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What are SIM-only plans?

As simple as they sound, SIM-only (or BYO phone) plans provide you with a SIM card for you to use in any unlocked handset you like. SIM-only phone plans are significantly cheaper than their traditional counterparts because your plan doesn’t include the cost of paying for your new phone.

The big advantage of only having a SIM card is freedom; you can choose pretty much any mobile phone on the market, whether it’s brand new, pre-owned, or your mum’s old Nokia – you’re not limited to the often small range of phones stocked by the telcos. Of course, buying your own handset means a higher upfront cost, but it allows you to potentially save loads of money by opting for a less expensive model.

By removing the somewhat emotional decision of choosing a phone, SIM-only plans also put the focus back on plan inclusions. So what can you get for your money?

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