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Masport Lawn Mower Review & Guide

Mowing the lawn can often be a gruelling weekend task, but standing back and admiring your work makes it all worth it, as the sleek lines and pristine cuts enough to make your neighbours jealous, provided you have the tools to do so. Finding a lawn mower brand and model that fits your lawn needs can be a tough ask, with not only plenty of lawn sizes found in Australia, but plenty of lawn mower brands as well. Masport has been a mainstay in the industry for years now, but how does the brand from across the ditch fair? Find out all you need to know about Masport lawn mowers in this Canstar Blue guide.

Masport Lawn Mowers

Founded across the ditch in New Zealand in 1910, Masport was originally building stationery engines for agricultural equipment, with the transition to mowing happening in the 1930s. Today the brand offers a wide variety of lawn and garden maintenance tools, including chippers, shredders, edgers and lawn mowers. Find out more about Masport’s range of lawn mowers below.

Masport Hand Mower

Masport Hand Mower

For those who prefer the simple things in life, or just have a few strips of lawn to take care of, the hand mower may be the option for you. The Masport Cleveland 18inch hand mower features cast alloy wheels and rubber tyres to help give you plenty of grip on the lawn, alongside a 6-blade cutting cylinder and fabric catcher. Other features include the T-style handles with cushion grips, as well as multiple cutting ranges to help give you the manicured look.

Masport Push Lawn Mowers

Masport Push Lawn Mower

The bulk of Masport’s range of lawn mowers, the humble push mower is available in a number of model series, including the Masport President, Platinum, Contractor, Pro Power, Utility, Lawn Marshal and Boxer, with a number of models available in each series.

The President is Masport’s flagship model, with the base model featuring a 16.5inch cutting width, 123cc engine, two-blade cutting system, 42L catcher and six cutting heights, while the mid-range 2000 model includes an 18inch cutting width, four-blade cutting system, self-propelled drive, mulching capabilities and eight cutting heights. The President 4000 InStart model features an electric start system, adjustable wheel bearings, four-blade cutting system, 150cc 4-stroke engine, 42L catcher, 19inch cutting width and 10 cutting heights.

The Platinum range also includes a number of models to suit your lawn needs and budget considerations, with the 200 model including a two-blade cutting system, 16.5inch cutting width, seven cutting heights, 42L catcher and mulching capabilities, while the top-of-the-line Platinum 750 includes a 190cc engine, reinforced lower handle for easier control, adjustable wheel bearings, 19inch cutting width, four-blade cutting system, 11 cutting heights and a heavy duty steel chassis.

The Masport Contractor range is suitable for those who are regularly out on the tools, and are built to handle consistent use. The entry-level ST S19 model features a 19inch cutting width, four-blade cutting system, mulching capabilities, adjustable wheel bearings, cast aluminium wheels, 11 cutting heights and soft grip handles, with the ST S21 model featuring a 21inch cutting width, variable speed self-propelled drive, blade brake clutch, four-blade cutting system, 80L catcher, 11 cutting heights and a reinforced lower handlebar for additional comfort.

The Pro Power series from Masport may be more expensive than some of its other models, but includes a number of features to potentially warrant such a price tag. The base model ST S21 Utility 850 model features a side discharge, 4-stroke engine, 21inch cutting width, four-blade cutting system as well as adjustable wheel bearings and fold-down handles for easier storage, while the AL S21 850 model includes ReadyStart capabilities, meaning no priming is required, alongside a 21inch cutting width, four-blade cutting system with an increased airflow to help with catching, aluminium chassis and variable speed self-propelled drive.

Other push mower models from Masport include the Boxer, which features a steel chassis, 18inch cutting width, 139cc engine, 46.5L catcher, mono-ball wheel bearings as well as 10 cutting heights and 4-stroke engine.

Masport Electric Lawn Mowers

Masport Electric Lawn Mower

Offering the Energy Flex, Power Flex and M-TECH ranges, Masport has a number of electric and battery-powered lawn mowers available. The Energy Flex range includes the ST S 18, which features a 42V lithium-ion battery – which provides up to 40 minutes of runtime – rear catcher and side discharge capabilities, adjustable mono-bearing wheels, soft-grip handles, 18inch cutting deck and two-blade cutting system. The Power Flex range includes the S19 model, which has mulching capabilities, heavy duty steel chassis, 19inch cutting width, two blade cutting system, 42V battery, 42L catcher, 11 cutting heights and soft grip handles.

The M-Tech range makes up the bulk of the electric mower range, including models from Masport’s President push mower range, as well as the 200, 450 and 625 ST models. The 200 ST lawn mower features a 58V internal battery, with the option to upgrade to a dual-battery, with up to 75 minutes of run time, a 16.5inch cutting width, two-blade cutting system, mulching capabilities, LED battery charge display and 42L catcher. If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line electric mower, the Masport President 2500 includes an 84V internal battery, 19inch cutting width, two-blade cutting system, soft grip handles, adjustable wheel bearings, 42L catcher and 11 cutting heights.

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Masport Ride-On Mowers

Masport Ride On Lawn Mower

Offering a number of ride-on models, Masport splits its range into side discharge and rear catcher models, along with a speciality range for those who have a rough terrain to deal with. The Side Discharge range makes up the bulk of the Masport ride-on series, including the Mini Rider, RER 3000, G3800, A4200, HVT4200 and the ZVT4800, giving you a few options to choose from if you’re looking to spread your grass clippings around rather than catch it. The Mini Rider features a 190cc engine, 24inch cutting deck, 6speed transmission as well as a pivoting front axle for easy steering. On the other end of the price scale, the ZVT4800 includes mulching capabilities, parking brake, 24HP two-cylinder engine, 19L fuel tank, 0cm turning radius, high back seat with arm rests and a 48inch cutting deck to help make short work of your yard.

The Rear Catcher Masport range includes the R7-65, S155 and S220, with the R7-65 featuring a 24inch cutting deck, hydrostatic drive, 130L catcher, anti-slip steering wheel and a 1.1L fuel tank. The S155 includes a 36inch cutting deck, integrated mulching capabilities, headlights, parking brake, 15.5HP engine, 7L fuel tank and multiple cutting heights, while the S220 bumps it up to a 40inch cutting deck, 22HP two-cylinder engine and 12L fuel tank.

If you need help with an unforgiving terrain, Masport’s Specialty range may be the one for you, including the Crossjet and Goliath models, both of which come with sturdier designs, larger wheels and extra engine power to help you tackle the job ahead. The Crossjet is available as a 2WD or 4WD model, and includes a 36inch cutting deck, mulching capabilities, headlights, rollbar, 20HP engine, 19L fuel tank and a cutting height between 50 and 110mm. The Goliath is available as either a 92 or 110HD model, both of which feature cruise control rollbar, diff lock, 24HP two-cylinder engine, 16L fuel tank and mulching capabilities, with the primary difference between the two models the cutting width and how many blades each model has.

Masport Cylinder Mowers

Masport Cylinder Mower

For those after a manicured look, a cylinder mower may be more your speed, with Masport offering the 400 and 500 models. The 400 cylinder model includes a 127cc engine, 16inch cutting width with a 6-blade system, 50L catcher and chain drive system, while the 500 features a 163cc engine, 20inch cutting width and 70L catcher for those who have a bit more lawn to tackle.

Where can you buy a Masport lawn mower?

Masport lawn mowers are primarily available to purchase at lawncare retailers and mower shops, with retailers listed on the Masport website once you’ve found the model that you’re after.

How much do Masport lawn mowers cost?

Spread over a wide price spectrum, Masport lawn mowers cost between $300 and $19,000 depending on the model and retailer you purchase through. The Masport hand mower is the cheapest model, while the ride-on models are the more expensive within the Masport range.

Are Masport lawn mowers worth the money?

Offering one of the larger ranges of lawn mowers, Masport may be well worth considering, regardless if you only have a small patch of grass or a few hours’ worth of mowing to do. From hand mowers through to specialty ride-on models, and no shortage of push mowers, Masport is still competitively priced within the market as well, and is available at a number of mowing and lawncare retailers, meaning it’s not hard to get your hands on a mower.

Regardless of how easy it may be to find a mower, it’s still worth undertaking plenty of research before purchasing one, as you’ll want your lawn mower to be able to tackle the job without falling short, meaning it’s important to research into all of your options beforehand, as well as consider the factors important to you, and your lawn.

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