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Which telcos are Australian owned?

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In this guide, Canstar Blue reveals which telcos are really Aussie-owned to help you with your switching journey.

There’s an unprecedented level of telco competition out there these days. No longer are you bound by the likes of Optus, Telstra or Vodafone. Now, there are dozens of mobile phone and broadband service providers all vying for your attention, with even more spawned out of the NBN and the success it can bring for start-ups. Various overseas telco companies have also made moves in Australia, whether by buying out Aussie brands or launching their own products across the country. So, which telcos are actually Australian-owned, and does it really matter?

Telco ownership in 2024

The table below shows which telcos are Australian-owned and which are foreign-owned.

Company Telco services offered  Ownership 
Accord Internet & Phone Australian
Activ8me Internet & Phone Australian
AGL Internet & Phone Australian
ALDI Mobile Phone Foreign (owned by ALDI)
Amaysim Internet & Phone Foreign (owned by Optus)
Aussie Broadband Internet & Phone Australian
Australia Post Internet & Phone Australian
Bendigo Telco Internet & Phone Australian
Belong Internet & Phone Partly Australian-owned (owned by Telstra)
Boost Mobile Phone Australian
Catch Connect Phone Australian
Circles.Life Phone Foreign
Coles Mobile Phone Australian
Dodo Internet & Phone Australian
Everyday Mobile Phone Foreign
Exetel Internet & Phone Australian (owned by Superloop)
Felix Phone Foreign (owned by TPG)
Flip Internet & Phone Australian
Foxtel Internet Partly Australian-owned
GoodTel Internet & Phone Australian
Hello Mobile Phone Foreign
iiNet Internet & Phone Foreign (owned by TPG)
Internode Internet & Phone Foreign (owned by TPG)
iPrimus Internet & Phone Australian
Kogan Internet & Phone Australian
Konec Mobile Phone Australian
Lebara Mobile Phone Foreign (owned by TPG)
Lycamobile Phone Foreign
Mate Internet & Phone Australian
Mint Telecom Internet & Phone Australian
Moose Mobile Internet & Phone Australian
More Internet & Phone Australian
MyOwn Tel Internet Australian
Nu Mobile Phone Australian
Optus Internet & Phone Foreign
Origin Internet Internet Partly-Australian owned
Pennytel Internet & Phone Australian
Southern Phone Internet & Phone Australian (owned by AGL)
Spintel Internet & Phone Australian
Sumo Internet Australian
Superloop Internet & Phone Australian
Tangerine Internet & Phone Australian
TeleChoice Internet & Phone Australian
Telstra Internet & Phone Partly Australian-owned
Think Mobile Phone Australian
Tomi Internet Australian
TPG Internet & Phone Foreign
Vaya Phone Foreign (owned by Amaysim/Optus)
Vodafone Internet & Phone Foreign (owned by TPG)
Uniti Internet Australian
Yomojo Internet & Phone Australian

Last updated, April 2024.

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About these telcos

There’s a story behind every telco – stories of mergers, acquisitions and closures. Below we’ll be diving into each provider and discussing the history of these brands.


Accord is operated by Officeworks to provide businesses and homes with reliable internet and mobile services. It’s worth noting that Accord’s mobile services are only available as a package deal when you sign up for an Accord NBN plan.

Who owns Accord?

Accord is owned by Australian company, Officeworks.


Founded in 2005, Activ8me specialises in connecting rural, regional and remote Aussies to the internet, offering a wide range of internet types and plans. It offers SkyMuster satellite internet plans along with fixed wireless NBN and standard fibre NBN plans. 

Who owns Activ8me?

Activ8me is owned by Australian Private Networks Pty.


While more commonly known for its energy plans, AGL does offer NBN and phone plans as well, with bonuses available for AGL energy customers. This is ideal for those who like the idea of bundling their energy and internet/mobile plans with one provider.

Who owns AGL?

AGL is an Australian-owned company.

ALDI Mobile

ALDI Mobile operates in conjunction with the supermarket of the same name. It offers coverage on the Telstra network, and you can pick up ALDI SIM cards at the checkout of ALDI stores across Australia. Offering phone plans as well as data-only options, ALDI Mobile has been the recipient of Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers award for mobile broadband for five years running. 

Who owns ALDI Mobile?

ALDI Mobile is owned by German company Medion, making it a foreign-owned company.


Amaysim caused a racket some years ago when it became one of the first MVNOs to drastically up the ante in the world of mobile phone plans. Founded in 2010 by a group of Aussies, Amaysim joined with European MVNO ‘Simyo’. In March 2015, it offered 4G data for the first time, and now enjoys success as one of the most popular MVNOs out there, with a competitive range of prepaid mobile phone and data plans on the Optus 4G network. 

Who owns Amaysim?

Headquartered in Sydney, Amaysim was acquired by Optus in early 2021.

Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband is an Australian-founded and based internet service and mobile plan provider, operating out of Victoria since 2003. It’s one of the newer internet providers that has proven its worth through the rollout of the NBN. 

Who owns Aussie broadband? 

Currently, Aussie Broadband is Australian owned, but as it’s now ASX-listed, Australian ownership isn’t guaranteed. However, Aussie Broadband has a solid rep for great customer service, it received Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers award for NBN Providers in 2019, 2020 and 2023.

Australia Post

Australia Post offers both SIM-only mobile plans and a range of NBN plans, as well as an international roaming plan for use in over 90 countries around the world. It operates on the Optus network, and SIMs are available for purchase online or in Australia Post stores around the country. 

Who owns Australia Post?

Australia Post is owned by the Australian Government.


Belong is a broadband and mobile company that was founded in 2013. Acting as a specialist provider of Telstra services with different options on offer — like more affordable plans, with the trade-off of not having the same entertainment provisions — Belong offers some terrific value, especially for NBN customers. 

Who owns Belong?

Belong is owned by Telstra.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile began in 2000, with a focus on young Australians and getting them connected. Much like Belong, Boost is a no-nonsense mobile provider, but still offers large data inclusions and extras such as international calls and data-free music streaming. 

Who owns Boost Mobile?

Boost is an Australian-owned prepaid mobile provider that is partnered with Telstra, although it is its own brand.

Catch Connect

Catch Connect is a mobile service provider and Australian owned service, operating on the Optus network. Catch started offering prepaid mobile phone plans in 2018.

Who owns Catch Connect?

Its parent company,, is an online retailer offering daily deals across a wide range of categories and brands, however it was bought by Wesfarmers in recent years. 


Circles.Life is entirely digital, boasting great value for customers who want a contract-free option, however these plans do not include extras like international calls. 

Who owns Circles.Life?

Circles.Life is a Singapore-owned telco now operating in Australia, using the Optus network. 

Coles Mobile

Coles Mobile is a mobile provider operating in conjunction with the supermarket of the same name. It offers some great value you can pick up at the checkout.

Who owns Coles Mobile?

Coles Mobile is publicly listed on the ASX with a long Australian history, and operates through the Optus network.


Dodo is a name that would be familiar to many Australians. For over 15 years now, Dodo has always been an internet service provider (ISP) but now offers a range of cheap mobile phone plans, operating off the Optus network. 

Who owns Dodo?

In 2013, Dodo was acquired by M2 Group, an Australian-owned conglomerate focusing on telecommunications. You’ll find that a lot of companies are owned by this group, including iPrimus. In 2016, the M2 group changed its name to Vocus Communications.

Everyday Mobile

Previously known as Woolworths Mobile, Everyday Mobile is a ‘supermarket telco’. Unlike its direct competition of ALDI Mobile and Coles Mobile, it offers phone plans rather than just SIM plans, including new-release phones from Samsung and OPPO, and provides postpaid and prepaid mobile options.

Who owns Everyday Mobile?

Everyday Mobile is owned by the Woolworths Group Ltd.


Exetel offers a range of both internet and mobile phone plans at reasonable prices. In 2022, it won the Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Award for its Home Secure product, and again in 2023 for its My Speed Boost product. 

Who owns Exetel?

Originally starting as a family-owned business, Exetel is now owned by the Superloop Group.


Felix has a unique approach to its mobile plans, with only a single SIM-only plan on offer. The thing that does make Felix stand out, however, is that its products are certified carbon neutral, by meeting the eligibility criteria listed under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. The telco also endeavours to plant a tree for every month a customer stays on the plan.

Who owns Felix?

Felix is owned by TPG Telecom.


Flip emerged during the NBN rollout, and was founded in 2015. It offers some of the best value NBN 12 and NBN 25 plans, and also offers mobile plans. It has a lot to offer somebody looking for value without all the bells and whistles of entertainment packages. 

Who owns Flip?

Flip is an Australian-owned internet provider.


Foxtel was founded in 1995 and is a known name in Australia. This famous TV provider collaboration between Telstra and Foxtel offers NBN plans coupled to entertainment bundles, similar to Telstra’s optional Foxtel TV package add-ons.

Who owns Foxtel?

Foxtel isn’t entirely Australian-owned, considering its half ownership between Telstra and News Corp. 


Founded in the early 1990s out of a Perth garage, iiNet has expanded to become one of the largest ISPs in Australia. Throughout the years, it has acquired some smaller ISPs – namely Westnet and Internode – but in September 2015, iiNet was itself purchased by TPG in a big-money merger worth an estimated $1.5 billion. 

Who owns iiNet?

In 2020, iiNet’s parent company TPG merged with Vodafone.


Internode is one of the few true ‘Aussie battler’ start-up success stories. The company was founded by Simon Hackett in 1991 in Adelaide. Today, it’s a popular provider of all things internet, including NBN, ADSL, business internet, web hosting and VOIP services. The company is still based in Adelaide.

Who owns Internode?

Internode was acquired by iiNet in 2011 for over $100 million. This makes Internode effectively a subsidiary of TPG, and now Vodafone as the two brands have since merged.


iPrimus is an Australian-owned business and first started selling telecom services in Australia to residents in 1997, originally providing business solutions in 1993. Since then, it has garnered success as a smaller ISP and mobile provider through the Optus network. 

Who owns iPrimus?

iPrimus is now owned by the Vocus Communications group.


Kogan is best known for being an online retailer, however it does offer both mobile and NBN plans. The brand promises to offer competitive prices and super-fast NBN speeds. 

Who owns Kogan mobile?

Kogan Mobile is owned by parent company, Kogan and operated by TPG.

Lebara Mobile

Lebara Mobile is a worldwide, budget-focused MVNO. In Australia, it runs off the Vodafone 4G network, but it operates in seven other countries. The idea for Lebara – a telco targeting the college-age demographic – was born in Norway, and today its headquarters are based in London. 

Who owns Lebara Mobile?

Lebara is now part of the TPG Telecom group as the brand is licenced rather than being part of the existing company overseas. 


LycaMobile is a phone provider that services countries all over the world and found its way into the Australian mobile market through Telstra’s network, coming to Australia in 2010. 

Who owns LycaMobile?

LycaMobile was founded in the United Kingdom and is therefore foreign owned.


Mate is an Australian-owned internet provider, founded during the NBN boom. It has been operating since 2015 and offers some good value internet and mobile plans, using the Telstra mobile network. 

Who owns Mate?

Mate is 100% Australian owned.

Moose Mobile

Moose Mobile is an Australian-owned business founded in 2016, operating on the Optus network, and is based in Brisbane. 

Who owns Moose Mobile?

In 2022, Moose Mobile was bought by broadband provider Swoop, which is also Australian-owned. Moose provides some great value no-contract and 12-month mobile plans, as well as mobile broadband and NBN plans. 


More is based in South Melbourne, the telco claims to be proudly Australian-owned, and offers a small but competitive range of broadband and SIM-only mobile products, with plenty of self-service features. 

Who owns More?

More is part-owned by Commonwealth Bank, offering benefits for CommBank customers who choose to sign up to their mobile and internet plans.

MyOwn Tel

MyOwn Tel offers internet plans on a variety of networks across the country, including NBN, the LBN and OPENetworks – keeping things simple by having basically identical plans across the different technology types. 

Who owns MyOwn Tel?

MyOwn Tel is 100% Australian owned and operated.


Optus is considered one of the ‘big three’ Aussie telcos, alongside Telstra and Vodafone. It is one of the few telcos with in-person stores and has the second largest network coverage in Australia. Born out of the government-owned ‘Aussat’ before privatisation, Optus can trace its roots back to 1981.

Who owns Optus? 

In 2001, Optus was wholly acquired by Singtel, the Singapore-based telco company. Optus’ headquarters is still in Sydney, but ownership by Singtel means that at least some of its profits are now going offshore.


Origin Internet is an expansion from Origin Energy, the integrated energy company that has been servicing Australia since 2000. 

Who owns Origin?

With shareholders from all over the globe, it is a partially Aussie-owned company that offers electricity, gas and broadband. 

Southern Phone

Southern Phone has been in operation since 2002 and offers a range of personal and business telco services, with a particular focus on regional Australian communities. It also offers mobile handsets available to be both bought outright and on a plan. 

Who owns Southern Phone?

Southern Phone is now owned by AGL. 


SpinTel has been around since 1996, and has won a litany of awards in its 20-year tenure. It has a range of mobile phone plans, as well as NBN plans. SpinTel prides itself on customer service and its headquarters is in Sydney. 

Who owns SpinTel?

SpinTel is rather patriotic about its heritage, and is Aussie owned and operated.


Superloop was founded in 2014, offering internet plans for residential, business and wholesale customers in Australia and Singapore, and previously offered services in Hong Kong. The telco offers a range of plans on a month-to-month basis, including high speed NBN plans. 

Who owns Superloop?

Superloop is an Australian-owned telco.


Tangerine is a small internet provider that has certainly risen above the rest of the pack of NBN sellers formed from the rollout of the new high-speed network. 

Who owns Tangerine?

Tangerine was formed in 2013 as an Australian business, supported by Vocus infrastructure, and is now, along with More, part owned by the Commonwealth Bank. It operates out of Melbourne.


Telechoice is one of the oldest MVNOs in this list, founded in 1995. Originally founded as a dealership, TeleChoice expanded to offer its own plans. TeleChoice encourages you to commit to a longer-term contract by offering more data and inclusions for the same price or cheaper. 

Who owns TeleChoice?

Distinctly Aussie, TeleChoice is headquartered in Melbourne.


Originating at Federation in 1901 as a government department, Telstra was born out of the need for a centralised telecommunications company. It was a wholly government-owned company until the 1990s but was fully privatised back in 2006. Since then, Telstra has rapidly expanded to offer a comprehensive suite of broadband and mobile phone plans including prepaid and postpaid deals. While it doesn’t always enjoy the best reputation, you can’t help but give credit to Telstra for playing a huge part in the telco landscape of Australia. 

Who owns Telstra? 

Unlike many of its competitors, Telstra is its own entity, headquartered in Melbourne. It’s also publicly listed, trading on the ASX. This means it could have shareholders from all over the world.


As one of the largest telcos in Australia, TPG certainly has its fingers in all kinds of pies. In recent years, it has shot to prominence, culminating in the acquisition of iiNet in 2015. TPG – or Total Peripherals Group – as it is almost never referred to, is headquartered in Sydney. It offers competitive mobile phone plans as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on the Vodafone network. It also, of course, provides a comprehensive range of broadband plans, including some of the cheapest NBN contracts around. 

Who owns TPG? 

In 2020, TPG completed its merger with Vodafone to create TPG Telecom LTD, which operates a range of smaller telcos  including iiNet, Felix and Internode.


As a whole, Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications companies on the planet, operating in no less than 21 different countries, with partner networks in an additional 44 countries . 

The Vodafone Group was founded in 1991, and quickly rose to becoming a huge British multinational with headquarters in London. Back to Australia, and Vodafone is one of the three main telcos with its own network. It has a range of phone plans, from prepaid, month-to-month and handset plans.

Who owns Vodafone?

In 2020, Vodafone merged with Aussie broadband giant TPG to create TPG Telecom, and expanded its portfolio to include brands such as iiNet, Internode and Westnet.

Does it matter if your telco is Australian-owned?

While it’s good to know about the ownership of your phone or internet provider, it’s not the only thing you should consider when comparing plans. Yes, it’s a bonus if your money stays in Australia and is invested in the local community – but it’s also important that you pay a fair price and receive good customer service. A foreign-owned telco is just as capable of providing those things as an Aussie owned and operated one. 

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