About Blue NRG

blue nrg logo newBlue NRG is an electricity retailer for businesses. It currently operates in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

The story behind the brand

Blue NRG became a licensed electricity retailer in 2012. But with more than 50 years of combined experience in the electricity retail market, the company claims it can help your business reduce its power bill through competitive and personalised services.

Blue NRG prides itself on transparency and says it has deliberately structured its bills in an easy to understand way to help you understand where your costs are coming from.

What’s on offer from Blue NRG?

Blue NRG offers four packages at the time of writing. They are:

Blue Freedom

This is Blue NRG’s no fixed period plan, allowing customers to move at any time with no exit fees. There are multiple billing options available in this package.

Blue Saver

An 18 month contract that offers reduced off peak rates. Blue NRG also agrees not to increase rates for the life of the contract.

Super Saver

This is a three year contract which comes with the “Blue NRG Rate Review Guarantee”. This is a promise that Blue NRG will annually review the electricity rates on your business and will reduce your rate if it can purchase a cheaper wholesale price on electricity.

Blue Plus

This is a completely customisable electricity agreement between your business and Blue NRG. This package also allows businesses to negotiate solar options and onsite energy audits.

Blue NRG says it help you if you’re unsure about the best package for your business and encourages potential customers to send in their most recent bill for comparison.

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