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Ryobi Chainsaws Review & Guide

One of the most well-known brands within the power tool market, Japanese brand Ryobi offers a wide range of tools for you to try out, ranging from joiners to saws, as well as outdoor equipment such as pressure washers through to hedge trimmers and chainsaws. Founded in 1943 and experimenting with various industries before focusing on power tools in the 1960s, Ryobi’s range of tools and heritage within the industry puts you in good stead if you’re looking to tackle those jobs around the house. If you’re after a chainsaw and want to find out what Ryobi have to offer, you’ve come to right place, with all you need to know in this Canstar Blue guide.

Ryobi chainsaws

Ryobi’s range of chainsaws primarily focusses on battery-powered chainsaws, but includes petrol-powered models and longer pole pruners for those hard to reach areas. Individual chainsaws are available to purchase, with some models available as a kit, coming with additional batteries and extras to help get the job done.

Ryobi battery chainsaws

Ryobi Battery Chainsaw

The majority of Ryobi’s range comes in the form of battery chainsaws, with a number of models available. The range begins with the 2300W chainsaw, which includes a 15inch blade, tool-free chain tensioning and automatic chain lubrication for easy maintenance. Other Ryobi models include the 18V One+ Chainsaw, which has a 10inch blade length, push button chain oiler as well as a brushless motor, and weighs in at under 3kg for easy use. If you’re after something a bit more powerful, the 36V Brushless model may do the trick, including a 4.0AH battery to help you cut through a long job-list, along with an inertia-activated chain brake for additional safety, and a variable speed trigger to help you while on the job.

Ryobi battery chainsaw prices

Ryobi offers a number of battery-powered chainsaws, with their prices listed below:

  • Ryobi 2300W (Tool only) – $149 RRP*
  • Ryobi 18V One+ (Tool only) – $169 RRP*
  • Ryobi 18V One+ 12” Brushless (Tool only) – $249 RRP*
  • Ryobi 18V One+ 2.5AH (Kit) – $259 RRP*
  • Ryobi 36V Brushless (Tool only) – $335 RRP*
  • Ryobi 36V 4.0AH Brushless (Kit) – $499 RRP*

Prices taken from brand website and accurate as of 26/08/2020.

Ryobi petrol chainsaws

Ryobi Petrol Chainsaw

While it may not offer the range of other brands, Ryobi does offer some petrol-powered chainsaws, including a 38CC and 50CC model, both of which are powered by 2-stroke fuel. The 38CC model includes an 18inch blade, 310mL fuel tank as well as chain tensioning for easy maintenance, while the 50CC features a 20inch blade powered by a 2.3kW output, and comes equipped with 570mL fuel tank, with easy access to the air filter for user-friendly maintenance.

Ryobi petrol chainsaw prices

Ryobi offers a number of petrol-powered chainsaws, with prices listed below:

  • Ryobi 38CC 2-Stroke Chainsaw – $229 RRP*
  • Ryobi 50CC 2-Stroke Chainsaw – $299 RRP*

Prices taken from brand website and accurate as of 26/08/2020.

Ryobi pole chainsaws

Ryobi Pole Pruner

Categorised as ‘pole pruners’, Ryobi’s range of pole chainsaws includes a number of models, including both battery and petrol variants. Ryobi’s petrol range is limited to the 25cc 2-stroke model, which includes an Easy Start motor to help you get going, as well as an extendable shaft that can reach up to 2.7m for those hard to reach areas. It also features a 10inch blade and weighs in at 7.4kg.

Battery-powered models make up the majority of Ryobi’s pole chainsaw range, including an 18V, 36V and a 750W model for you to choose from. The 750W model includes a 2.7m extendable shaft and automatic oiling bar for easy maintenance, while the 18V One+ pruner features a 2.9m extendable shaft and ergonomic handle for user comfort, along with an 8inch blade. The 36V model features a similar blade and extendable reach to the 18V, but produces more power to help with larger jobs. Ryobi also offer pole pruner attachments for your hedge trimmer if you don’t want to purchase a separate tool for the job.

Ryobi pole chainsaw prices

Ryobi’s range of pole chainsaws are priced as follows:

  • Ryobi 18V One+ Pole Pruner – $199 RRP*
  • Ryobi 750W Pole Pruner – $239 RRP*
  • Ryobi 36V Pole Pruner – $279 RRP*
  • Ryobi 25cc 2-Stroke Pole Pruner – $329 RRP*

Prices taken from brand website and accurate as of 26/08/2020.

Where can I buy Ryobi chainsaws?

Ryobi chainsaws are sold exclusively at Bunnings, although a store locator is available through the Ryobi website, allowing you to find out if your local store has the model that you’ve got your eye on.

Are Ryobi chainsaws worth it?

While it’s range may not be as extensive as other brands, Ryobi has one of the most affordable ranges available, making it potentially a cut above the rest for those looking to tackle the garden while on a budget. However if you’re after a more powerful model, or something specific such as an arborist chainsaw, you may need to look elsewhere, but if you aren’t looking for something with all the bells and whistles, then a Ryobi chainsaw may be an ideal fit for your garden shed.

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