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Sanctuary Energy Review and Rates


Sanctuary Energy is an electricity retailer that services home and businesses across New South Wales, South Australia and SE Queensland. Sanctuary Energy also works on energy project developments to help businesses and property developers save money through energy efficiency initiatives. Sanctuary Energy says it’s committed to environmental sustainability and endeavors to help all its customers reduce their environmental impact.

Some of the information on the Sanctuary Energy website currently appears to be out of date. Regardless, this article will fill you in on what there is to know about Sanctuary Energy, including what you can expect to pay.

What does Sanctuary Energy offer?

Sanctuary Energy only has Standing Offers at the time of writing. Standing offers generally don’t offer great value, due largely to their increased rates and lack of discounts. That said, they don’t include exit or signup fees, making it a flexible option for customers to come and go as they please. Sanctuary’s standing offer is available on either a flat rate or time of use tariff. Sanctuary Energy also has some relatively standard feed-in tariffs in Queensland and South Australia. However it does not offer feed-in tariffs in New South Wales according to its website.

How much can you expect to pay with Sanctuary Energy? The following estimated costs are based on three-person households living at a selected postcode in each state. Prices will vary depending on where you live, so use our price comparison tool above for quotes in your area.

Sanctuary Energy Plans Annual Cost Important
Standing Offer (NSW) $1,920.15 Basic Plan Information
Standing Offer (SA) $2,286.17 Basic Plan Information
Standing Offer (QLD) $1,866.20 Basic Plan Information

Costs based on annual usage calculations using statistics from AER for a three person household on the Energex, Ausgrid and SA Power Networks electricity networks respectively, December 2018.

Sanctuary Energy Fees

Fee schedules for retailers vary from state to state. In Queensland, Sanctuary will charge customers a dishonour fee for late payment of a cheque dishonour fee if a cheque bounces. In SA and NSW, customers may also be charged:

  • Credit Card payment fee
  • Late payment fee
  • Disconnection fee
  • Reconnection fee

The size of the fee vary depending on your distributor, so check your electricity retail contract and energy price fact sheet before signing up.

Customer Service with Sanctuary Energy

Small retailers like Sanctuary often struggle to match the buying and marketing power of the big utility companies, so they instead must rely on superior customer service to attract new business.

The Sanctuary Energy website provides plenty of energy saving tips, FAQs and rebate information. It also has a free call all-hour customer service line.

“Sanctuary Energy is committed to providing excellent customer service,” Sanctuary Energy states. “Our customer service team can help you with billing or payment enquiries, registration of special needs and referral to interpreter services.”

Sanctuary Energy Billing

Sanctuary Energy has plenty of ways for its customers to pay their energy bill, making the process as simple as possible.  Customers can pay using any of the below methods:

  • Direct debit
  • BPay
  • Credit card via phone
  • In person at an ANZ branch or agency
  • Direct funds transfer
  • Cheque via mail

The Sanctuary Energy website also says that customers can sign up to periodical payments in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments.

Is Sanctuary Energy right for me?

The Sanctuary Energy website is currently out of date, and by the looks of it, the retailer is not as competitive as some of the many other retailers out there. To reiterate, Sanctuary Energy only has Standing Offers. While these offers are flexible and safe from ‘gotcha clauses’, they are generally much more expensive than market offers. For this reason, it is difficult to see how Sanctuary Energy could offer customers cheaper electricity.

Before making a decision, it’s important to compare prices and check out reviews to see what customers are saying about a particular retailer. Get started with Canstar Blue’s electricity retailer customer satisfaction ratings.

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