How to get free Kayo for a year with Alinta Energy


Alinta Energy has released a new electricity deal tailored to sporting fans, with the introduction of the ‘Sports Pack Energy Plan’.

The electricity and gas retailer has teamed up with online streaming service Kayo to offer new customers a complimentary subscription for up to a year.

At a time when customer loyalty is paramount for energy providers, this latest deal could be a point of difference for households in market for a new deal, particularly with football finals around the corner.

Alinta Energy claims the partnership with Kayo is all about providing new and existing customers with additional value and benefits.

Customers on the Alinta Sports Pack Energy Plan will enjoy streaming of over 50 sports on Kayo’s Basic Subscription, a product normally valued at $25 per month.

To be eligible, customers will need to remain on an applicable Sports Pack Energy Plan for natural gas or electricity, depending on location. The deal is available to residential power customers across New South Wales, south east Queensland and South Australia.

Customers signing up to the plan will need an internet connection that supports Kayo streaming, an active email address, and a valid credit card will also be needed to sign up through the Kayo portal. For full terms and conditions, customers will need to refer to Alinta Energy’s website.

Is Alinta’s Sports Pack Energy Plan worth it?

Whether it’s watching football, cricket or surfing, sports fanatics will undoubtedly get the most value out of Alinta’s new product offering. With a monthly streaming subscription up for grabs, residential customers stand to pocket up to $300 a year in savings, provided that they meet Alinta’s eligibility criteria for the plan.

Canstar Blue Editor-in-Chief, Simon Downes, said that niche offerings like Alinta’s Sports Pack Energy Plan can offer great value, so long as customers are going to use the streaming platform.

“We’ve seen telco providers offer deals like this for years now, but this is a change when it comes to energy retail and a good sign that the retailers are starting to think outside the box for more creative ways to attract and retain customers.

“Since the recent energy reforms, we’ve seen the difference in pricing between retailers reduce, so these sorts of sign-up incentives are going to become a more notable selling point for consumers to consider. But just make sure the bonus feature is something you’ll actually use!

“However, it’s still hugely important to review the specific energy rates you’re paying, because there is no point having a great value-add benefit if you’re paying more than you should in base pricing.”

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