Optus vs Amaysim: Where to get the best deal?


Whether you’re about to finish a 24 month contract, or just looking for a bit of extra value, looking into a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) could yield some exciting results. One such service provider is Amaysim – in fact it’s one of the biggest and most popular ‘piggybacking’ phone carriers in Australia and operates on the Optus 4G Network. This then begs the question, who offers the best value? Amaysim or its phone network landlord?

So if you’re considering a switch, or just looking for the best value you can find, join us for our review of phone plans from Optus and the biggest little provider that uses its network, Amaysim.


Amaysim or Optus – What’s on Offer?

Amaysim is one of the leading MVNOs in Australia, and one of Canstar Blue’s multiple award winners, having topped both our prepaid and postpaid mobile reviews over many years. So it produces some pretty satisfied customers, but what do customers love?

Most of us know about Optus and its large range of plans. Optus is a full service provider, meaning it offers anything from prepaid plans to the hottest handset bundles. For the purpose of comparison, Optus plans compared to Amaysim will comprise of prepaid and postpaid plans, with handset bundles excluded. Benefits of Optus are:

  • Huge range of plans to choose from – there’s bound to be one out there for you
  • Optus has rights to English Premier League soccer through its Optus Sport channel, which is included in a lot of plans, or available from around $15 a month extra
  • Data-free Nat Geo streaming

However, to keep it on an even playing field with Amaysim, let’s just stick to Optus’ SIM-only postpaid plans. So let’s see what the two telcos have to offer, and which one reigns supreme.

Amaysim vs Optus: Postpaid Plans Compared

The first difference between Optus and Amaysim to point out is that, while Optus gives you the option of purchasing a new handset on its postpaid plans, Amaysim is purely a SIM-only service provider which doesn’t offer the latest and greatest smartphones as part of the deal. So if getting your hands on a new phone with a bundled mobile plan is a deal breaker for you, this was a very short and sweet comparison. However, to keep it on a more level playing field, let’s compare postpaid plans, keeping in mind that all of Amaysim’s plans can also be had on prepaid, too.

  • As far as barebones inclusions go, Amaysim tends to offer the superior value.
  • However, Optus regularly offers data bonuses when you sign up to a lot of plans
  • Optus also boasts some entertainment perks that could entice you over, such as EPL soccer coverage.

Plans $30 and Under Compared

Optus’ base plan comes in at $35, while Amaysim’s is $10. Keep in mind that Amaysim has billing periods over 28 days, which could work out to be more expensive over a year or so. Optus’ plan here is over 12 months, and is simply billed monthly. For this you get 6GB data as standard. So while Amaysim’s plan is $25 cheaper, Optus offers 5GB extra, plus data-free music streaming. Is that worth signing up for a year? It might be, until you realise that Amaysim offers a massive 10GB just under the same price. If you’re not fazed by 28-day billing periods or not getting your music data-free, Amaysim may be the way to go here.

$40 Plans Compared

In this price bracket, Optus seriously ramps up value if you’re willing to be put on a 12 month plan. For $45  you’ll get 50GB as standard on Optus’ currently-available Promo Plus plans. In comparison, Amaysim’s $40 plan offers 20GB of data.

Once again, Amaysim is let down by its 28-day deal. This may be good for budgeting, but works out to be more expensive over the month. Optus’ data-free music streaming, and Optus Sport, are also worth considering here.

Amaysim & Optus Prepaid Plans Compared

If prepaid is more your flavour, then you’ll be excited to know that you don’t have to sacrifice anything by opting to go with Amaysim. Optus’ plans are a bit different, however, so let’s get a rundown.

Plans $30 and Under Compared

Optus seems to have pretty competitive plans on the prepaid payment system, albeit over 28 days just like Amaysim. It even has a 10-day plan at this price point. In a little over a week you’ll pay $20, and get unlimited calls & texts plus a decent  12GB of data to use. Amaysim’s $20 plan includes 2.5GB of data, with no extra streaming features.

$40 Plans Compared

For $40 both providers seriously ramp up value, with Optus going the extra step and providing 30GB of data. However, the 30GB is for your first three recharges only, meaning after that you only get 20GB as standard, which takes the shine off a little bit. Is this bonus enough to sway you away from Amaysim’s 20GB as standard?

$50 Plans Compared

For 50 bones Optus ramps up the bonuses yet again, offering 50GB for your first three recharges. While you are free to not recharge and shop around after this, if you want to stick with Optus then expect your data allowance to drop to 30GB after three months, where as Amaysim’s $50 plan features 40GB as standard.

Optus or Amaysim: Who delivers the knockout punch?

The two heavyweights of the Optus network have been in a slugfest and they’re growing weary. With postpaid, it’s a knockout between data and price, with Amaysim occasionally coming out on top – but not so easily. The 28-day billing period means that you’re effectively getting a 13th billing period each year. However, across the prepaid plans, Optus offers much the same deal. With Optus be wary of data bonuses that may inflate a plan’s value beyond what it actually represents. While Amaysim may look a bit light on fringe benefits, what you do stand to receive is solid, gimmick-free data, calls and texts.

Whichever provider you decide to go with, you can rest assured you’re getting market-leading mobile phone value. Amaysim may sneak ahead of Optus in the straight up value stakes, but the green telco that likes to say “yes” is still very competitive in its pricing, bonuses and inclusions.

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