About People Energy

people energyPeople Energy is a relatively new electricity provider operating exclusively in Victoria. It claims to put customers before all else and guarantees that it will to try match or better any competitor’s price for residential properties. If People Energy can’t beat it, it will waive the termination fees if you decide to change your electricity plans, it says.

People Energy says its team has a long history of utilities industry expertise, so although the company is only two years old, you can still place trust in People Energy’s knowledge and service.

What’s on offer from People Energy?

Electricity products for residential premise

People Energy offers three residential electricity plans. Each of these plans has different discount levels for those who pay their bills in full and on time. There is also an additional 2% discount when you pay your bill by direct debit.

  • On-Time Saver – 30% Discount
  • Total Saver – 23% Discount
  • No Risk Saver – 10% Discount

Electricity products for business premise

People Energy also offers three business electricity plans, again with each offering discounts for bills paid in full and on time.

  • Business On-Time Saver – 35% Discount
  • Business Upfront Saver – 28% Discount + $250 Credit
  • Business Total Saver – 30% Discount


People Energy offers a number of concessions for pensioners, health care card holders and veterans affair card holders. These concessions are given in extenuating circumstances or where health conditions require additional energy usage, such as life support or medical cooling.

Electricity suppliers we rated

Our most recent electricity customer satisfaction ratings for Victoria included the following retailers:

  • Momentum Energy
  • Lumo Energy
  • Red energy
  • AGL
  • Dodo Power & Gas
  • Origin Energy
  • Simply Energy

You can view the full results of our survey on electricity suppliers in VIC here.

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