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Origin LPG: Gas Products Review & Guide

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 A powerhouse of the energy industry, Origin Energy has been switching on Aussie households for more than 20 years.

As an integrated power company, Origin generates and sells electricity and gas, including liquified petroleum gas (LPG), under a variety of services and plans to suit all types of households. With many customers making the switch to LPG, thanks to its consistent quality, for their cooking and heating needs, retailers like Origin, are being put to the test on its LPG services. Origin’s LPG gas plans are claimed to be easy and efficient for customers, but is it the right option for you? Find out below.

Origin Energy LPG Plans

Origin offers two LPG plans to its customers in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT and TAS. Like its electricity deals, Origin claims its LPG plans are suitable for both the deal-seeker and the set and forget type of customer.

LPG 25% off online offer

The 25% off online offer, as the name suggests, rewards customers for ordering online by giving them 25% off when they first sign up. This offer ends on 31/01/23 and once the discount has expired, customers will be charged the standard LPG price. This plan has no exit fees or lock-in contracts and is subject to price changes. Supply charges apply on all bottle swaps and refills. This plan provides one 45kg bottle.

LPG Standard

The Standard offer is Origin’s no discount, basic LPG plan. The prices on this plan align with the average global price of LPG. Supply charges apply on all bottle swaps and refills. There is no exit fee or lock-in contract. This plan provides one 45kg bottle.

Origin LPG Prices

Origin LPG cylinder

Origin delivers LPG and refills gas bottles across most of Australia, claiming to have some of the longest delivery runs and biggest networks in the country. Residential customers have the choice of a bottle exchange or hose refill of their existing gas cylinders, depending on location. Below are LPG prices for both options in each state. Keep in mind that Origin may only offer gas refills to business customers in some areas, not households.

For LPG, Origin charges customers a supply charge which typically costs $40-$45 for each bottle, while it charges another fee for refilling gas cylinders. This is charged per litre. Depending on location and size of the LPG bottle, prices will vary so it’s best to contact Origin for a range of quotes.

How do I order a gas bottle from Origin?

According to Origin Energy, returning customers looking to order a gas bottle, can simply head to the website and fill out the order form under the LPG tab. If you are a new customer however, you will need to sign-up first in order to receive your customer number. New customers can sign up by clicking on the ‘Sign-up Online’ option under the LPG tab.

How long should a gas bottle last?

Gas usage fluctuates throughout the year, thanks to a variety of factors, so it can be difficult to determine the exact life-span of your gas bottle. According to Plusgas, the general rule of thumb for gas bottle usage is four to six weeks, in a four-person home, but usage differs from person to person. Origin, however, are able to look at your past usage levels and determine a regular delivery schedule based on your needs.

According to the Origin Energy website, you can also check your gas levels by pouring hot water onto your gas cylinder. Wherever the cylinder feels cool to touch is where the gas level is at. Caution should be taken when completing this test.

Does Origin Energy offer natural gas?

Yes, Origin offers natural gas plans in addition to LPG. The retailer offers three plans within NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA and ACT. Origin is generally fairly price competitive when it comes to natural gas, offering a range of perks to suit a variety of customers. You can check natural gas prices in your area by typing in your postcode to our tool above.

Is Origin LPG a good option for gas customers?

Origin is a fairly well-rounded energy provider, offering services and solutions in a variety of areas. While its electricity and natural gas plans usually come with competitive rates, the same might not be suggested for its LPG plans. However, there are the added benefits of Origin’s support team, available 8am-6pm both online and over the phone Monday to Friday, additional discounts, the choice of a bottle swap or refill, which do favour its LPG plans.

While discounts may be beneficial to some, long-term savings are often more favourable, which is why it’s best to always check the rates applicable to your situation. At the end of the day, the needs and preferences for you as the customer will determine if this brand is right for you. If it’s a strong, reputable and reliable LPG plan you are after, then Origin’s LPG plans may be for you. But, if you are seeking the cheapest market offer and have access to more than one provider in your area, you may want to shop around and compare.

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