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Coffs Solar Energy Review & Guide

Coffs Solar Energy is solar retailer and installer, operating across the mid to north coast of New South Wales. The company was founded in January 2010 in Coffs Harbour under the name of ‘Self Sufficient Homes’. The company was renamed in 2013 to what it is today as recognition of its local focus. Coffs Solar Energy says it stands by reliable, honest advice, quality products and exceptional service. It has received accreditation by the Clean Energy Council as a quality solar company.

Coffs Solar Energy Prices

Coffs Solar Energy provides solar solutions for both homes and businesses. The company can customise solar systems to suit your needs, but also offers a large number of packages.

Residential Packages

Coffs Solar Energy offers residential solar system packages in four output sizes, either in the standard performance, premium or ultra-premium range.

The standard performance range comes with Trina Honey 275w polycrystalline solar panels and is matched a Zeversolar inverter, plus a 5-year warranty. The premium ranges come with Trina Honey M Plus 310w or Rec ‘Twin-Peak’ 320w solar panels, a Froinius Galvo or Primo inverter with a 25-year warranty. The standard system is cheaper, though is usually considered less efficient.

Each of these packages vary in price, from approximately $3,000 to $12,000. Keep in mind these prices are estimates only and do not take individual circumstances into account. To get a specific quote, it’s best to contact Coffs Solar Energy direct.

Commercial Packages

Coffs Solar Energy offers small to large commercial solar system packages – from 10kW to 160kW. Again, each system size is offered in either the standard performance or the premium range. The premium range uses better panels, higher grade roof mounting and comes with ABB monitoring software. Commercial premium packages only have a slightly higher output than the standard packages however.

To find out how much a solar system will cost you, you will need to contact Coffs Solar Energy for a quote.

Solar Storage

Coffs Solar Energy seems to only retail one solar battery – the LG Chem. This is in conjunction with the Huawei inverter and solar panels. These batteries can be appropriate for both on and off-grid usage, and prices for installation will vary with your location, so you will need a consultation for accurate details of pricing.

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