Review of ghd hair straighteners

ghd is a UK-based company specialising in hair products including hair straighteners, hairdryers, curlers, hair care and hair brushes. Standing for ‘good hair day’, ghd is a popular brand amongst those who are really into hair styling.

The creators of ghd launched their first straightener in 2001 to such success that for the first two years, the company did not even feel the need to advertise its product. Its popularity spread rapidly by word of mouth and salon recommendations. And as our customer ratings show, the ghd straighteners are highly regarded by consumers.

With its ‘spirit of transformation’, the ghd brand is continuously innovating its products to stand out in the market, and the company is famous for its limited edition products, often releasing different colour versions of its products throughout the year.

What kind of hair straighteners does ghd produce?

There are three main types of hair straighteners that ghd produces, depending on the type of hair you are looking to style.

Product Name Product Information
ghd IV styler collection ·         For everyday styles

·         All hair types

ghd V gold series ·         Versatile styles available in 3 sizes

·         Mini: all hair types and popular choice for shorter hair

·         Classic: all hair types and lengths

·         Max: all hair types and popular choice for longer hair

ghd platinum® ·         Very frequent/daily styling

·         All hair types and lengths

·         Popular choice for hair that does not hold a style easily, coloured and chemically treated hair

Source: ghd website

The Most Affordable: ghd IV styler ghd IV styler

For an all-round straightener, the original ghd IV styler is a popular choice. The ceramic ghd IV styler with its round barrel gives you the ability to straighten, curl and create waves. It also features a sleep mode and universal voltage compatibility. It is suitable for all hair types and lengths.

  • RRP $190

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The Mid-Range: ghd V gold series

The ghd V gold series provides a variety of straighteners for different hair types. Gold Mini, Gold Classic and Gold Max all feature ceramic heaters and contoured plates, a lighter body compared to other ghd stylers and a sleep mode. The Gold Mini is designed for precision styling such as smoothing out fringes, kinks and straightening from the root. Its narrow plates can be useful for shorter hair. The Gold Classic is designed for all hair types and lengths. The Gold Max is an option for thick or very curly hair with its larger plates.

  • RRP: $270

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The Most Expensive: ghd platinum styler

ghd platinum styler

If you’re feeling guilty about straightening your hair daily, the ghd platinum styler, with heat resistance protective plates, may be a choice for you. The ghd platinum styler includes ghd’s ‘tri-zone’ technology, which uses three sensors in each plate for consistent heating from root to tip. It also features a wishbone hinge for plate alignment that allows better control for styling. The ghd platinum styler has a sleep mode and universal voltage compatibility. It’s also considered to be a popular option for coloured hair and hair types that are harder to style.

  • RRP $315

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Should I choose a ghd hair straightener?

The ghd is a strong competitor in the high-end market with a variety of popular features and results for hair. It’s a good idea to spend some time looking at reviews on each ghd hair straightener to find what will suit your hair type most. Each ghd straightener has specific design features targeted at different hair types and lengths. If you’re out for a high-end product, the ghd straightener is definitely one to keep in mind.

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