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Barbeques Galore promises everything to get your barbecue on, no matter what kind of grill you go for. The company’s own label barbecues keep things simple – but do they hit the spot? Find out with this Canstar Blue review of Beefmaster barbecues.

The Barbeques Galore Beefmaster brand covers just two types of barbecues – freestanding BBQs on wheeled carts and BBQs designed to build into permanent outdoor kitchen installations. In both types, Beefmaster offers a choice of four or six burner models. Beyond this, however, there isn’t a whole lot of variety. Let’s explore what the Barbeques Galore Beefmaster range can offer to your backyard.

Barbeques Galore Freestanding BBQs

Barbecues Galore Freestanding BBQs

Beefmaster offers three different freestanding barbecues mounted on wheeled carts. The four castor wheels mean that there is no lifting involved in moving your barbecue, while the locks on two of the wheels make sure it doesn’t roll away. All Beefmaster freestanding barbecues include the following features:

  • Cast iron burners
  • Side burner
  • Flame thrower ignition
  • Chrome plated steel warming rack
  • Temperature gauge
  • LP as standard, with the option to convert to natural gas

Beefmaster 4 Burner on Cart with Side Burner

The in this model is made from vitreous enamelled steel, while the cart body is powder coated steel, both in a black finish. The centre section where the controls and side shelves are housed have a silver stainless steel finish, along with the hood and cabinet handles. Looking under the hood, the cooking grill is made from matt vitreous enamelled cast iron, while the grease tray is galvanised steel.

Premium Beefmaster 4 Burner on Cart with Side Burner

A step up from the standard 4 burner, this model has a completely stainless steel exterior. The hood is a touch-safe double skinned design, with a stainless steel outer layer and aluminised steel inner, featuring a viewing window so you can check your cooking progress without letting out the heat. The vitreous enamelled cast iron hotplate and grill are easy to clean.

Premium Beefmaster 6 Burner on Cart with Side Burner

This model is exactly the same as the Premium Beefmaster 4 Burner on Cart with Side Burner – it just expands your cooking capacity to six burners. The 6 burner is for getting some serious sizzle going for large parties or gatherings.

Barbeques Galore Build-In BBQs

Barbecues Galore Build-In BBQs

Beefmaster offers three different build-in barbecue models. These BBQs are designed to be installed permanently into your custom outdoor kitchen for a fully integrated outdoor entertaining design. The Beefmaster build-in BBQs all include the following features:

  • Cast iron burners
  • Flame thrower ignition
  • Galvanised steel grease tray
  • Chrome plated steel warming rack
  • Vitreous enamelled cast iron hotplate and grill
  • Internal gas cylinder storage

Beefmaster 4 Build-In Q Series

The black finish on the Q Series roasting hood is black enamel, for a bold look. This build-in model also includes a powder coated steel side shelf to build into your outdoor kitchen.

Premium Beefmaster 4 Burner Build-In

Instead of black, the Premium Beefmaster barbecues have a fully stainless steel exterior. The roasting hood is a touch-safe double skinned design, with an aluminised inner layer beneath the stainless steel exterior layer. Your perfect cooking temperature is easier to maintain while still keeping an eye on your cooking progress, through the thermal glass roasting window.

Premium Beefmaster 6 Burner Build-In

As with the 4 Burner model, this barbecue has a touch-safe double skinned roasting hood with a thermal glass roasting window. Kicking up your cooking capacity to six burners makes it easier to feed larger (or hungrier) families or gatherings.

Is a Barbeques Galore Beefmaster your next BBQ?

Beefmaster is a simple range of everyday backyard barbecues. If you’re looking for something compact and portable, such as for camping, Beefmaster isn’t the barbecue brand for you. Looking to the other end of the barbecues market, you also won’t be able to find any high-end sophisticated pieces with designer price tags. Barbeques Galore Beefmaster products are simply solid hooded BBQs for a movable or fixed setup in your backyard.

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