About United Solar Energy

United Solar Energy is a solar power retailer, offering a range of solar systems across Victoria.

Its history

United Solar Energy was founded in February 2009, with the belief that solar power can and should be more affordable. The company has since built a reputation for quality and professionalism, it says, and is now a Clean Energy Council accredited retailer. It is also a Solar Council best practice certificate recipient.

What United Solar Energy offers

United Solar Energy offers two solar packages – the solar surfer power package and the ultimate solar surfer power package. Both these systems come with a Solax grid inverter and come in a range of system sizes to suit your property’s needs. The difference is that the standard package uses Eco Future panels, while the ultimate package uses more efficient Winaico panels. The ultimate package also comes with a solar monitoring device as part of its no bill shock guarantee. United Solar Energy says that if your solar system produces less power than expected, it will pay you back the difference.

Systems purchased through United Solar Energy come with a five year total care promise, giving you access to 200 technicians to fix inverter issues. Its systems also provide a two year total system insurance, covering you for everything from hail damage to vandalism.

United Solar Energy systems can be purchased on a payment plan with a $0 deposit. Customers have the option to pay off extra at any time to reduce interest payable on balance owing. To find out how much a United Solar Energy system will cost you, contact the company for a free consultation.

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