Dishwasher Pricing Guide

Whether you’re planning to take advantage of the discounts during the sales, or replacing a cooked appliance as soon as possible, buying a new dishwasher means spending some serious bucks. So, when is a dishwasher actually worth checking out? In this guide, we’ll serve up the prices you can expect to help you find the best dishwasher for your home and budget.

freestanding dishwasher prices guide australia

Freestanding Dishwasher Prices

Freestanding dishwashers generally costs between $400 and $2,000, or more for high-end models from major appliance brands like Smeg and LG. Retail prices will generally start from $600 to just over $700, but most models tend to cost closer to $1,000. If you’re looking for variety, it seems more brands are dishing up a few more freestanding options than any other type of dishwasher. Here’s a quick pricing guide:

Model Price
Seiki SC-1200AU6DWP Freestanding Dishwasher $399 (RRP)*
Westinghouse WSF6602WA Freestanding Dishwasher $799 (RRP)*
Dishlex DSF6206X Freestanding Dishwasher $1,069 (RRP)*
LG 15 Place QuadWash Dishwasher XD3A15NS $1,499 (RRP)*
Smeg Diamond Series Freestanding Dishwasher DWA6D15X $1,990 (RRP)*

*Prices taken from respective retailers and Appliances Online, correct as of February 2020.

benchtop table top dishwasher review australia

Benchtop (table top) Dishwasher Prices

Compared to other types of dishwashers, the selection of benchtop dishwashers currently available in Australia is as compact as the dishwashers themselves. Retail prices range between just below $250 for affordable models and can run closer towards $1,000 for higher end alternatives. The gap in cost means there’s usually an option to suit families with a smaller budget as well as those looking to spend a bit extra on a higher-end option. Here’s a quick pricing guide:

Model Price
Kogan Benchtop Dishwasher $239.99 (RRP)*
Omega ODW101W Benchtop Dishwasher $599 (RRP)*
ILVE IVDFS55 Benchtop Dishwasher $699 (RRP)*
Euro Appliances Dishwasher 60cm Fully INtegrated Stainless Steel EDS14PFINTD $975 (RRP)*

*Prices taken from respective retailers and Appliances Online, correct as of February 2020.

built-under underbench dishwasher prices

Built-under Dishwasher Prices

Built-under dishwashers typically come with a higher price tag, between $1,500 and just over $2,100. Cheaper underbench dishwashers usually provide up to 11 place settings, although there are models like the Bosch SMU46GS01A Serie 4 Under Bench Dishwasher and the Electrolux ESF8735RKX Under Bench Dishwasher which offer 14 place settings for less than the average starting retail price. Here’s a quick pricing guide:

Model Price
Electrolux ESF8735RKX Under Bench Dishwasher $1,199 (RRP)*
Miele 60cm Jubilee Under Bench Dishwasher G4930UBRWS $1,599 (RRP)*
Bosch SMP66MX02A Serie 6 Under Bench $1,599 (RRP)*
Smeg DWIFABNE-1 Under Bench Dishwasher $2,190 (RRP)*
Asko Under Bench Dishwasher DBI865IGXXL.S.AU $2,899 (RRP)*

*Prices taken from respective retailers and Appliances Online, correct as of February 2020.

semi-integrated dishwasher prices

Semi-integrated Dishwasher Prices

Semi-integrated dishwashers and fully-integrated dishwashers share many similarities with the built-under option, with the lack of a front cover being the main difference. The price range is generally the same, although there are a few more lower cost semi-integrated dishwashers available. Models start retailing from $900 and can reach up to $4,000, although higher-end models tend to vary closer to the $2,000 mark. But keep in mind that if you prefer to have an integrated dishwasher match your kitchen cabinetry, you’ll need to spend an additional amount for a personalised front door panel to be made. Here’s a quick pricing guide:

Model Price
Euromaid SI14BM Semi Integrated Dishwasher $899 (RRP)*
Omega OSI604 Semi Integrated Dishwasher $1,149 (RRP)*
Semi DWAI6315XT2 Semi Integrated Dishwasher $1,790 (RRP)*
Bosch SEMI88TS02A Serie 8 Semi Integrated Dishwasher $2,299 (RRP)*
V-ZUG Adora 60 SL Semi-Integrated Dishwasher GS60SLZGDIB 4108565202 $3,999 (RRP)*

*Prices taken from respective retailers and Appliances Online, correct as of February 2020.

fully-integrated dishwasher prices

Fully-integrated Dishwasher Prices

There are a variety of fully-integrated dishwashers available at different price points, catering to a wide range of budgets, starting from $800 and reaching up to $5,500. Compared to built-under dishwashers, this type of unit tends to offer extra space with usually 14 or 15 place settings. But you don’t necessarily need to spend big bucks for the bonus room. The Omega OFI10XKIT 60cm Compact Fully Integrated Dishwasher is one of the most affordable at $799 and includes six place settings. If you’re prepared to spend extra on building or renovating your dream kitchen, high end models like the Smeg STH903 Fully Integrated Dishwasher retail at nearer the $3,600 mark. Here’s a quick pricing guide:

Model Price
Omega OFI101XKIT Compact Fully Integrated Dishwasher $799 (RRP)*
DeLonghi DW654FI Fully-Integrated Dishwasher $1,199 (RRP)*
Fisher & Paykel DD90STI2 Fully Integrated DishDrawer Dishwasher $1,849 (RRP)*
Smeg STH903 Fully Integrated Dishwasher $3,550 (RRP)*
V-ZUG Adora Fully Integrated Heat Pump Dishwasher GS60SLZWPVI 4108265055 $5,499 (RRP)*

*Prices taken from respective retailers and Appliances Online, correct as of February 2020.

How much should I spend on a dishwasher?

So, how much should you be racking up when buying a dishwasher? Whether it’s dishwasher type, capacity, energy & water efficiency or special features like cutlery trays and adjustable racks, there’s plenty to think about when deciding which dishwasher is best for you. Are you sticking to a budget? Got a big family and need more than a few place settings? Planning on using services such as Afterpay for a helping hand?

Plus, while the price gap between the cheapest and most expensive models might be significant, don’t forget that the upfront retail cost doesn’t always mean greater functionality. For example, the Esatto EDW7W 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher, retailing for $599, has the same measurements and capacity as the Smeg DWA6314X Freestanding Dishwasher on sale for more than three times the price!

We hope this guide has been helpful in giving you an overview of what prices you can expect from the many different types of dishwashers.

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