ALDI slinging a $499 thermo cooker in Special Buys

Nobody does budget copies of high-end appliances like ALDI. And this week, the discount supermarket is slinging a 3L Ambiano Thermo Cooker for $499 – on sale Wednesday (September 9).

The Smart Wi-Fi Thermo Cooker makes the most of its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity by offering step-by-step guides and pre-loaded recipes on the ALDI app, helping you whip up a variety of pasta and rice dishes, soups, desserts, sauces, dips and spreads.

 Ambiano Smart Wi-Fi 3L Thermo Cooker ─ $499

ALDI Thermomix

The budget kitchen appliance comes with 14 different cooking functions, including:

  • Slow cook
  • Steam
  • Sous vide
  • Emulsify
  • Knead
  • Simmer
  • Browning
  • Cook
  • Chop
  • Blend
  • Stir
  • Grind
  • Whisk
  • Weigh

The ALDI Thermo Cooker provides up to 800W worth of power and adjustable temperature settings ranging between 30°C-120°C.

Aldi wi-fi thermo cooker

The appliance additionally comes with a steaming attachment, measuring cup, simmering basket with lid, butterfly whisk and spatula.

aldi special buy thermo cooker

But for safety reasons, the Special Buy won’t be available in Victoria, as well as Albury and Lavington in New South Wales.

“We understand that not all our Victorian stores are under Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions, but we believe it is the right thing to do to ensure the safety of our community in this challenging time,” ALDI explained on its website. “We look forward to bringing these products back at a later date.”

It’s no secret that ALDI’s low prices are a key ingredient to its hot range of kitchen appliances, slicing more than $1,770 off the original Thermomix and costing at least $100 less than several other Thermomix dupes from brands like Tefal, KitchenAid, Kenwood and Bellini.

But it seems many shoppers are still leaving ALDI’s stores on a sour note, with numerous customers dishing out their disappointment online over the supermarket’s lack of stock availability.

“It’s always limited in store, COVID or not! There’s never any there when I get there,” one user commented on the ALDI Facebook page. 

“Not worth the effort – never there when you get there,” another person wrote.

ALDI recently posted a message on Facebook stating there will also be limited stock of its 16L multifunction air fryer and pastry maker due to shipping delays resulting from COVID-19.

Other Special Buys available from September 9

Can’t get your hands on the Smart Thermo Cooker? Here are some of the other goodies available as part of ALDI’s Special Buys.

  • Pastry Maker: $24.99
  • Compact Food Processor: $59.99
  • 16L Multifunction Air Fryer: $149
  • Ceramic Cooktop (59cm): $199
  • 4 Burner Gas Cooktop (59cm): $199
  • 80L Electric Oven: $249
  • 14 Place Stainless Steel Dishwasher: $349

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