

Aussie Broadband certainly has its benefits, but the cons may prove to sway your decision-making. It’s important to account for the cons in your process to ensure you’re choosing the best service for your needs.


  • One of the few smaller telcos to offer 5G SIM-only plans 
  • Simple month-to-month plans 
  • International call credit
  • Data-sharing is great for households with one or more Aussie customers
  • Average pricing compared to other telcos


  • Lower-cost plans have far less attractive features
  • 5G plans are comparatively pricey
  • Only two 5G plans to choose from
  • Limited variety in all mobile plans

Services offered

Aussie Broadband offers SIM-only postpaid plans, the option of buying a phone on a plan, as well as 5G SIM-only plans.

Its selection of mobile phones is limited to just Samsung Galaxies, however if you’re after a simple phone, a simple phone plan, and want to avoid the big telcos, you might find this to be the right option for you.

Network and coverage

Using the Optus 3G, 4G and 5G networks means that Aussie Broadband can access around 96% of the population. Optus has also committed to building more towers and expanding its coverage to regional areas as part of the Australian Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program. This means more regional areas should see stronger and more consistent mobile coverage.

For 5G plans, keep in mind that 5G is only available in selected areas. To check the network coverage in your area, visit the Aussie Broadband website.

Special features and bonuses

Aussie Broadband has a small selection of mobile phone plans to choose from, however the bonuses and features could still prove to be your deciding factor.

  • Data sharing: This allows you to pool and share data with other SIMs on the same Aussie Broadband account, although you won’t be able to share between 4G-only and 4G/5G plans. 
  • MyAussie app: The mobile app gives you even more control over your plan.
  • Unlimited standard national talk and text: There’s no limit on calls and text messages within Australia with Aussie Broadband.
  • International call credits: Select plans have an allotted amount of International Direct Dialling (IDD).

Aussie Broadband phone plans

Aussie Broadband 4G SIM-only plans

Aussie Broadband offers three SIM-only 4G mobile plans, which offer coverage on Optus’ 4G Plus network. All plans include unlimited standard national talk and text in Australia, as well as the option to share data between plans on a single account.

Plans begin at $25 per month for 15GB of data. All plans are offered month-to-month, with no lock-in contracts.

The following table shows published Aussie Broadband SIM-only 4G postpaid plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost from lowest to highest. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

Aussie Broadband 5G SIM-only plans

Aussie Broadband is one of just a few Optus MVNOs to now offer 5G phone plans on the Optus 5G network. The telco offers two 5G-ready plans, beginning at $60 per month. All plans include unlimited standard national talk and text in Australia, alongside international call credit.

The following table shows published Aussie Broadband SIM-only 5G postpaid plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost from lowest to highest. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

Aussie Broadband plans with phones

Aussie Broadband also offers a selection of Samsung Galaxy smartphones which can be paired with above SIM plans. However, these plans aren’t available online; for more info, you’ll need to call 1300 880 905.

Aussie Broadband company information

Contact details

Need some help with your Aussie Broadband plan or service? The telco offers several contact and support options, including:

  • Phone support: 1300 880 905
  • Live chat on the Aussie Broadband website
  • MyAussie app for iOS and Android


If you are currently experiencing issues with your Aussie Broadband plan, there may be a network outage. Usually your telco will inform you of any planned maintenance if it is expected to interfere with your service. If you haven’t received a notice of this, but are experiencing network outages where normally you would have service, you should get in touch with Aussie Broadband for assistance.

Aussie Broadband FAQs

Who owns Aussie Broadband?

Aussie Broadband was merged from Wideband Networks and Westvic Broadband in 2008, and today is led by its co-founder and CEO Phillip Britt. The company is operated from Australia.

How do I pay my Aussie Broadband bill?

You can either pay your bill via the Aussie Broadband website, direct debit, or through your preferred banking service, such as BPay. If you wish to set up direct debit, you can either log into your account on the Aussie Broadband website, or call customer support to set it up.

Is Aussie Broadband a good deal?

Aussie Broadband provides a good selection of plans, including 5G ones, at a reasonable price compared against the telco market. As always, it’s crucial to do your research before jumping onto a new plan. Even if you live outside of the major cities, you might find there are more providers available, which gives you even more choice than ever.

Other phone plan providers worth considering

Aussie Broadband isn’t the only telco offering a range of postpaid phone plans, with some providers also offering great value for cheaper prices.