Monika Gudova

Monika Gudova Monika Gudova is a freelance content writer and editor who has spent several years focused on energy topics, both at Canstar Blue and elsewhere in the comparison industry. With a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies from the University of Wollongong and experience in writing on a range of non-energy topics, Monika’s also well placed to know the most engaging ways to present in-depth information on electricity, gas and solar, while her personal investment in renewables and green energy mean that brings real passion to energy content. You can follow Monika on LinkedIn.

Hydro Power Australia

A Guide to Hydro Power Stations in Australia

Posted by May 13th 2022

Find out all you need to know about hydropower in Australia. From how it works to a map of power plants, we’ve got you covered at Canstar Blue.

2019 Electric Vehicles Australia

Electric cars available in Australia

Posted by November 2nd 2023

With electric cars set to have their big moment in 2019, it’s time to figure out which EV is dishing the best value to Aussie drivers. Find prices and specs at Canstar Blue.

A comparison of the best reusable coffee cups in Australia

Posted by August 9th 2022

It seems more and more people are jumping on the BYO coffee cup bandwagon, bringing in snazzy reusable mugs to work for their coffee fix while also doing their part for the environment. With Aussie …