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When temperatures plummet, sometimes the warm embrace of a hot choc and woolen socks isn’t enough to keep you toasty. That’s where heated throws come in. They can be the perfect companion to chill on the couch and provide heat without using too much energy. There are even heated blankets you can use specifically for outdoor spaces.

What’s the difference between a heated throw and an electric blanket?

Heated throws and electric blankets share the same purpose – that is to keep you warm and comfortable when it’s cold – but with some notable differences. Heated throws provide warmth and are also used as a decorative item − typically neatly ‘thrown’ on couches, sofas, or anywhere in the living room or home office for effect. Most people choose a heated throw in a colour or pattern that matches their home décor.

9 best heated throws to buy in 2022

Here are our top picks for some of the best heated throws & blankets to buy:

  1. Kmart Heated Throw: $44.99 RRP*
  2. Ovela Washable Plush Heated Throw Blanket (Kogan): $44.99 RRP*
  3. Dimplex Micro Fleece Heated Throw: $79.95 RRP*
  4. Sherpa & Fleece Reversible Heated Throw: $99 RRP*
  5. Kambrook Dream Weaver Reversible Heated Throw: $99 RRP*
  6. Sunbeam Feel Perfect Snug & Cosy Reversible Heated Throw: $109 RRP*
  7. Gainsborough Deluxe Heated Pink Faux Fur Blanket: $109 RRP*
  8. Beurer CosyNordic Heated Blanket: $139.95 RRP*
  9. Sunbeam Feel Perfect Faux Fur Heated Throw: $189 RRP*

Kmart Heated Throw − $39

Kmart Heated Throw

Keep yourself warm and cosy without breaking the bank with this Anko heated throw from Kmart. It features basic functionality like variable heat settings, a 12-hour timer control, a detachable controller, and overheat protection for peace of mind. This heated throw comes in grey and charcoal for all your neutral décor needs.

Ovela Washable Plush Heated Throw Blanket (Kogan) − $44.99

Kogan heated throw

This cheap and cheerful Ovela heated throw from Kogan has everything you need and more. It comes with nine heat settings, intelligent temperature controls up to 55°C, a digital LED display, and a nine-hour auto switch-off timer, plus overheating and overcurrent protection. It also has detachable wires which means you can turn it into a normal throw without heating. This Kogan heated throw is made of soft-to-the-touch microfleece and is machine washable. Need we say more?

Dimplex Micro Fleece Heated Throw − $79.95

Dimplex Micro Fleece Heated Throw

Dimplex offers up the Micro Fleece Heated Throw (DHDEHT) to keep you toasty in the cooler months. With six heat settings, detachable controls and automatic three-hour safety shut-off this blanket has your safety and comfort covered. What’s more, it comes with a two-year warranty ensuring that you can feel confident in your winter purchase. You can find this Dimplex heated throw at The Good Guys or Harvey Norman.

Sherpa & Fleece Reversible Heated Throw − $99

5. Sherpa & Fleece Reversible Heated Throw

This heated throw (DRMK1586) features a reversible pattern colourway with an olive green fleece and rusty orange sherpa texture. It also comes with nine adjustable heat settings, a detachable controller with an electronic LED display and a 210cm cord length for flexibility. This heated throw is machine-washable but not safe for tumble drying. This model is available to purchase from Temple & Webster.

Kambrook Dream Weaver Reversible Heated Throw − $99

Kambrook Dream Weaver Reversible Heated Throw

This Kambrook heated throw (KHT331NAV) features a fitted design and can fit a king-size bed, so you can sleep soundly without fighting with your partner over who gets the electric blanket. It comes with three heat settings, plus ThermoGuard overheat protection. This heated throw is made with non-woven polyester and is machine washable. This model is available to purchase from The Good Guys.

Sunbeam Feel Perfect, Snug and Cosy Reversible Heated Throw − $109

Sunbeam Feel Perfect, Snug and Cosy Reversible Heated Throw

For a comfy, tonal heated throw, check out this Sunbeam heated blanket (TRF4200) from Appliances Online. It’s made of 220g/m² microfleece and features six settings with fast heat-up and a safety switch. It’s also a budget buy from a premium brand like Sunbeam and is compatible with most decors. It’s said to be extra soft to the touch, so just keep the dogs or cats away from it.

Gainsborough Deluxe Heated Pink Faux Fur Blanket − $109

7. Gainsborough Deluxe Heated Pink Faux Fur Blanket

This fluffy Gainsborough faux fur heated throw would look plush anywhere in the house. It features nine heat temperature settings, a detachable controller with an easy-to-read electronic LED display, and an overheat and overcurrent safeguard system with a one to nine-hour safety auto-off function. It also comes with extra cord length and is machine washable. This model is available to purchase on Amazon Australia.

Beurer CosyNordic Heated Blanket − $139.95

Beurer Super Cosy Heated Throw

For a soft, snuggly and fuzz-free option, there’s this Beurer heated throw (HD75G-NORDIC). It’s made of breathable microfleece and features six temperature settings, an illuminated function display, a removable switch, and the Beurer safety system with patented electronic temperature regulation and an automatic switch-off after three hours. This model is available to purchase from Kogan.

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Faux Fur Heated Throw − $189

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Faux Fur Heated Throw

You can make cold days and nights a thing of the past with this Sunbeam faux fur heated throw (TRF4300) available from Betta Home Living or Harvey Norman. It features nine heat controls with fast heat-up, a detachable control, and comes in a one size fits all. This faux fur heated blanket is also machine washable.

Is a heated throw blanket worth it?

Yes! A heated throw can be your ultimate cosy winter accessory and snuggle buddy for winter. It can be used to curl up on the couch, heat your bed before you go to sleep or to keep on your lap while working from home, etc. This winter accessory is portable, and user-friendly, and comes with customised heat settings and safety features for peace of mind. It’s also much cheaper to buy and run than a portable heater. Win-win.

Features to look out for when buying a heated throw

Here are some of the main features and specs to look out for when shopping for a heated throw:

  • Size: Check the dimensions of your heated throw to ensure that it’s large enough for your needs. Size is usually displayed in centimetres or as a bed size (queen bed or king bed) measurement. Most heated throws are made to fit standard mattress sizes.
  • Material: Choosing the right material is important, especially if you’re prone to allergies and in which case you’ll want an antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabric, or if you don’t have a clothes dryer, in which case you’ll want something quick-drying. Heated throws come in various fabrics and materials including polyester, microfleece, wool, faux fur, and more.
  • Timer: Ensure your heated throw comes with a built-in timer for added safety. This allows you to turn on your heated blanket to reach your desired temperature (before bed usually) and have it automatically switch off after a few hours.
  • Dual-zone heating: This allows you to operate two sides of the heated throw at different temperatures. It’s not a standard feature but it’s a nice one to have if you share a bed with a partner who’s typically warmer or colder than you.
  • Overheat protection: This uses an internal safety thermostat to monitor your blanket’s temperature at all times and automatically turn it off if it becomes too hot.
  • Heat-up time: Check out how long your heated throw will take to reach your desired temperature. Some models may only take two to five minutes to heat up while others might take upwards of 10 minutes.
  • Machine washable: Not all heated throws are machine washable so be sure to check this before you buy one. Models you can wash in the washing machine will come with detachable electrical components.

Are heated throw blankets dangerous?

New electric blankets (and those under warranty) pose a minimal safety risk of fire or burns, with models featuring in-built safety features like overheat and overcurrent protection, auto shut-off, timers, etc. However, old, damaged, or electric blankets that are not used properly may be an electric shock or fire hazard and should be thrown out. Do not use heated blankets during pregnancy or with children left unattended.

Here are some extra safety tips from the ACCC to keep in mind:

  • Before use each year, check for exposed elements (i.e. wires), frayed cords, scorch marks, and that the blanket covering the wires isn’t worn out.
  • Don’t sleep with your heated throw, just heat the bed and then turn it off.
  • Don’t place heavy items on the electric blanket when it’s turned on.
  • Store your heated throw rolled up and not folded.

Do heated throw blankets use much electricity?

Heated throws consume very little energy; on average about $0.04 an hour to run, compared to conventional electric heaters like panel or convection heaters which can cost about $0.15 per hour to run. Heated blankets produce heating using insulated wires or heating elements inserted into the fabric that are powered by electrical current (when plugged in).

How much do heated throw blankets cost?

You can bag yourself a warm and cosy throw from as little as $25 or, you can splash out on a top-of-the-range model and spend up to $200. The size of the blanket, heating elements, adjustment range, and brand will all contribute to how much you end up paying.

Where can you buy heated throw blankets from?

You can buy heated throw blankets from retailers like Kmart, Target, The Good Guys, Appliances Online, Harvey Norman, Kogan, and Amazon, or homeware shops like Betta Home Living, Adairs, and Temple and Webster.

What is the best heated throw blanket to buy?

If you’re still tossing up which heated throw is right for your heating needs, personal preferences, or budget, check out our electric blankets ratings via the link below for more options and our buying guide.

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*Prices taken from respective retailers, correct as of March 2022.

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