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Australian School Holiday & Term Dates

Posted by September 11th 2020

Is your child ready for class? Read our guide to see the term dates and semester breaks for all states and territories in Australia.

Edible coffee cups to reduce plastic waste

Posted by August 15th 2019

Soon you will be able to have your coffee and eat the cup too. New Zealand-based online retailer Twiice is launching single-use coffee cups that are both biodegradable and edible. Twiice director, Jamie Cashmore, said it took …

Insulated Water Bottles Compared

Posted by August 15th 2019

Keep cold (or hot) all day long with these perfect insulated water bottles – and save the planet at the same time.

Reusable Coffee Cup Comparison

Posted by May 8th 2019

It seems more and more people are jumping on the BYO coffee cup bandwagon, bringing in snazzy reusable mugs to work for their coffee fix while also doing their part for the environment. With Aussie …

Consumer watchdog cracks down on ‘organic’ claims

Posted by February 28th 2019

Companies marketing their products as ‘organic’ are set to come under the microscope of the consumer watchdog after it fined one brand for misleading claims and issued a warning to others. Dreamz Pty Ltd, trading as …

Kids watch 800 junk food TV ads a year

Posted by May 30th 2018

Sitting the kids in front of the TV has long been the way of busy parents, allowing a few moments of quiet while Elmo or any other friendly faces keep the kids entertained. But new …

Study reveals the dirty truth about rubber duckies

Posted by February 28th 2019

You’d be ‘quackers’ to keep rubber ducks and other plastic toys in the bath, according to new research. A group of Swiss and US researchers have delved into "the dark side" of rubber ducks and found …

Consumers warned about new breed of online scam

Posted by March 28th 2018

Dog-lovers are being warned about a new breed of online scammer, tugging on the heartstrings of Australians who want to buy cute puppies. Scamwatch has reported almost 600 incidents of scams involving puppies in the last …