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10 Most Expensive Appliances to Run at Home

With the end of financial year fast approaching, many Australians may be looking to update some of their home appliances.

Whether it’s a heater or refrigerator on the wish list, consumers may be swayed by a EOFY bargain, but is the upfront cost the most important consideration when shopping around?

It comes after new Canstar Blue research uncovered 10 of the most expensive appliances to run, with electricity costs potentially adding hundreds to power bills every quarter.

Here are 10 of the most expensive appliances to run at your home (per quarter):

  1. Pool heater (heat pump): $600
  2. Air conditioner (ducted): $396
  3. Underfloor heating (living): $142
  4. Pool pump: $132
  5. Spa: $119
  6. Heater (large – fan/radiator): $95
  7. Refrigerator (new – 650 Litre): $54
  8. Freezer (new – 400 Litre): $42
  9. Dishwasher: $32
  10. Clothes Dryer: $26

Graph of 10 most expensive appliances to run

Megan Birot, Home & Lifestyle Editor at Canstar Blue, said before purchasing a new appliance to think about the running costs, as a cheaper upfront price tag doesn’t always equate to overall value.

“Whether you’re buying a heater or air conditioner, keep in mind that a cheap appliance isn’t always a good deal when considering ongoing energy costs over its lifespan,” she said.

“Saving a few bucks upfront won’t do you any good if you end up with a power guzzler that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to keep on. Be sure to always consider the price of an appliance alongside features, expected lifespan, and energy efficiency.”

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