Monika Gudova

Monika Gudova Monika Gudova is a freelance content writer and editor who has spent several years focused on energy topics, both at Canstar Blue and elsewhere in the comparison industry. With a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies from the University of Wollongong and experience in writing on a range of non-energy topics, Monika’s also well placed to know the most engaging ways to present in-depth information on electricity, gas and solar, while her personal investment in renewables and green energy mean that brings real passion to energy content. You can follow Monika on LinkedIn.

camping solar panel

Solar panels for camping

Posted by November 15th 2021

Camping’s cool and all, but what if instead of disconnecting from technology and drinking warm beers, we could both charge our phones and keep the beverages frosty to boot? Unless you have the luxury option …

Energy bill

Momentum Energy stung $900k for not applying concession discounts

Posted by February 18th 2022

Victoria’s energy regulator has issued $900,000 in penalties to retailer Momentum Energy for overcharging customers on their power bills. This comes after the Essential Services Commission (ESC) found that the energy provider failed to apply relevant …

PowershopLITE Explained

Posted by February 18th 2022

Powershop has a plan for those who don’t want to take part in buying Powerpacks. Find out what’s different about it at Canstar Blue.

LED Light Bulbs Explained

Posted by September 29th 2019

It may seem straightforward to some, but to others, the different types of lightbulbs available at your local Coles or Woolies can be a bit of a head-scratcher. LEDs have copped some praise over the …

Domino’s Pizza to slice energy costs with solar roll-out

Posted by February 18th 2022

How ‘bout a slice a’ solar with your pizza? Domino’s is set to save some serious dough on its power bills as it extends its renewable energy strategy to more stores in the coming years. The …

What is the cheapest solar battery?

Posted by April 7th 2022

Solar storage doesn’t come cheap. At Canstar Blue, we’ve compiled a list of the cheapest batteries on the market in 2019 to help you save.

A Guide to Wind Farms in Australia

Posted by December 29th 2020

Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s wind farms, from where they’re located to how they work, in this Canstar Blue guide.

Default price to slash Victorian energy bills

Posted by February 18th 2022

Thousands of Victorian households will see their power bills slashed from July thanks to the introduction of a new ‘default’ energy offer. Revealed by the state’s Essential Services Commission, the Victorian Default Offer will see customers on …