About Bradford Solar

Bradford Solar is an Australian solar power company owned by CSR, one of the nation’s oldest construction materials companies. Bradford provides solar power solutions nationwide, including rooftop power panels, solar hot water systems and inverters.

Its history

Bradford is one of several sub-brands operated by CSR, which itself is a provider of many different building products for both residential and commercial construction. The company operates across Australia and New Zealand, having been established way back in 1955 as the Colonial Sugar Refining Company. As its original name suggests, CSR began as a refiner of Australian sugar cane products and continued this all the way up to 2010.

However, the company began diversifying into building products halfway through the 20th century, and eventually sold its original sugar and ethanol business five years ago to focus on products such as insulation, plasterboard, concrete and construction materials. CSR acquired Bradford Insulation in 1959, which eventually expanded into the Bradford Solar company we know today.

What it does

Bradford offers cost-competitive rooftop solar power systems and solar hot water heaters, as well as accompanying inverter systems. One of the company’s unique products is its carbonTRACK control system. CarbonTRACK consists of a microcontroller installed into your home, which monitors your solar energy generation and household energy usage. It connects to and controls power-hungry appliances such as hot water, heating and cooling, allowing you to turn these on when solar power is being generated and off during peak times.

Furthermore, the carbonTRACK box has an internal sim card which constantly sends data to the company’s servers to monitor and improve the efficiency of your power systems. Best of all, it comes with a comprehensive mobile and web app that lets you visualise your energy use and set when your appliances turn on and off to optimise your electricity use.