ALDI forced to cancel snow gear Special Buys

ALDI forced to cancel snow gear Special Buys due to supply chain issues

ALDI has cancelled its annual snow gear Special Buys sale, citing supply chain issues for the decision.

The budget supermarket’s ski gear sale is typically held in May and is arguably the most popular Special Buys event of the year. The sale attracts huge crowds nationally, with shoppers typically lining up outside stores before the sale kicks off.

ALDI shared the news in a statement on social media, calling the cancellation of the 2022 winter sale a ‘difficult decision’.

“We know many customers look forward to our annual Snow Gear Special Buys and we are disappointed to share it will not be in stores this year,” the statement read.

“Due to supply chain issues that have impacted retailers across the country, our priority has been ensuring essential grocery items are available on shelves. Deep disruption in our supply chains over a number of months has meant that we have needed to make difficult decisions to make sure grocery is prioritised, and the removal of this year’s Snow Gear Special Buys was a hard, but responsible option.

“We know the Snow Gear is a much anticipated Special Buys event. It is never our intention to cause disappointment, but we hope our customers understand the need to prioritise essentials in a time that has been a logistical challenge.”

Supply chain issues spurred by the pandemic and now global conflict, have impacted supermarkets all across Australia, with essential grocery items running low and buying limits still in place.

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