Coles Mastercard gift cards sale

Coles slashes 10% off Mastercard gift cards in time for Christmas

Coles is launching a rare sale on its Mastercard gift cards for one week only!

The supermarket is offering a 10% discount on $100 and $250 Coles Mastercard gift cards from Wednesday, 20 October until Tuesday, 26 October.

This means customers can pick up a $100 Coles Mastercard gift card for $90 (and save $10) or a $250 Mastercard gift card for just $231.30 − that’s a cool $18.70 saving! Keep in mind that $5 and $7 activation fees apply respectively.

Coles gift card

There’s also a limit of five gift cards per customer, meaning shoppers can save up to $93.50 by purchasing five $250 gift cards.

Coles Mastercard gift cards can be redeemed at any retailers (including online) where Mastercard is accepted, but can’t be redeemed for cash.

Coles said the limited-time offer was a way to give back to shoppers and families in the lead-up to Christmas.

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