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Ozkleen is proudly Australian, manufacturing all its products in Queensland since the company was founded in 1995. OzKleen aims to create products that help people save time and effort, while also trying to keep them eco-friendly, free from chlorine, ammonia and phosphates. Let’s look into the OzKleen range, which seems to cover most household cleaning basics.

OzKleen Bathroom Cleaners

showerpower 500ml

For bathroom solutions, OzKleen offers several items including:

  • OzKleen Shower Power Shower spray – 500mL, 750mL (local stores) and 3L, 15L (additional online options) bottles
  • OzKleen Shower Power Shower squeeze pack – 750mL
  • OzKleen Mould Power spray – 500mL (local stores) and 3L, 15L (additional online options)

OzKleen Shower Power Shower trigger spray is available in four fragrances: Pine Fresh, Lemon Myrtle, Blossom and Citrus Fresh. Although fragrance is a small part of a cleaner, it may add to the overall cleaning experience.

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OzKleen Carpet Cleaner

When it comes to carpet cleaning, OzKleen offers OzKleen Carpet Power which comes in a fresh lavender fragrance. OzKleen Carpet Power contains a surfactant targeted at eliminating bad odours. It’s also said to be formulated with microencapsulation technology which is designed to release tiny capsules that trap odours. OzKleen has stated its carpet cleaner has been approved by the Woolsafe Organisation, allowing it to be safe to use on wool. Standard size is a 500mL spray bottle. There are additional sizes online of 3L and 15L.

OzKleen Floor Cleaner

mop power 750ml

For floor cleaning needs, OzKleen produces OzKleen Mop Power in a grapefruit and lime fragrance. OzKleen Mop Power is stated to be pH neutral in order to be safe for use on all surfaces, including timber floors, chrome, tiled areas, polished concrete, bathrooms and kitchens, all natural stones including slate and granite, and on cars, boats, caravans, and motorcycles.

OzKleen Mop Power contains coconut oil extract and comes in a 750mL bottle or additional sizes of 3L and 15L available online.

OzKleen Laundry Powders

Laundry Power 1 litre

OzKleen produces one laundry liquid product – OzKleen Laundry Power – suitable for both top and front loaders. OzKleen Laundry Power is formulated to be antibacterial, antifungal and safe for septic systems. It contains pre-treaters that OzKleen claims help clean and brighten clothes. Standard size is a 1L bottle.

Another laundry cleaning product (although not a laundry detergent itself) is OzKleen Pre Wash Power, a pre-wash stain remover. Standard size is a 500mL spray bottle.

OzKleen Multipurpose Cleaners

Multipurpose cleaners are OzKleen’s largest product category. There are several spray bottle products as well as cleaning wipes.

Power Wipes

  • OzKleen Power Wipes: Are suitable for the kitchen, bathrooms and other areas of the home. OzKleen Power Wipes are stated to be antibacterial, and comes in Lemon Fresh fragrance. Standard size is 50 wipes per pack.
  • OzKleen Mint Kleen: Is designed to be used on all hard surfaces including natural stone. OzKleen Mint Kleen states to not contain artificial disinfectants, chlorine, ammonia or phosphates in order to be safely used near food. It also leaves a small film of peppermint oil on the surface to help keep the immediate environment pest free. It (unsurprisingly) comes in a peppermint fragrance. Standard size is a 500mL spray bottle, with 3L and 15L sizes available online.
  • OzKleen Power Disinfectant: Is stated to be pH neutral in order to be safe for use on all hard surfaces including bench tops and floors, timber, chrome, tiled areas, laminex, linoleum, plastic, polished concrete and all natural stones. It comes in a Grapefruit & Lime fragrance. Standard size is a 750mL bottle, with 3L and 15L bottles available online.
  • OzKleen Spray & Polish: Is designed for glass, mirrors, granite, cooktops, bench tops, kitchen areas, card and other hard surfaces. Standard sizes are 500mL in local stores, with additional sizes of 3L and 15L available online.
  • OzKleen Grease Monkey: Is intended for use on range-hood filters, cook tops, pots and pans, microwaves and BBQ’s. OzKleen Grease Monkey is based on the same citrus extracts used in OzKleen Shower Power. It is also free from ammonia, caustic soda and bleach in order to be safe to use on surfaces where food is prepared. Standard sizes are 500mL found in local stores, with larger sizes of 3L and 15L available online.

OzKleen Oven Cleaner

Oven Power Kit

Ozkleen’s final cleaning product is OzKleen Oven Cleaner Power Kit. In the kit you will find Oven Power gel, gloves, and a closure bag. OzKleen Oven Cleaner is designed for ovens but can also be used for stove tops, BBQ’s and stainless steel cookware. Standard size is a 500mL bottle, packaged with the rest of the kit in a cardboard box.

Should I use OzKleen cleaning products?

As an Australian owned company, OzKleen prides itself on being completely Aussie made. OzKleen claims to invest time and money to source ingredients that are environmentally friendly for long-term sustainability. Despite there being only a handful of OzKleen products on the market, the brand does cover most of the basics for cleaning but without any extra variety or fragrances that may be an important factor for some. If you’re looking for an Aussie brand that is also aiming to look after the environment, OzKleen may have a cleaning product for you. You may like to check out online ratings – such as ours – to see how OzKleen stands up against other cleaning product brands in the eyes of consumers.

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