About United Solar Energy

About United Solar Energy

United Solar Energy is a solar power retailer, offering a range of solar systems across Victoria. United Solar Energy was founded in 2009, with the belief that solar power can and should be more affordable. The company has since built a reputation for quality and professionalism, it says, and is now a Clean Energy Council accredited retailer. It is also a Solar Council best practice certificate recipient.

United Solar Energy Products

United Solar Energy offers the Solar’s Power Buddi Solar Package, a system which comes with live 24/7 monitoring, a battery assessor and many other management tools. United Solar Energy says that if your solar system produces less power than expected, it will pay you back the difference up to $500.

Systems purchased through United Solar Energy come with a five year total care promise, giving you access to 200 technicians to fix inverter issues. Its systems also provide a two year total system insurance, covering you for everything from hail damage to vandalism.

United Solar Energy systems can be purchased on a payment plan with a $0 deposit. Customers have the option to pay off extra at any time to reduce interest payable on balance owing. To find out how much a United Solar Energy system will cost you, contact the company for a free consultation.

Is United Solar Energy right for me?

United Solar Energy is a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer so you know you’re in good hands when it comes to buying and installing a solar system at your property. As its services are limited to the state of Victoria, United Solar Energy could be a suitable fit if you’re a resident of the Education State.

United Solar Energy claims to give customers a free energy audit to identify how a solar system will benefit your household by looking at energy usage needs and examining your home, which is more than just receiving a quote for works to be carried out. While United Solar Energy does offer a few points of difference, it’s best to contact them directly for a consultation or pricing details.

Want to know more about solar?

As more and more Aussies turn to solar for all their energy saving needs, it’s a good idea to browse your options before settling on a particular retailer. If you’re looking for more information on solar in general, Canstar Blue has a stack of helpful guides. Check out the link below for more information on solar, as well as our customer satisfaction ratings on leading solar companies.

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