Monika Gudova

Monika Gudova Monika Gudova is one of Canstar Blue’s resident energy journalists, covering everything from retail affairs to renewables and industry news. With plenty of experience writing about energy, she’s equipped with the tools necessary to help everyday Aussies better understand everything from where their power is coming from, to the fine print on their electricity bills. Monika’s interest and investment in power generation outside of normal working hours is one of her greatest assets, bringing her background knowledge to help consumers make cleaner, greener decisions.

Pay on Time Energy Discounts Explained

Pay on Time Energy Discounts Explained

Posted by October 26th 2020

It’s no secret that Aussies love discounts, and there’s certainly no exception when it comes to our energy bills. Pay on time discounts were once the crème de la crème of energy discounts, packing the largest punch …

Carbon Neutral Energy: What is it and who offers it?

Posted by November 26th 2020

Aussies are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, leading many of us to look for simple ways to reduce our carbon footprint. A number of electricity retailers have stepped up to the plate to offer ‘carbon neutral’ …

Energy Switching Deals & Promotions

Energy Switching Deals & Promotions

Posted by November 30th 2020

Canstar Blue reviews energy offers from retailers including AGL, EnergyAustralia, Simply Energy, Powershop, Click Energy & Red Energy.

A guide to solar power in South Australia

Posted by October 23rd 2020

A solar guide for South Australian households. Canstar Blue discusses solar prices, tariffs, rebates, storage batteries, buying tips and more.

VIC Solar: PV system costs, rebates, retailers & feed-in tariffs

Posted by October 23rd 2020

The energy industry in Australia is rapidly evolving. While we’ve traditionally relied on large fossil fuel generators to meet our electricity needs, solar, storage and other renewable energy technologies are now helping households take power …

A guide to solar power in NSW

Posted by November 19th 2020

New South Wales solar costs, tariffs and benefits explained. Canstar Blue guides you through the NSW solar market.

Energy efficiency program helps Victorians cut back power costs

Posted by October 21st 2020

In what could be mistaken for happenstance, Victorians stuck at home in 2020 may be happy to know that 2019’s energy efficiency efforts could really pay off given current circumstances. The latest report by the Victorian …

electricity tower wind solar

Sustainable Electricity Guide

Posted by October 21st 2020

It seems that energy companies have caught on to public demand for more sustainable products, marketing their plans as ‘green’ at every possible turn. While there are industry bodies regulating the way that retailers advertise …

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Record low: Mojo Power cuts rates to 30% off Reference Price

Posted by September 17th 2020

In a move that's sure to make Sydneysiders lick their lips, Mojo Power has cut its rates to an unprecedented low of 30% off the Reference Price with its ‘All Day Breakfast’ energy plan. Cooking up …