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Give your lawn a haircut with Masport lawn mowers

Home ownership is still a dream for many Australians. A house to call home – something that’s all yours, perched on a half or quarter acre block. That’s the dream, right? Until you look out to the lawn on a Sunday morning and realise it resembles more of a forest than something the kids can play on. Mowing a lawn is a fact of life for a lot of Australians, and at the best of times it can be a ‘Meh’ experience. We all want to make short work of cutting the grass, and a reliable, powerful lawn mower can be your best friend. This is where Masport mowers come in. With their range of mowers, many an Australian is sure to make light work of taming their lawn.

Are Masport mowers any good?

Founded in 1910 in New Zealand, Masport have a rich heritage of servicing Aussie lawns and have established themselves as one of the industry leaders. However, how do their mowers stack up?

lawnmower masport brandMasport President Series

As the name suggests, these mowers are the mac daddies that could make light work of your lawn. Manufactured for the ‘lawn enthusiast’, these mowers are made with the finest quality parts and are overall great value. The top-of-the-line President 1500, for example, features a 140cc Briggs and Stratton engine, with a 460mm-long chassis and a 4-blade disc system that makes grass catching a breeze due to the increased airflow. The President 1500 (pictured) has a hefty 6.8nM of torque and a 46.5L catcher, which will aid in making the lawn mowing experience as pain free as possible, and maybe somewhat fun.

For the type of person who actually seeks enjoyment out of mowing their lawn, this bad boy may be your best sidekick. Retailing for $499, the 1500 is at the higher-end of the mower range, but if you’re serious about grass, then the 1500 may be for you. Compare the rest of the President line up here:

Model Features Price (RRP)
President 500 420mm steel chassis, 125cc engine, 2-blade disc system, 4.1nM torque, 42L catcher $359
President 550 420mm steel chassis, 125cc engine, 2-blade disc system, mulching capable, 6.1nM torque, 42L catcher $399
President 1000 460mm steel chassis, 140cc engine, 2-blade disc system, 6.8nM torque, 46.5L catcher $479

Source: Masport website

silver series lawn mowerMasport Silver Series

A bit of a silver fox in Masport’s range of mowers, the Silver Series represents a great mid-range lawn mower line-up. Comparing these models might have you saying “Tally-ho, old sport,” in post-haste fashion.

The leader in the Silver Series line up is the 400 ST, retailing for $449. It features a 460mm-long steel chassis, a two-blade disc system for easy chopping and collecting and a 140cc engine. It also boasts 6.8nM of torque, and a 46.5L catcher. At a touch under $450 it’s one of the high-end models in the Silver Series range, and is sure to excite various mowing enthusiasts. If the 400 ST is not exciting you, then these other models in the Silver Series range might:

Model Features Price (RRP)
100 ST 420mm steel chassis, 125cc engine, 4.1nM torque, 42L catcher, 2-blade disc system $359
200 ST 420mm steel chassis, 125cc engine, 6.1nM torque, 42L catcher, 2-blade disc system $399
400 ST (model #564886) 460mm steel chassis, 125cc engine, 6.1nM torque, 46.5L catcher, 2-blade disc system $459

Source: Masport website

rear discharge mulch masport lawn mowerMasport’s other petrol mowers

Like the state of your lawn, these models are lone wolves and cannot be tamed. They don’t want to be pigeonholed into any one category, and instead exist all on their own. Though, with Masport’s pedigree behind them, you can be sure you’re getting great quality.

As the standout model in this range, the 625 ST packs a punch for not just mowing, but also mulching. At $469 it’s a high-end monster that’ll make those Sunday mornings not-so-grim. The main standout feature of the 625 is its mulching capability, and this is reflected in its hardy chassis. The chassis is made of heavy duty steel at a whopping 485mm in size. It features four blades to make light work of virtually anything you can chuck at it. It’s powered by a 140cc engine and packs in 6.8nM of torque. There is no stock catcher; that’s an optional accessory. If mulching isn’t in your itinerary, however, there is another model that may impress you even more.

The Utility 460 ST at $529 is one of the more expensive in Masport’s range, but it sure packs a punch. Featuring a heavy duty steel 460mm chassis, “under the hood” you’ll find four blades and a 150cc engine. It boasts a whopping 8.5nM of torque, which makes it a powerful pusher. There is no catcher; instead, grass is discharged out the side. If a no-bull, powerful mower is what you’re after then this monster may be for you. There are cheaper options, though; compare them in this quick breakdown:

Model Features Price (RRP)
100 ST 420mm steel chassis, 2-blade disc system, 125cc, 4.1nM torque, 42L catcher $449
Utility 460 ST 460mm heavy duty steel chassis, 2-blade disc system, 125cc, 4.1nM torque $449

Source: Masport website

electric lawn mowerMasport’s electric and hand mowers 

Say perhaps a petrol-powered mower makes you cringe at all the dolphins being killed, or if your budget doesn’t stretch to $500, then have you considered an electric or hand mower?

For $279, Masport’s electric mower is a great alternative to its petrol-powered cousins. It features a 1600 watt motor, a 420mm plastic chassis and a large 45L catcher. So, you’ll see that you don’t have to compromise too much when choosing this electric model.

For smaller yards or the budget-conscious, then a hand mower might be more work, but it is a viable alternative. With a 460mm steel chassis and a fabric catcher, Masport’s hand mower is great for those with a yard resembling more of a strip than a sprawling lawn. For $229, it’s significantly cheaper than powered models.

Is a Masport mower worth the money?

Choosing a mower is more than just going to the shop and choosing one at random. Before purchasing and researching, you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What kind of lawn do I have? Unless your apartment has a yard, then you probably won’t need a mower at all in this instance.
  • How often will I need to mow?
  • How much am I willing to spend?

The most immediate factor is how much you’re willing to spend. With many mowers over $300, Masport’s line up is not exactly cheap, but you are paying for quality and the brand’s integrity. Hence, you might see more value for money in one of Masport’s models as opposed to a cheap and cheerful model from your local department store. Overall, you will have to do some research on your own mowing needs to determine if a Masport mower is right for you.

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