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mothers day surprise

What mum REALLY wants for Mother’s Day

As a mother, I peruse the plethora of Mother’s Day catalogues delivered to the house with gusto, writes Melinda Uys, of the United States of Mama. Yes, I’d love a fluffy white jumper (dirty in …

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child crafting

Craft activities for parents who hate craft

I hate craft. Loathe it. But the kids? The kids love it! As a Craft Dodger of note, here a few ways you can either aid your child’s Crayola and Bostik obsession whilst watching from …

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Your child starting school: The hidden costs

You’ve calculated school fees, uniforms and stationery costs, bought a school bag and lunchbox and have said oft: “Can you believe he/she is starting school?!” Think you’re ready for school don’t you? And you actually …

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