Top 10 Kmart Christmas buys in 2022

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As Christmas rolls around, you might find yourself a little short on ideas when it comes to your presents. Sure, you’ve got mum, dad, and your partner covered – but what about grandma? Or the office Secret Santa!? Don’t panic, Canstar Blue has you covered, with a short and sweet list of the best finds in Kmart for 2022. Among the goodies, you’ll find a selection of some cheap and cheerful pressies as well as a few splurges – but rest assured, each one is sure to bring a smile come Christmas day.

Top 10 best Christmas gifts from Kmart 2022

  1. DIY Bon Bon Set: $4 RRP*
  2. Cocktail & Shimmer Gift Set: $8.50 RRP*
  3. Pet Sets: $9 RRP*
  4. Cookie Christmas Candle: $10 RRP*
  5. Baking Mix With Skillet: $10 RRP*
  6. Festoon Lights: $15 RRP*
  7. Colour Pop Martini Glasses: $20 RRP*
  8. Hammock Chair: $29 RRP*
  9. Portable Floating Speaker: $35 RRP*
  10. Frozen Drink Maker: $45 RRP*

1. DIY Bon Bon Set ─ $4

Keeping it very cheap and cheerful indeed is this DIY bon bon set, which includes all the outer wrappings for you to create your own ‘pull apart’ fun – as well as the essential paper Christmas crowns. All you need to bring to the table are the treats inside!

2. Cocktail & Shimmer Gift Set ─ $8.50

Whether you’re gifting for a bubbles kind of person or a gin lover, this cocktail and shimmer gift set from Kmart has everything you need to elevate a Christmas drink to a serious bartender level. Play with flavours like grapefruit bellini, mango mimosa, blood orange, and elderflower, and then top it all off with an edible shimmer powder – truly magical.

3. Pet Sets ─ $9

Our furry little friends aren’t silly – they know when they are being left out! Avoid the side eye from Fido this year and get tails wagging with a Christmas gift box designed especially for pets. Whether you’re more of a cat person or a dog person, Kmart has you covered with a set for each. You can expect to find treat puzzles, plush toys, rope toys, fishing poles, balls, rubber squeakies, and more.

4. Cookie Christmas Sprinkles Candle ─ $10

Fill your house with the mouth-watering scent of fresh spiced biscuits, free from the flour explosion of a baking project. Kmart’s Christmas cookie candle features base notes of mixed cookies and sugarcane, complimented with the scents of vanilla and fresh cookie dough. It promises to keep your house smelling delicious, and even comes in a cute sprinkle-covered jar – perfect for filling with real cookies when the candle ends!

5. Baking Skillet With Treat Kit ─ $10

What could be better than a gift that keeps on giving? With this baking skillet (with a baking mix inside), you are the lucky winner of two gifts in one. First, choose from baking creations including an M&M brownie, Nutella pancake, Malteser cookie, or Toblerone brownie, then bake! When you’ve finished devouring your treat, you’re left with an adorable little cast iron skillet, so the baking fun can go on and on.

6. Festoon Lights ─ $15

Give any Christmas table a bright, festival vibe with these dreamy, string bulb lights. The set is five meters long and comes with 10 LED light bulbs, which glow a warm white. They can be used indoors or outdoors and just need a connection to mains power. Paired with a festive tablecloth, they can take your celebration into the evening.

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7. Colour Pop Martini Glasses ─ $20

Continuing with the theme of beautiful Christmas tables, Kmart is offering up a set of these stylish, art deco martini glasses. The glasses come in sets of four, sprayed in two colours, and are constructed with sturdy soda lime glass, providing extra security once the martinis start flowing. Each glass is dishwasher safe (yay!) giving you the additional gift of not having to wash up. Keep in mind that these glasses are sold out online, so make sure to use Kmart’s ‘Find in Store’ button to discover a stocked Kmart near you.

8. Hammock Chair ─ $29

There’s no better way to sit back and relax after a Christmas feast than with your own, personal, island luxury – a swinging hammock chair. This boho-style hammock is made with an iron frame, and a polyester cover, and has a rope attachment for easy hanging and some tassels to blow in the breeze. Best of all, there’s only room for one, so you can truly relax.

9. Portable Floating Speaker ─ $35

Kmart’s portable floating speaker lets you bring the party to the pool. The speaker is Bluetooth-enabled (keeping your phone nice and dry), has a runtime of four hours when played at 50% volume, a 5W output, and can carry over 10 metres. It also comes with a charging port, or a rechargeable battery, so you’re fully covered when it comes to DJ responsibilities.

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10. Frozen Drink Maker ─ $45

While hot chocolates may be the favourite over the pond, Australians know that cold drinks are the only way to beat the festive heat Down Under. Forget the overcrowded esky, Kmart has you covered with a frozen drink maker, ready to turn your favourite beverages artic in minutes (hello margaritas!). This machine comes with two shaved ice settings for creating slushies and snow cones, metallic blades, and a very-Christmassy red exterior.

Photo credit: Kmart.

*Prices are taken from Kmart, correct as of December 2022.

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