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Enova Energy made history in 2016 when it became Australia’s very first community-owned electricity retailer. It largely received a positive reception and has already expanded from the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales onto the entire Essential Energy Network which spans most of rural NSW.

Enova Energy says its goals are to keep profits and jobs in the community, reduce its customer’s carbon footprint and set an example for other retailers to follow. Enova Energy plans are tailored to reflect its values. The deals are flexible, relatively affordable and encourage the uptake of emissions-reductions schemes.

Enova Energy is clearly passionate about renewable energy and was rated the third greenest energy company in the 2018 Green Power Guide. Enova Energy hopes to one day produce enough renewable energy locally to meet all of its customers’ energy needs. To help achieve this, 50% of Enova’s profits go back into the community through community events and local investment, boosting the local economy and jobs.

Enova Energy Residential Offers

Enova Energy sells electricity to homes and businesses. At the time of writing, Enova Energy has just one electricity market offer: The Community Plus. The plan comes on either a single rate or time of use tariff and is billed monthly.

The Community Plus

The Community Plus comes with a 3% discount for paying bills on time. There is an ongoing benefit period and there are no exit fees for leaving, so you can switch any time. This deal also comes with a 9c/kWh feed-in tariff and access to Enova’s renewable extras described below.

Here are the Enova Energy plans on our database for NSW. These costs are based on the Essential network in Coffs Harbour (2450) but prices will vary depending on your circumstances. See here for further information on the AER Reference Price, which in this comparison assumes general usage of 4,600kWh/year, meaning the Reference Price is $1,957/year. Use our comparison tool for a specific comparison. Our database may not cover all deals in your area, and please check retailer websites for up to date information.

Brand Features Price(estimated**)
Enova Energy Logo
Basic Plan Information

Community Plus

Conditional Discounts

  • Further 3% less than Reference Price for paying on time
4% LessThan Reference Price^^ $1,840
incl. conditional discount
More Details
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Enova Energy Prices

In the table below, we show Enova Energy prices on the Essential Energy network in Coffs Harbour. Plans are listed from the lowest priced estimate first. See here for information on the AER Reference Price, which in this comparison assumes general energy usage of 4,600kWh/year, meaning the Reference Price is $1,957/year. Use our comparison tool for a specific comparison in your area.

Electricity Provider Electricity Plan Difference from Reference Price^ Conditional Discounts Price Estimate*
Enova Energy Community Plus 4% Less Than Reference Price Further 3% Less Than Reference Price for Paying on Time
$1,840incl. conditional discounts
Basic Plan Information Documents

*Price assumes general energy usage of 4600kWh/year. Estimated price includes any conditions discounts that may be available. Pricing based on Essential Energy network in Coffs Harbour (2450), but prices differ between distribution areas. July 2019.

Enova Renewable Extras

Enova Energy goes above and beyond to give customers additional ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Enova has three options: GreenPower 100, Renewable Development Initiative and Community Renewable 100.

  • GreenPower 100: This is a GreenPower Plan where Enova will source electricity from renewable energy sources to match 100% of your own electricity usage, cancelling out customer emissions. This product costs an additional $0.080 per kWh.
  • Renewable Development Initiative (RDI): Customers on this plan pay an additional $2 per week and forfeit their 13% pay on time discount (if they are on the Community Plus). These funds are then redirected to community solar projects, including education and local investment.
  • Community Renewable 100: For an extra fee per kWh, Enova will match 100% of your electricity purchased is from Enova customers with rooftop solar.

Enova Energy Business offers

Enova Energy only has one business market offer – the Enova Business Economy Plus. This plan is essentially all of the residential offers rolled into one. It has a 16% pay on time discount and an optional $5 per week donation to the RDI for community energy projects. Customers can even have 50% or 100% of their electricity sourced by GreenPower at an additional cost. On top of all this, Enova Business Economy Plus customers receive a 9c/kWh Feed-in Tariff for exported solar.

Enova Community

Enova Community is Enova’s ‘not-for-profit’ arm of the corporation. Enova Community uses half the profits of Enova to educate consumers about energy efficiency through community events. It also claims to use these funds to facilitate access to renewable energy for those on low incomes. For example, Enova says it is currently working on a project with a social housing organisation to install solar panels using a combination of grant funding and low cost loans.

Is Enova Energy right for me?

It is unclear if Enova Energy would be the cheapest electricity retailer, but it does have a lot of heart. It is specifically marketed toward like-minded customers who want to minimise their environmental impact, boost the local economy and give back to the community. At the end of the day, your choice of electricity retailer will largely come down to personal preference. You can see what fellow NSW electricity customers think of their retailer with Canstar Blue’s customer review and ratings.

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