Bunnings New Collectables

Bunnings launches $10 LEGO-style collectables

Forget Little Shop and Ooshies! Hardware giant Bunnings has just announced a new collectables promotion for kids (and adults alike).

The five Building Block collectables will hit stores this week, with limited-edition LEGO-style toys up for grabs. The collectables will cost $10 each and will be available nationally, online and in-store.

The first of the series − a toy truck emblazoned with the Bunnings logo and colours − will be available for shoppers to collect from this Thursday (14 January). It’s described as a replica of ‘the quiet hero, always ensuring the shelves are fully stocked’. The truck comes complete with an opening door, headlights, plus a tiny registration plate (pictured).

Bunnings lego-style truck collectable

The hardware store is keeping hush on the other four collectable items, but it has confirmed it will release one new edition each month, until May 2021, while stocks last.

The collectables are an ‘add-on’ to the 168-piece LEGO-inspired Bunnings Block Warehouse (pictured below) currently available in stores. It is even fitted with a mini timber yarn and plant nursery, a mini sausage sizzle stand and hot dogs!

Bunnings Block Warehouse

“Each add-on will be a replica of features you can easily spot inside a Bunnings Warehouse so that customers can collect and build some of their favourite in-store features,” a Bunnings spokesperson said.

The Bunnings Block Warehouse can be purchased for $30, so collectors can complete their set. Limits will be placed on how many $10 collectables shoppers can buy in one visit.

Bunnings’ collectables promotion is a little different than those previously seen from supermarket chains like Woolworths and Coles, where shoppers would collect a freebie with each eligible $30 purchase.

Picture credits: Emagnetic, Shutterstock.com.

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