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Canstar Blue’s 2019 baby bouncer ratings sees Fisher-Price, Bright Starts, Ingenuity and BabyLove compared on child enjoyment, value for money, design & style, ease of cleaning, additional features, weight & size and overall customer satisfaction.

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Most Satisfied Customers | Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price has come out on top in Canstar Blue’s 2019 baby bouncer ratings, scoring five stars for child enjoyment, value for money, design & style, additional features and weight & size.

Fisher-Price jumps into top spot for baby bouncers

There’s never a dull moment when you have a little one running around. While it can be exciting to see them explore the world around them, sometimes having them (safely) in just the one spot can also be enjoyable – as you get to sit back and relax! But keeping your bub in the one spot can be tricky, unless you have a good baby bouncer.

Baby bouncers, swings and rockers have been a saving grace for many tired parents, allowing your child to burn off energy while playing safely. But while it may be tempting to simply grab the first bouncer you see on the store shelf to give you a bit of brief respite, your choice of baby bouncer may impact on your child’s enjoyment, as well as your bank balance, as you don’t want to fork out cash only to find out that the quality doesn’t live up to your expectations, or your baby’s needs.

To stop you from jumping to conclusions, we’ve surveyed more than 400 mums and dads who have recently purchased a baby bouncer, swing or rocker to find out which brand you should be bounding down to the shops for. Baby bouncers were rated on factors including their design & style, weight & size, ease of cleaning, the child’s enjoyment and value for money, giving you a better idea of what to expect from the brands compared.

In this year’s ratings, Fisher-Price bounced higher than the rest, scoring five stars across multiple categories, including overall satisfaction.

Best-Rated Baby Bouncers

baby using bouncer

Canstar Blue’s 2019 baby bouncer review saw four major brands compared and rated in the following order for overall customer satisfaction:

  • 1st Fisher-Price
  • 2nd Bright Starts
  • 3rd Ingenuity
  • 4th BabyLove

Bright Starts was rated four stars for overall customer satisfaction, while both Ingenuity and BabyLove rounded out this year’s results with three stars. While Fisher-Price took out multiple five-star ratings, it was joined at the top by Bright Starts on value for money, while Ingenuity was the only brand to achieve top marks for ease of cleaning, meaning there’s plenty to consider when you’re looking to purchase a new baby bouncer.

Read on as we explore what the four brands in our 2019 review have to offer, plus tips on what to look for in a good baby bouncer.

Top Baby Bouncer Brands


Founded nearly 90 years ago, Fisher-Price has been a mainstay within the baby market, offering a wide variety of products for babies, infants and children. While currently operating as a subsidiary of Mattel, the Fisher-Price brand is available from a wide variety of retailers, such as Myer, Kmart and Target, and offers one of the largest ranges of baby bouncers and the like around.

With bouncers, rockers and swings suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers, Fisher-Price has plenty for parents to choose from, including the Kick ‘n Play Musical Bouncer – which features 15 minutes of music, removable toy bar and adjustable harness – all the way to the Deluxe Bouncer, which features machine-washable seat pads, head support and calming vibrations to help your little one nod off.

The Fisher-Price swing line-up also offers plenty of variety, with the Starlight Revolve Swing even coming with Smart Connect technology, allowing you to control soothing features from your phone. Talk about modern parenting!

  • Rated five stars for child enjoyment, value for money, design & style, additional features, weight & size and overall satisfaction, Fisher-Price also got four stars for ease of cleaning.

Bright Starts

Operating for over 40 years, Bright Starts – a brand under the Kids II banner – has a number of baby products on offer, ranging from play time to nap time. Available at popular retailers such as Big W and Target, as well as baby speciality stores, Bright Starts has a number of rockers and baby bouncers for parents to choose from.

One of the more affordable brands on the market, with some bouncers available from just $20, Bright Starts bouncers feature vibration settings to help calm your baby, as well as a removable toy bar and machine-washable fabric, finding a middle-ground between child comfort and something easy to take care of for parents.

Bright Starts also offers a range of Disney-themed products such as Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, making them the ideal companion for those Disney movie marathons. Those after a portable swing also have a few products to choose from, with most models including multiple reclining seat positions, non-slip feet for additional safety and a foldable design to help you take it on the go.

  • In joint top spot for value for money, Bright Starts was rated four stars for child enjoyment, design & style, additional features, weight & size and overall satisfaction, with three stars in terms of ease of cleaning.


Another brand under the Kids II umbrella, Ingenuity has been operating within the baby product market for over 40 years, and is available at baby speciality retailers, as well as general retailers such as Big W and Target. Offering cots, swings, rockers and bouncers, Ingenuity has day time and night time covered.

One of the more expensive brands available, Ingenuity’s range includes products such as the InLighten Cradling Swing, which features six swing speeds that sway in three different directions, helping to lull your bub off to sleep, as well as plug-in capabilities to save on battery costs. Other products within the Ingenuity range include the SmartBounce, which features 30 minutes of continuous automatic bouncing, as well as the Moreland bouncer, which features an adjustable 3-point harness and removable toy bar for a safe and fun playtime.

  • Scoring the only five-star rating for ease of cleaning, Ingenuity achieved four stars for design & style, as well as additional features, with three stars in all remaining categories, including value for money and overall satisfaction.


Baby Love-Mulberry-hero

While it doesn’t have the range as some of its competitors, BabyLove offers both rockers and bouncers for parents to consider. Available from speciality baby retailers, BabyLove additionally stocks baby seats, cots and walkers, suitable for whether you’re looking for something for around the house, or something that can go with you.

BabyLove’s primary baby bouncer – the imaginatively named ‘Rock a Baby Rocker’ – features an easily adjustable toy arm and folding capabilities for easy transportation and storage. Incorporating a 3-point safety harness and an adjustable backrest, the Rock a Baby Rocker weighs in at just over 2kg, and comes in either Mulberry or Cream finishes. Classy.

  • Rated four stars for child enjoyment and value for money, BabyLove got three stars for design & style, ease of cleaning, additional features, weight & size and overall satisfaction.

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What should I look for in a baby bouncer?

Baby bouncers need to be more than just reasonably priced, as our survey found. We identified the following drivers of parent satisfaction in order of importance:

  • Child enjoyment: 27%
  • Value for money: 25%
  • Design/style: 25%
  • Ease of cleaning: 9%
  • Additional features: 8%
  • Weight and size: 5%

Child enjoyment comes above all else when you’re considering a new baby bouncer. Since it’s designed to keep your bub occupied, if they don’t take to it, you won’t get a break. Simple. Design and style play part in this, as well as value for money because you wouldn’t want to be spending more than necessary.

Other key findings from our 2019 survey include:

Which baby bouncer should I buy?

Newborn baby sleeping in a bouncer in the garden

Finding something for your bundle of joy can be a tricky process, regardless of what you’re after. Market veterans and newbies alike have plenty to choose from, all of which claim to be the best fit for your child and lifestyle, meaning a trip to the store can be a daunting process. Considering that survey respondents spent more than $100 on their baby bouncers, it’s not a cheap purchase either, meaning that making a bad choice can cost you more than just a grumpy child.

As with any purchase, looking into all of your options before you head to the checkout can save you not only a few dollars, but a bit of back and forth between the store, particularly if you have a fussy baby or need something specific for your bub. Some providers offer hybrid models that convert from a bouncer to a baby seat, while other models acquire some assembly, which may impact on how likely you are to take it home with you. Additionally, keeping an eye on your budget will also influence which brand and product you walk out the door with, meaning there’s plenty to factor in to your next purchase.

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