Tangerine Telecom Mobile Phone Plans

You may have heard about Tangerine’s broadband plans, but did you know this juicy company also has a range of mobile phone plans? Yes, that’s right. Plans are delivered via the Telstra 4G wholesale network, making Tangerine a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Plans come with no lock-in contract, on a SIM-only, postpaid basis. This sounds pretty juicy, so let’s see exactly what Tangerine offers.

Tangerine Telecom Mobile Phone Plans

Tangerine has four postpaid plans to choose from and the biggest bonus is that all come with unlimited calls & texts. Plus, if you sign up by 30 June you’ll get up to 6GB bonus data.

  • 1GB standard data – $19.90
  • 3GB standard data – $29.90
  • 6GB standard data – $39.90
  • 9GB standard data – $49.90

Plans are billed on a monthly basis, not over 28 or 30 days. Customers can add on 120 minutes of international calls for an extra $5 a month and excess data is billed at $10/gigabyte. The international call add-on gives customers access to 40+ countries, with many of the countries including calls to mobiles as well.

  • Popular destinations include the UK, US, India, Canada and a lot of Europe and Asia.

Perhaps most noteworthy, however, is the fact that Tangerine is a bundled service, meaning you can bundle a mobile service with an NBN plan and receive one monthly bill.

How do Tangerine mobile plans compare to other providers?

The postpaid, SIM only, no-contract mobile space is stacked full of providers offering unprecedented levels of value. This makes it hard for Tangerine to stand out from the crowd, and with relatively low data inclusions, fails to stack up against many providers (bonus data notwithstanding). However, don’t be surprised if the bonus data becomes a standard inclusion after a while – watch this space.

Tangerine $19.90 Plan Compared

For under 20 bucks you can’t expect the world, but in this space other providers commonly offer more than 2GB of data for a similar price. Unlimited calls and texts are also a common feature. Furthermore, if you’re only after 1GB data, you can find other plans that are as much as half the price. Worth keeping an eye out for are Jeenee Mobile, Belong Mobile, Amaysim and Moose Mobile.

Tangerine $29.90 Plan Compared

Tangerine’s plan here would have been incredibly competitive in about 2015-2016, but today a lot of other providers provide 5GB data or more here and 3GB starts to look a little lacklustre. If looking for a 3GB plan, you might as well look out for a 5GB plan because they are about the same price these days. Jeenee pops up once again, while Southern Phone, SpinTel and Vaya also provide competitive options.

Tangerine $39.90 Plan Compared

These days, 10GB can be found for as little as around $35 a month and in this space, Tangerine really starts to look a little tired. For about $10 cheaper, you can get more data from Jeenee Mobile, while other noteworthy providers include Moose Mobile, Yomojo and Exetel.

Tangerine $49.90 Plan Compared

This is perhaps where Tangerine’s shortfalls become most pronounced, given that many providers include 15GB standard data for about $40 a month. While Tangerine looks the goods with its bonus data, its standard data leaves a little to be desired. Providers worth keeping an eye out for include Belong Mobile and Amaysim, as well as Vaya and Think Mobile with a massive 20GB data.

Is a Tangerine Telecom phone plan a juicy deal?

You may already be a Tangerine customer, and realised the brand also now does mobile plans. But does that mean you should bundle them? It’s certainly an attractive proposition, especially if you can just pay one easy monthly bill.

  • You may pay for the convenience as its mobile plans feature relatively lacklustre data inclusions for the price.
  • Many other providers can offer the same amount of data for even half the price, or at the same price, offer a lot more data.

In the cutthroat world of MVNOs and their phone plans, Tangerine somewhat struggles to stand out from the crowd. While its NBN plans are some of the most competitive, it will have to sing a little louder if it wants to be seen as a serious contender in the postpaid mobile market.

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