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mothers day surprise

What mum REALLY wants for Mother’s Day

As a mother, I peruse the plethora of Mother’s Day catalogues delivered to the house with gusto, writes Melinda Uys, of the United States of Mama. Yes, I’d love a fluffy white jumper (dirty in …

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child crafting

Craft activities for parents who hate craft

I hate craft. Loathe it. But the kids? The kids love it! As a Craft Dodger of note, here a few ways you can either aid your child’s Crayola and Bostik obsession whilst watching from …

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young friendly kids

Why school mums are your best friend

My six-year-old daughter attends gymnastics every Monday, which she loves because she gets to roll around on a soft mat and give the instructor attitude about having to do sit-ups (she’s not an island there), …

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Time-saving tips for the morning school rush

Every morning homes, nay whole suburbs, ring out to the familiar chorus of mums and dads yelling: “Get in the car NOW! We’re late!” I’ve done it – many, many times. I’ve yelled it in such …

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How to motivate your child to learn

Do you want your child to show boundless enthusiasm in learning? Then it should start from you, the parents, writes Kenny Wong. You can motivate your child to show great interest in learning, only when you …

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