A comparison of electricity providers in NSW

If you live in New South Wales and think you’re paying too much for electricity, the good news is there are around 20 other energy providers in the state to choose from. Here is our guide to energy companies in NSW.

Whichever electricity provider you currently get your bill from, it’s a good idea to regularly review your options to check if there could be a better deal out there for you. The New South Wales energy market continues to evolve, with new retailers granted licenses to operate in the state by the Australian Energy Regulator every year. This increasing competition is good news for consumers, as the energy companies are forced to offer better deals and discounts to attract new customers, or keep their existing ones.

Below is a list of the energy companies currently operating in NSW, followed by some more specific information about them and the energy plans they offer. If you’re in a hurry, just read the ‘key takeouts’ from each provider, and you’ll be more informed about your options.

List of energy providers in NSW

  • 1st Energy
  • ActewAGL
  • AGL
  • Alinta Energy
  • Click Energy
  • CovaU
  • Diamond Energy
  • Dodo Power & Gas
  • EnergyAustralia
  • Enova Energy
  • Mojo Power
  • Momentum Energy
  • Origin Energy
  • Pooled Energy
  • Powerdirect
  • Powershop
  • Red Energy
  • Simply Energy
  • Urth Energy

1st Energy

Granted its electricity retail license as recently as 2015, 1st Energy offers an electricity plan in NSW with 20% off usage charges when you pay your bills on time. You can see the energy price factsheet here. This plan is only available on a 24-month contract, but the good news is that the 20% discount is a lifetime benefit, meaning it doesn’t disappear after a year, unlike with some providers. In terms of its big sales pitch, 1st Energy boasts a Melbourne-based customer support centre, personalised service and honest pricing.

Key takeouts:

  • New energy provider with an easy to understand offer
  • 20% discount off usage charges when you pay on time
  • 24-month contract with continued discount benefit


ActewAGL offers a range of different energy plans based on the area in which you live. These plans bring a variety of discounts, so click here for further details. ActewAGL claims to be a local energy company run by local people which supports the local community. You will even find a number of ActewAGL Energy shops across the region where staff offer energy-efficiency advice on heating and cooling. You will find its customer service team in the ACT.

Key takeouts:

  • Focus on supporting local communities
  • Energy shops to offer advice and support
  • Strong emphasis on energy-efficiency


AGL offers three different electricity plans in NSW, with varying discounts on offer. AGL’s flagship electricity plan, Set and Forget, comes with a 20% discount off using charges when you pay your bills by direct debit. AGL also offers a plan with flexible billing options but reduced discount, and fixed cost plan whereby usage and supply charges remain unchanged for two years. See here for price factsheets. You can also save money by purchasing both your electricity and gas with AGL, and earn flybuys points by linking your energy account to the rewards program.

Key takeouts:

  • Discounts of up to 20% for paying bills by direct debit
  • Further 2% ‘double’ discount available for also buying gas
  • Earn flybuys points when you pay your bills

NSW Electricity Customer Ratings

Alinta Energy

You’ll need to enter some details to learn about Alinta Energy’s residential offers in NSW, which seem to vary depending on your location. As an example, the Fair Deal 20 plan comes with 20% off electricity usage charges when you pay on time, and comes with no lock-in contract or termination fee. The best thing is that this plan has a two-year benefit period. Alinta, which has recently expanded into NSW, says its mission is to make energy more affordable. You can read its energy price factsheet here.

Key takeouts:

  • Recently expanded into NSW
  • 20% off when you pay on time and in full
  • No lock-in contract or termination fee

Click Energy

Click Energy is an online energy retailer, which allows it to keep costs low and help customers save money, it says. You’ll need to enter your postcode to get an offer, but as an example, the Click Platinum plan includes a 17% discount off your total bill when you pay on time and by direct debit, and receive all communications by email. Your monthly bills will come from either an actual reading or $100 instalments, with a quarterly settlement. Check the energy price factsheet here. Click Energy was ranked number one for electricity customer satisfaction in Queensland in 2016.

Key takeouts:

  • Online approach encourages contact via email
  • Estimated monthly billing with quarterly settlements
  • No lock-in contracts and healthy discounts


Another relatively new addition to the NSW energy market, CovaU offers a discount of 18% off its Rate Saver plan when you pay on time. With CovaU plans, you will be given estimated monthly bills and your account will be balanced with a meter reading every three months. CovaU promises competitive rates and great customer service. Click here for a price factsheet.

Key takeouts:

  • 18% pay on time discount
  • Estimated monthly billing with quarterly settlements

Diamond Energy

Diamond Energy is an environmentally-focussed electricity provider with a vision to “generate change” in the Australian energy market. It encourages customers to share its passion for clean energy by signing up to its GreenPower-accredited Diamond Pure Plus plan, meaning you can support the renewable energy industry by purchasing the equivalent of either 100%, 50% or 20% of your electricity from green sources, at an extra cost. Price factsheets can be found here.

Key takeouts:

  • Focus on renewable energy and GreenPower plans
  • Named one of Australia’s ‘greenest’ energy providers

Dodo Power & Gas

Dodo’s big selling point is that it gives customers the ability to pay for all of their home services – energy, broadband, mobile phone and even insurance – through the one company. With regards to energy, Dodo is offering NSW households 20% off its electricity and gas market usage rates when you pay on time and by direct debit. Click here to read Dodo’s energy price factsheets.

Key takeouts:

  • Buy all your home services with one provider
  • 20% off usage rates when you pay on time and by direct debit
  • No lock-in contracts

Energy Australia

Energy Australia gives NSW customers a choice of three different electricity plans, named Flexi Saver, Anytime Saver and Rate Fix. The Flexi Saver plan comes with a discount of 16% off its market usage rates when you pay on time, and you can get a bonus 2% off if you receive your bills by email. The Rate Fix plan gives you the assurance of no price increases for two years, while the Anytime Saver plan offers a guaranteed discount of 12% no matter what. Check the EnergyAustralia price factsheets here.

Key takeouts:

  • Maximum of 18% pay on time discount
  • Guaranteed discount plan even if you pay late
  • No price increases with two-year fixed rate option

Enova Energy

Enova Energy claims to be Australia’s first community-owned energy company – an initiative largely funded by members of the public in northern NSW. It has a focus on renewable energy technologies and will serve households in the Northern Rivers region. For now, Enova is encouraging potential customers to register their interest in switching, which you can do here.

Key takeouts:

  • Community-owned energy company
  • Focus on renewable energy technologies
  • Consumers invited to register their interest

Mojo Power

Granted a retail license for NSW in 2015, Mojo Power represents a different proposition to most other energy providers because its customers are supposedly given access to wholesale energy prices, provided they first purchase a Mojo EnergyPass. These are priced at $35, $45 or $55 per month dependent on the level of service you wish to have. If you pay for your pass annually you can get three months free. You may also need to pay a $99 joining fee. See Mojo Power’s energy price factsheets here.

Key takeouts:

  • New energy provider with a different approach
  • Claims to offer access to wholesale energy rates
  • Choose from one of three EnergyPass options

Momentum Energy

Another energy provider with a strong environmentally-friendly outlook, Momentum Energy is owned by Hydro Tasmania – Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy. Its main energy product is called SmilePower, which comes with a discount of 2% off your total energy charges if you opt to receive your bills via email, pay on time and by direct debit. Momentum says that, by purchasing SmilePower, you will be supporting Hydro Tasmania in its generation of hydro and wind energy. See here for the Momentum Energy price factsheet.

Key takeouts:

  • Renewable energy focus
  • 2% off total energy charges if you meet conditions

Origin Energy

Origin Energy recently became the first Australian energy supplier to introduce a fixed cost energy plan which sees customers pay the same amount for their electricity every billing period regardless of how much power they use. The Predictable Plan is attracting a lot of attention, but Origin Energy still maintains other usage-based energy plans. These include Origin Maximiser which comes with 18% off electricity usage charges when you pay by direct debit, and Origin Saver which offers 13% off when you pay on time. These discounts apply for 12 months and there are no exit fees. Origin also has a fixed cost plan available in NSW. Check here for the price factsheet.

Key takeouts:

  • Discounts for paying on time and by direct debit
  • No lock-in contracts and no exit fees on most plans
  • Know exactly what you’ll be paying regardless of your power usage with Predictable Plan

AGL vs Origin: Get the cheapest deal

Pooled Energy

A unique proposition, Pooled Energy is both a swimming pool maintenance service and electricity provider. The company claims its energy-efficient approach can save households energy while also improving lifestyles by keeping swimming pools clean and healthy. Read the finer details about its electricity offers and pricing here.

Key takeouts:

  • Electricity plans specifically for households with swimming pools


Backed by AGL, Powerdirect is primarily an electricity retailer for small and medium sized businesses, but it also supplies power to homes across NSW. The company claims a wealth of experience in household electricity needs and prides itself on “maximising your electricity savings by offering you competitive prices and useful advice on how to save power at home”. Powerdirect’s energy price factsheet can be found here.

Key takeouts:

  • Strong focus on energy efficiency at home


The cheeky provider that seems to enjoy making fun of the big energy companies, Powershop claims to be the power supplier that puts customers in control by giving them tools to monitor their energy usage and sending regular updates by email. An online energy retailer, Powershop also gives customers the option of paying before or after they use power at home by purchasing a ‘powerpack’ specific to their needs. Check the energy price factsheet here. Powershop is currently ranked number one for electricity customer satisfaction in Victoria.

Key takeouts:

  • Encourages customers to monitor their energy usage with tools provided
  • Purchase power for the future with ‘powerpacks’
  • No fixed-term contracts

Red Energy

Red Energy offers two relatively simple electrciity plans to customers in NSW, both with a 10% pay on time discount off your entire bill. The Living Energy Saver plan comes with a two-year fixed benefit period for electricity, while the Easy Saver plan has no lock-in contract. The former includes the ability to collect Red Energy Rewards points which can lead to money off offers for things like movie tickets and gift cards from major retailers. See the price factsheet here. Red Energy is owned by Snowy Hydro, and households with the company’s other brand, Lumo Energy, have been transferred to Red, which currently tops our customer satisfaction ratings for electricity providers in NSW.

Key takeouts:

  • Easy to understand plan structure
  • 10% pay on time discount off your entire bill
  • Collect Red Energy rewards points for money off discounts

Simply Energy

Simply Energy keeps it fairly ‘simple’ for customers in NSW with basic plan options and modest discounts. The Simply Save plan, with 12 month benefit term, boasts a 10% discount off electricity usage charges when you pay on time. Meanwhile the Simply Plus plan has a maximum discount of 15% over two years. Both plans have exit fees if you leave early. Simply Energy also has a specific offer for NRMA members. See here for price information.

Key takeouts:

  • 15% off electricity usage charges when you pay on time
  • Maximum 18% off electricity usage charges for NRMA members

Urth Energy

Urth Energy describes itself as a boutique electricity retailer “with a difference” – that being its focus on renewable energy initiatives which reduce its customers’ electricity consumption and expense, it claims. Urth Energy has a range of different products, including specific plans for solar customers. Click here for price factsheets.

Key takeouts:

  • Focus on renewable energy initiatives
  • Range of plans for solar customers

Who should you go with?

As this report shows, there are several energy providers in NSW all promising the best deals. However, before signing up with any of them, it’s important that you assess their pricing information to determine both their usage and daily supply charges. Pay close attention to the energy discounts being offered, what they are for, and the conditions that apply, as these discounts can save you a considerable amount on your overall bill – and you’ll want to make the most of them! Check what you’re paying with your existing provider, and once you think you’ve found a good price, then you should factor in those other promotions as a point of difference.

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