Baby Jogger Strollers Review & Guide

Having a baby is an exciting and busy time – but it doesn’t mean you have to completely change your lifestyle, especially when it comes to exercise.

Baby Jogger was created by a father who wanted a stroller that could handle long distances and different types of surfaces. While not all the strollers can be used for jogging, the range does cover a broad spectrum of terrains and uses. The brand also includes a number of accessories including second seat attachments, rain canopies, bench seats, shopping totes and weather shields.

If price is a major factor in your search for the perfect stroller, it’s important to keep in mind that Baby Jogger is a rather premium brand with premium prices. While stroller accessories like rain canopies are available from $14, its strollers can cost more than $1,000. But perhaps it’s a price worth paying? To help you see what all the fuss is about, we’ve listed two different strollers available at different price points.

Types of Baby Jogger Products

From portable baby carriers to travel-friendly strollers, Baby Jogger offers a wide selection of products to suit a range of lifestyle needs. These include:

  • City Select
  • City Select Lux
  • City Mini
  • City Mini Double
  • City Mini 4-Wheel
  • City Mini GT
  • City Mini GT Double
  • City Elite
  • Summit X3
  • City Premier
  • City Tour
  • City Mini Zip
  • City Tour Lux
  • City GO Baby Capsule

Baby Jogger City Select

The City Select is described as Baby Jogger’s most versatile stroller. Claimed to suit a broad range of terrains and long distances due to its forever-air rear tires, the City Select is also said to provide multiple recline positions and has more than 16 configurations. These include front facing, parent facing and sibling facing. If you’re a parent to twins, a second seat kit can be added to make a double stroller. The Glider Board from the Baby Jogger range can also be attached to hold a third child. But these accessories are sold separately and will come at an extra cost.

Folding is apparently made easy due to the quick-fold technology. It can be secured in place to store or transport around. The stroller also includes a SPF 50+ sun canopy, as well as a peek-a-boo window so you can quickly check on your child and protect them from the elements. The canopy can be adjusted to different head heights and multiple positions to suit your little one. The handlebar can be similarly adjusted to your height, with a hand-operated parking brake also available.

The City Select can carry up to 20.5kg per seat. The stroller is available in various colours including charcoal, cobalt, sand, black, red and teal.

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

Usually valued at $1,295, the convertible stroller can transform into a single to a double and has more than 20 configurations. Similar to the City Select, a glider board can be added to make a triple stroller. The City Select Lux can be further customised to allow an older child to catch a ride by adding a bench seat, which is usually an extra $139.95. When folded, the stroller automatically locks and is 30% smaller. The all-terrain stroller also features all-wheel suspension and a decelerating hand brake, which is said to add comfort and control.

The City Select Lux includes a 5-point stroller harness and can carry up to 20.5kg in each seat. Like the City Select, the all-terrain stroller is stated to feature large lightweight and durable wheels as well as locking front wheels. It also has a telescoping handlebar that can be adjusted to suit your height.

The City Lux can also transform into a travel system if you add a car seat adapter. This is available in various colours including slate, granite and port. Baby Bunting Stores also offer the stroller in taupe.

Baby Jogger City Mini

For parents constantly on-the-go, the City Mini from Baby Jogger may be the ideal stroller for you. Like with many of the items from the brand, folding the stroller is claimed to be so easy it basically folds itself. The auto-lock is also said to secure the stroller and keep it compact for storage or to transport around. Baby Jogger claims the City Mini can hold a child weighing up to 22.5kg.

The stroller features a retractable weather cover to protect the child from the elements, and an SPF 50+ sun canopy that can open to different positions. The City Mini also has two peak-a-boo windows so you can always keep an eye on your little one. The seat in the City Mini is similarly said to recline to a near flat position.

As you make your way around town, you can choose to set your front wheel to swivel mode for normal daily use. If you’re planning to walk long distances, you can alternatively choose to lock the front wheel.  If you have a compatible car seat adapter, the City Mini can turn into a travel system. The Bassinet accessory from the Baby Jogger range can similarly provide a travel system for babies.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double

 If you’re a parent to twins, the City Mini Double may be the ideal stroller for you. The everyday stroller can carry up to 22.5kg per seat. Each seat is said to recline to a near flat position, and features vents and a retractable weather cover. Similar to the other strollers available from the Baby Jogger range, the City Mini Double also includes a SPF 50+ sun canopy with two peak-a-boo windows that can be adjusted separately. The stroller is also stated to provide front wheel suspension. These front wheels can be set to either swivel for normal day-to-day use, or locked to suit long distances. But unlike other items in the City Mini line, the City Mini Double can’t be changed into a travel system.

Baby Jogger City Mini 4-Wheel

The 4-wheel design and dual front wheel suspension featured in the City Mini 4-Wheel is said to make this item the ideal stroller for busy families.

Despite weighing only 8kg, the City Mini 4-Wheel has the highest weight capacity in the City Mini collection at 28kg. Like the other strollers in the Baby Jogger range, the seat is said to recline to a near flat position. It also includes a retractable weather cover and vents so you can take your child out for a walk in rain or shine. The front wheels can similarly be set to swivel for average daily use, or locked to suit long distances.

The everyday stroller from Baby Jogger can be transformed into a travel system by using a compatible car seat adapter. A similar system can be made to suit the smallest members in the family, with baby bassinets available for an additional cost.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

If you’re tired of clumsily fiddling with the stroller every time you pack up, the City Mini GT Single features a quick-fold technology which is stated to help you fold the stroller in one step, as well as a removable easy-lock to keep the stroller folded. This usually costs around $799.

The addition of a hand-operated parking break and all-terrain wheels is claimed to allow you to try more adventurous walks while still providing some level of control. The stroller also comes with an adjustable handlebar, so everyone can take turns taking the little one outside. There might also be no need to keep the walk short due to the front wheel suspension on the swivel front wheel, which is claimed to suit long distances. And like Baby Jogger’s other strollers, the City Mini GT Single has room in the compartment at the back to store a few things you may need while you’re out.

To keep the child safe and snug, the stroller has an adjustable five-point safety harness with shoulder pads and a buckle cover. There is similarly a UV 50+ protection canopy to guard the child from risk of sun damage.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

Do you feel like you’re in a losing battle with a wayward stroller? Well, Baby Jogger claims the City Mini GT Double’s features will keep you in the driver’s seat. The combination of all-terrain wheels and front-wheel suspension is said help you manage the stroller. The model also includes a handlebar which can be adjusted to suit a range of heights, and a hand-operated parking brake stated to ensure the controls are in convenient reach.

Baby Jogger City Elite

Described as an SUV of the stroller world, the City Elite is stated to be the ideal buy for off-road strolling. The one-seater features a rather generous 34kg weight capacity and large tyres claimed to suit all types of terrain. The City Elite has the same quick-fold technology found in many of the Baby Jogger strollers, and can be transformed into a travels system with a compatible car seat adapter.

Baby Jogger Summit X3

The Summit X3 is labelled as a hybrid/jogger hybrid. Designed for active mums and dads, the all-wheel suspension is said to help the stroller survive working over all types of terrains. The remote wheel lock on the handlebar is also stated to allow you to alternate between swivel and locked mode. The jogging stroller, which is stated to carry up to 34kg, can transform into a travel system with a compatible car seat adapter.

Baby Jogger City Premier

The City Premier stroller may be an ideal option for parents who want to take their little one on their daily jog.

It features four-wheel suspension and all-terrain wheels, which is claimed to maintain a smooth journey whatever the surface. Its apparent quick-fold technology also means the City Premier folds inwards with the press of a button, locking automatically to help the fabric stay clean. The stroller can be folded with the seat on, either forward -facing or parent-facing. Baby Jogger also insists it can be configured five ways. This includes shifting the stroller between front facing and parent facing mode, transforming the City Premier into a car seat, or adding the bassinet to adapt the product to into something more baby friendly. You can similarly attach the Baby Jogger Glider Board to allow an older child catch a ride.

The seat on the City Premier is claimed to suit children from the age of 6 months. Although the child might be able to continue using the stroller for longer as the seat is apparently designed wider and longer than other strollers. It also has a weight capacity of 22kg.

Baby Jogger City Tour

For families who love to take trips, the City Tour might be the ideal travel buddy. Weighing at 6.5kg and measuring 56cm x 23cm x 45cm when folded, the stroller meets the carry-on requirements for different types of transport. The rubber handlebar is also said to help you keep a better grip while you’re out.

Like many of Baby Jogger’s other strollers, the City Tour features the SPF 50+ Canopy which can be adjusted to open 3 ways. It also includes a peek-a-boo window and a mesh fabric to allow for extra ventilation on warm days. Unlike the City Mini GT and City Select Lux, this stroller is not suitable for all types of terrain. Although the front wheels can be similarly set to swivel mode for daily strolling, or locked for long distances.

The Baby Jogger City Stroller can carry a child weighing up to 20.5kg.

Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

The Baby Jogger City Mini Zip is claimed to offer parents a compact stroller, apparently folding up to 50% smaller than the average umbrella stroller. This 7.3kg everyday stroller could be an alternative to the City Tour, especially with a higher weight capacity of 25kg.

Baby Jogger City Tour Lux

The City Tour LUX is one of Baby Jogger’s compact strollers, designed to carry newborns and adapt as they grow. From infant car seat to a bassinet, this stroller can be configured in five ways. Other options include using the stroller as parent facing or forward facing, or attaching a glider board to accommodate older children.

The City Tour Lux can be placed into a carry-on bag, which can be stored in the zip pouch under the basket seat of the stroller when not in use. Unlike the bassinets customised for other Baby Jogger models, the bassinet for this particular stroller is foldable.

Like the other strollers available from the Baby Jogger range, the City Tour Lux features the SPF 50+ canopy which can be adjusted to open 3 ways. It similarly includes a peak-a-boo window and mesh fabric to give the child more airflow during warmer weather. The stroller also has a parking brake and a rubber handlebar, which is said to add greater grip.

Baby Jogger City GO Baby Capsule

The City Go Baby Capsule connects to a range of the strollers available from Baby Jogger, and can similarly attach to the car as a travel system for newborns and children aged up to 12 months. If you’re travelling interstate or overseas, this portable rear-facing capsule is said to be suitable for airplane use. The capsule can be installed using the ISOFX Compatible Connection System or the belt lock-off for your seatbelt. The dual bubble level indicators in place may assist with the installation.

Should I run out to get a Baby Jogger stroller?

Whether you’re taking your newborn for a morning jog or preparing for a big trip with kids of varying ages, Baby Jogger strollers are designed to cater to a range of needs. If you’re searching for a stroller to match your active lifestyle, Baby Jogger features a number of strollers designed to survive long distances and various types of terrain. The collection also aims to take kids from the bassinet to the stroller as the generous weight capacity and multiple configuration options apparently allow the child to continue using the stroller as they grow older.

The range of Baby Jogger products include the City Select, City Select Lux, City Mini, City Mini Double, City Mini 4-Wheel, City Mini GT, City Mini GT Double, City Elite, Summit X3, City Premier, City Tour, City Mini Zip, City Tour Lux and the City GO Baby Capsule. Baby Jogger also offers customised accessories to match every type of stroller available from the brand. These include bassinets, second seat attachments, rain canopies, bench seats, shopping totes and weather shields.

The all-terrain strollers, including the City Select Lux and City Mini GT, may be ideal for families looking to venture off the beaten path and need a stroller capable of withstanding all types of surfaces. Many of these strollers come with features that focus on handling and steering, including rubber handlebars and hand-operated parking brakes. Other strollers in the Baby Jogger series utilise the company’s quick-fold technology and offer parents lightweight and compact travelling options, some of which are suitable as carry-on.

If you’re still unsure whether a Baby Jogger stroller is right for you, keep checking out Canstar Blue’s website for plenty of ratings and reviews to help you decide.

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