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Best Satellite Internet Plans in Australia

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If you’re living in regional or rural Australia, your choices for internet providers are fairly limited, but not non-existent. Not only do you have fewer choices of types of internet connection than Aussies living in the city, but there are also fewer plans on offer.

Thankfully, NBN Satellite plans are available in parts of regional and rural Australia with Sky Muster NBN, a type of wireless internet that relies on two satellites above Australia to transmit your data to the world wide web. 

But what plans and providers are actually available through NBN Satellite, and how much do they cost? Find out in this Canstar Blue guide.

Compare satellite NBN plans

The following table shows selected published NBN Satellite plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Use our comparison tool to see fixed-line plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

Brand Features Max Data**/billing period Advertised Cost^^/billing period
Activ8me Logo

Sky Muster 235GB Sonic

  • Standard Speed (NBN 25)
  • 90GB peak / 145GB off peak

min. cost $64.95 over one month

200GBMax Data**/billing period $64.95Advertised Data^^/billing period
iiNet Logo

Sky Muster Standard Plan

  • Standard Speed (NBN 25)
  • 60GB peak / 190GB off peak

min. cost $64.99 over one month

250GBMax Data**/billing period $64.99Advertised Data^^/billing period
Skymesh Logo

Sky Muster Plus

  • Standard Speed (NBN 25/5)
  • 512/256Kbps max download and upload speed during peak hours
  • 2048/512Kbps max download and upload speed during off-peak hours
  • Data limited to 50GB per month for video streaming and VPN use

min. cost $69.95 for first month

UnlimitedMax Data**/billing period $69.95Advertised Data^^/billing period
iiNet Logo

Sky Muster Plus Premium

  • Standard Speed (NBN 25)
  • Burst speeds of up to 100Mbps
  • Unmetered data

min. cost $99.00 over one month

UnlimitedMax Data**/billing period $99.00Advertised Data^^/billing period Go To Site
Southern Phone Logo

Satellite Medium

  • Standard Speed (NBN 25)
  • 100GB data for video streaming and VPN use between 4pm – midnight
  • Unlimited data for all activities except video streaming and VPN use between 4pm – midnight

min. cost $130 for one month billing period

UnlimitedMax Data**/billing period $130Advertised Data^^/billing period
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What is satellite internet?

Satellite internet is a type of internet connection that utilises satellites as opposed to cables or wires. This internet connection type is most typically used for customers in regional and remote communities that would otherwise not be able to get connected. Due to the nature of the satellite signal, the speed of downloads and uploads are generally slower than what you would expect from a wired connection because there is further distance to travel. However, there are always new developments in the tech space to see these speeds improved. 

In Australia, there are two main satellite internet systems to choose from: Sky Muster NBN and Starlink.

Satellite NBN

Sky Muster is the name of the two satellites operated by NBN Co that facilitate internet connections for customers in regional and remote areas. You will typically have a choice between three plan types: the standard plan, Sky Muster Plus and Sky Muster Plus Premium. 

First introduced were the standard plans, featuring data caps that, once reached, would slow down your speeds. 

Then came the Sky Muster Plus plans, providing more flexibility to Satellite NBN customers who get unmetered data (with the exception of video streaming and VPN data between certain hours of the day). 

The most recent option to become available is the Sky Muster Plus Premium plans, which comes with unlimited data and faster speeds.

Are unlimited satellite internet plans available?

Yes, unlimited satellite internet plans are available in Australia. Sky Muster Plus Premium and Starlink offer unlimited and unmetered internet plans. There are other options available where most content is unmetered with a few exceptions, such as video streaming or content accessed while using a VPN. Make sure you check with your internet provider to make sure you’re getting the right plan for your needs.

Satellite internet providers

While there aren’t as many options for those living in more regional communities, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. As always, it’s important to compare plans from different providers to find one that’s right for you.  

Activ8me offers a variety of plans across NBN 12, NBN 25 and Sky Muster Plus Premium speed tiers. It offers both contract-free plans and plans with a six month term, but the only benefit to the latter is a discount on a router the telco offers. If you’ve already got a Sky Muster router then you might be better off going month-to-month so you can change plans if and when it works for you. 

iiNet is a part of the TPG Group and is one of the largest telcos to offer Satellite NBN plans. The telco offers NBN 25 plans but doesn’t yet offer Sky Muster Premium Plus plans. However, all of iiNet’s Sky Muster plans are no lock-in contract and free of setup costs. 

IPSTAR offers NBN 25 and Sky Muster Plus Premium speed tiers on 24-month contracts. 

SkyMesh specialises in satellite and fixed wireless plans, not offering fixed line connections. It offers all speed tiers on a contract-free basis, with no setup fees and round the clock support, even on public holidays. 

Southern Phone delivers plans on the Sky Muster Plus and Premium speed tiers on a month-to-month basis, with the company’s goal to provide more affordable mobile and internet services to customers in regional areas. 

Starlink is operated by Elon Musk’s company, Space X. It consists of thousands of smaller satellites in low Earth orbit, working together to deliver internet services to customers around the world. This service can be purchased by anyone around Australia (and directly from Starlink until Telstra launches its Starlink plans), however it tends to have more expensive set up and ongoing costs. However, the setup fees are often heavily discounted, so keep an eye out.

FAQs about satellite internet

Some internet applications (such as online gaming, cloud storage and software updates) may be “shaped” by NBN Co during the hours of 4pm and 11pm. This means your internet connection to these services may be forcibly slowed so that bandwidth can be shared equally among other NBN satellite users.

Satellite internet is simply a form of internet connection, meaning that you should be able to do all of the same things as you would on any other internet type. This includes things like scrolling socials, streaming Netflix or gaming. However, some satellite connections may be too slow or your plan might not have fast enough speeds for buffer-free streaming.

If you live in an area that isn’t supported by fixed-line connections, satellite internet might be the solution. It works by beaming signals up to satellites from fixed ground stations, which then gets relayed back down to satellite dishes installed on properties in regional areas. Depending on your provider, either you will be sent a self-installation kit or a professional will come out to your property to install all the required equipment for you.

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