Best hot water bottle top 10

Top 10 hot water bottles to buy this winter

Curling up in bed in winter and binge watching your favourite Netflix shows is even better when you have a cute water bottle in there with you to keep you nice and warm. In fact, it’s by far the quickest and cheapest way to stay cosy on those cold days. It’s as easy as filling up your flask with hot water and placing it under the covers for a few minutes. If you’re thinking you need one in your life, we’ve rounded up some of the best hot water bottles you could buy this winter.

What is a hot water bottle?

A hot water bottle, as the name suggests, is a bottle usually made of rubber or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) that you can fill up with hot water and seal with a stopper. It can be placed in your bed, on the couch or wherever you’re comfortable to provide warmth. It also works to relieve pain and discomfort with a local application. A heat pack works much the same way and has a heating pad you can warm in the microwave. Microwavable heating packs are typically made of thick insulative fabric (i.e. flannel, plastic) and filled with grains like wheat, buckwheat or flax seeds.

How much do hot water bottles cost?

Water bottles generally cost between $10 and $50 for branded and top-of-range options. Their prices are mostly determined by the size of the bottle insert, with small, medium and large sizes available online and from most retailers.

Top 10 best water bottles

Top 10 hot water bottles to buy for winter

With so many options to choose from, check out our hot picks for some shopping inspiration:

  1. Heat Me Ups 2L Hot Water Bottle: $6.50 RRP*
  2. Moxie Mini Hot Water Bottle ‘The Snuggle is Real’: $18.95 RRP*
  3. Morgan & Finch Dash Hot Water Bottle: $24.95 RRP*
  4. NRL Team Hot Water Bottle: $29.99 RRP*
  5. Amara Faux Fur Cover: $34.95 RRP*
  6. 2L Hot Water Bottle Knitted Cover: $35.69 RRP*
  7. Mumbles Giraffe Hot Water Bottle Cover: $39.25 RRP*
  8. Waterlily Heat Pillow: $39.95 RRP*
  9. Hugo Frosch Hot Water Bottle in Luxury Fleece Cover: $40.95 RRP*
  10. Tonic Deluxe Vegan Fur Hot Water Bottle: $50 RRP*

Best Kmart hot water bottle

Heat Me Ups 2L Hot Water Bottle ─ $6.50 RRP*

This hot water bottle from Kmart is made of high-quality rubber with superior construction to retain heat and also has a ribbed surface to control heat release. It has a 2L capacity and is designed to be filled at a maximum of two-thirds capacity or less.

Best Moxie hot water bottle

Moxie Mini Hot Water Bottle ‘The Snuggle is Real’ ─ $18.95 RRP*

Hugs make everything better, and so does the cute embroidery on Moxie’s hot water bottles. The Snuggle is Real design is available from the brand’s website and comes with your standard rubber insert and removable knitted outer cover. It holds approximately a cup of water and is perfect for travel, work or on the go, thanks to its mini size which measures 22cm x 13.5cm. The Let’s Snuggle design is alternatively available.

Best Bed Bath N' Table hot water bottle

Morgan & Finch Dash Hot Water Bottle ─ $24.95 RRP*

Looking for the perfect companion for those cold, winter nights? Dressed in a removable knit cover, this Morgan & Finch hot water bottle from Bed Bath N’ Table features adorable embroidered dog motifs and a roll-neck detail and has a natural rubber water bottle insert. Who wouldn’t want to get their paws on this?

Dick Smith hot water bottles

NRL Team Hot Water Bottle ─ $29.99 RRP*

Dick Smith sells a few NRL and AFL hot water bottles for fans, with the official merchandise costing around $30. The NRL range comes with a 2L capacity and ribbed water bottle surface to control the release of heat. It includes both a hot water bottle and a cover with your favourite team’s colours and logo.

Best Temple & Webster hot water bottle

Amara Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle ─ $34.95 RRP*

This hot water bottle from Temple & Webster is made of natural rubber and comes with a soft plush leopard print cover that is machine washable. It has a 2L capacity which means it should keep heat longer.

Catch water bottles

2L Hot Water Bottle Knitted Cover ─ $35.69 RRP*

Online marketplace Catch offers plenty of water bottles and water bottle covers to suit most budgets, including this 2L option sold by SimplyStation. It’s available in a wide variety of styles and colours, and is said to have a higher price tag due to the supposedly environmentally-friendly material. The material is also said to prevent the product from having a pungent smell.


Kogan hot water bottles

Mumbles Giraffe Hot Water Bottle Cover ─ $39.25 RRP*

Kogan has a variety of brands to choose from, whether you’re looking for a cheap, basic water bottle or something that sports your favorite footy team.  There are also cute covers like this, which have a tear release and rear access design. It fits a 2L bottle (not included). The product comes with a warning to avoid keeping the hot water bottle directly on the skin for a prolonged time.

Peter Alexander heat pillows

Waterlily Heat Pillow ─ $39.95 RRP*

Ok, so this is not a water bottle, but better. This heat pillow from Peter Alexander is everything you need for a good night’s rest during the colder months. This includes a lavender and barley inner pocket to delight your senses and a waterlily print side and sateen reverse side.

Best German Manicure Set hot water bottle

Hugo Frosch Hot Water Bottle In Luxury Fleece Cover ─ $40.95 RRP*

This retro Hugo Frosch hot water bottle from German Manicure Sets was manufactured in the land of Oktoberfest, using only the latest technological advancements and materials. It’s made from high-grade thermoplastic, with a luxurious double fleece cream cover, featuring a contrast giraffe embroidery. This model comes with a two-year water tightness guarantee.

Myer vegan hot water bottle

Tonic Deluxe Vegan Fur Hot Water Bottle ─ $50 RRP*

Myer offers a few vegan-friendly products to keep warm, including hot water bottles and heat pillows from Tonic. This hot water bottle contains a faux fur cover and a 2L natural rubber insert. Different colours available include Dusty Rose (pictured), Smokey Grey and Caramel Cream.

Hot water bottle dos and don’ts

Do Don’t
Examine your hot water bottle for any signs of damage or wear and tear before you fill it up Sit, lie on top of or put pressure on your hot water bottle
Let hot water cool down for a few minutes before filling up your flask Fill your hot water bottle with boiling water or scalding hot tap water
Remember to screw the stopper properly to avoid leaks Use hot water bottles where babies or children may come into contact with them
Use a hot water bottle cover or wrap to prevent contact with the skin Wash your rubber hot water bottle inserts in the washing machine or dishwasher
Make sure your water bottle is completely dry inside before putting it away Fill your hot water bottle over the maximum of two-thirds capacity

How long does a hot water bottle stay warm?

How long is a piece of string? Generally speaking, a hot water bottle should stay warm for at least 30 minutes or more. This will depend on what material it’s made of, its water capacity, the room temperature, where you choose to place it, etc.

How to use hot water bottles

How often should I replace a hot water bottle?

The ACCC recommends replacing your hot water bottle every year because rubber does deteriorate over time, although PVC options tend to be more durable. All hot water bottles sold in Australia are marked with a ‘daisy wheel’ date, which indicates the date the bottle was manufactured, so you’ll know when it’s time to replace it.

Are hot water bottles dangerous?

Hot water bottles can cause serious burns if they burst or leak, which is why it’s important not to use boiling hot water in them. They could also cause flushing if placed directly on the skin, but this usually disappears quickly. You should also never use a hot water bottle where babies or children may come into contact with them.

All hot water bottles sold in Australia require testing to meet the mandatory standards set out in the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) Hot Water Bottles Regulations 2008. This includes requirements for structural integrity, labelling, stopper leakage, the strength of seams and pressure resistance tests.

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*Prices are taken from respective retailers and correct as of March 2022.

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