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If you’ve lived a fulfilling life and you’re at the point where what brings you the most joy is spending time with your grandchildren, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is spending your hard-earned pension on keeping up with rising energy prices. It seems that as our age goes up, so does our power bill, and it may seem confusing to find your way to what’s considered a good deal. AGL boasts that it has a solution in the form of AGL Seniors Plus and AGL Seniors Fixed, plan that offer a wide variety of value, catered towards seniors concession card holders. In this article, we’ll delve into how the plan works and what you need to be aware of.

What is the AGL Seniors Plus plan?

The ‘AGL Seniors Plus’ plan offers:

  • Low variable rates for eligible concession card holders
  • No lock-in contract
  • $100 sign-up credit for electricity and $100 sign-up credit for gas (NSW & QLD only)
  • $25 sign-up credit for electricity and $25 sign-up credit for gas (VIC only)

What is the AGL Seniors Fixed plan?

The ‘AGL Seniors Fixed’ deal gives eligible customers in NSW and QLD:

  • Fixed usage and supply rates for two years
  • $100 sign-up credit for electricity and $100 sign-up credit for gas
  • $20 bonus credit on both electricity and gas every six months for two years

The AGL Seniors Fixed plan gives customers the opportunity to fix their rates for two years, providing a little more ongoing certainty over energy prices, while receiving a small bill credit every six months, as well as an initial sign-up credit. Customers in NSWVIC and QLD can expect lower rates than any currently advertised AGL plan, with a few generous bill credits over the life of the plan. There is also an equivalent plan available in Western Australia for gas customers, called the AGL WA Seniors, which offers a 50% discount off gas usage charges when bills are paid on time.

This is a no lock-in contract plan, meaning you’ll be able to leave at any point without paying exit fees. It also includes access to AGL Rewards and the opportunity to collect flybuys points.

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What about the AGL Savers Seniors plan?

While AGL now promotes its AGL Seniors Plus and Seniors Fixed plans, the retailer’s previous offer for seniors concession card holders was the ‘AGL Savers Seniors’ plan.

This product for seniors was basically the same as the retailer’s ‘Savers’ plan that is made available to most customers. However, the difference was that it included an additional discount on top of what everyone else gets. It came with:

  • Higher discount for concession card holders
  • Variable rates (which could change at any time)
  • One-year discount benefit period

The plan was available across NSW, VIC and QLD but now appears to have been withdrawn from public offer.

How do I sign up to an AGL Seniors plan?

What a lot of people don’t know is that with any provider, there are energy plans available to sign up to outside of those immediately advertised on site. If you’ve ventured onto the AGL website, you might find it hard to find information on seniors discounts, so it may be worthwhile for you to pick up the phone and give the retailer a call and sign up that way. That being said, AGL does have an online chat functionality, where you’ll be able to chat to a representative and receive information on how to sign up to these plans online.

Do AGL Seniors customers still get government seniors concessions?

The good news is that if you’re with AGL Savers Seniors or Seniors Plus, you’ll still be able to apply for government energy bill concessions available to seniors card holders within your state. In most cases, in order to receive your rebate you’ll have to apply through your retailer, so it’s best to contact AGL directly to do this.

Do any other providers offer seniors discounts?

AGL is the only retailer currently offering plans specifically catered toward seniors card holders, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any savings to be had elsewhere. As mentioned above, if you hold a Pensioners or Seniors Card, energy providers are required to offer you a concession, so you’ll still receive a reduced bill regardless of the retailer you’re with. To see some of the best deals available to seniors in Australia, broken down by state, visit our energy plans for seniors guide.

Should I sign up to an AGL Seniors Plan?

From what we can gather, the AGL Seniors plans seem to offer good value to those holding Seniors Cards. Whether you’re looking for benefits of generous bill credits, or the peace of mind of fixed rates, AGL has you covered. What’s better is that even if you’re on the plan, you’ll still be able to receive a further discount in the form of government mandated concessional bill credit, which means you’ll essentially be receiving two forms of bill cuts.

It’s important to do your research to find out whether the overall value of AGL’s seniors plans stacks up to the rates and discounts seen in other plans offered by other providers. There could be plans on the market that are cheaper than the AGL seniors deals mentioned above, and our electricity plan comparison tool is a great place to start comparing deals.

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