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mothers day surprise

What mum REALLY wants for Mother’s Day

Melinda Uys with her thoughts on the ultimate Mother’s Day gift ideas – and they’re not as difficult as you might think.

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child crafting

Craft activities for parents who hate craft

Melinda Uys offers some helpful advice for parents who don’t like getting their hands dirty.

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young friendly kids

Why school mums are your best friend

Melinda Uys explains how she uses the help of fellow school mums to make stressful situations a little bit easier.

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tips for getting to school early

Time-saving tips for the morning school rush

If you have problems trying to get your children to school on time, Melinda Uys has some helpful tips.

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learning with your child

How to motivate your child to learn

Sometimes getting your children to do their homework is tough. Here are seven tips to help motivate them to learn.

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