Woolies big box toy range

Woolies launches new mini supermarket toy range!

Christmas has come early for Woolworths shoppers, with the supermarket launching a new set of kids’ toys. Disclaimer: adults may also get excited about this news!

The Woolies’ Big Box toy range which hit stores this week, includes the Mini Woolworths Supermarket for $45, which costs $5 more than last year’s mini Woolies replica. It comes with 47 accessories including a checkout, scanner, and cash register, and even has staple grocery products on its shelves, like baked beans, fresh milk, and fruits and veg. It also comes with mini shopping bags and a Woolies sign.

Woolworths Mini Supermarket Set Each

The range also includes this cute Woolworths Mini Supermarket Trolley complete with working wheels and a pull-out seat for $30.

Woolworths Mini Supermarket Trolley Each

There’s also this 24-piece Woolworths Mini Basket for $10. It comes with a play food set with two pears, three oranges, two bananas, two apples, two carrots, two potatoes, two organic fruit and nut muesli bars, two multigrain brown rice crackers, two tasty cheese sticks, two wholegrain wraps, two vanilla yoghurts and rolled traditional oats.

Woolworths Mini Basket With 24 Piece Accessories Each

Plus, there’s a 30-piece Woolworths Mini Reusable Shopping Bag for $10. It comes with play goodies including two pears, three oranges, two bananas, two apples, two carrots, two potatoes, three wholegrain wraps, three popcorn packets (lightly salted), three rolled traditional oats, two vanilla yoghurts, three carrots, peas, and corn, and three frozen mixed berries.

Woolworths Mini Reusable Shopping Bag With 30 Piece Accessories Each

The supermarket toys are available to purchase at around 650 stores nationwide. Customers can check the availability of the products at their local store on the Woolworths website.

A Woolworths spokesperson said: “With Christmas around the corner, parents are starting to look for fun gifts that foster creativity and imagination in their children,” a representative said.

“We’re excited to introduce our new Big Box toy range for all the fresh food kids in the making that include toys such as a mini supermarket and trolley.”

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